Rail Rush MOD APK 1.9.18 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Rail Rush MOD APK
Publisher Miniclip.com
Genre Action
Size 50 MB
Latest Version 1.9.18
Mod Features No Ads & Everything Unlocked
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Arcade games are fun and if you want to carry one around with you, download Rail Rush MOD APK. This game has enjoyed its glory days in the arcade game world, and now it continues to share the top spots with the most popular android games. This game is similar to other arcade games that require the players to earn rewards and then use them when they need them.

However, this game is quite different too as it involves unique characters and needs good coordination and fast thinking skills to make the players get ahead. Every round is different and will not bore you with similar challenges. Let’s take a look into this game so that you know what the whole package is before you begin to play.

What’s The Rush?

Just like Sonic Mania APK, Rail Rush is a treasure hunt and the unique part is that the character has a fast-moving cart that you will have to save from the moving hurdles that keep coming your way. The bigger hurdles you pass, the higher will be your score. When individuals pass a round with more time on their hands, the final rewards will be much higher than when they finish the round in less time!

This game is set in various locations, and then of course the hurdles in the way are going to be different. These hurdles get tougher to cross and reach the treasure as each round advances. You can look for the treasure in spider nests, dungeons, the city of death, and many other places. All rewards are not equal and all rounds will not be equal.

Rail Rush APK

As you progress in the game, the speed of the cart will be higher, and the hurdles will be more. Players will be more in touch with their skills as they will need to focus on their fingerwork. The rewards that you get for better coordination will help you make better purchases that will dodge hurdles and make you more powerful in getting the hurdles out of the way for good.

Rail Rush Mod APK gives you a premium edge over other game versions, and you will be able to use the lengthier menu, diverse options, and many more facilities. This game may look like a dodge the hurdling game but the treasure hunt makes it quite an exciting game for all. Whether you are playing it to pass some free time, or you want to work on your thinking process and fast responses, this game is the one to have on your phone.

The Gameplay Is The Rail

The gameplay of this game is the rail on which the whole adventure rests. The simple game does not require any expert level from players as the navigation keys are simple. Moreover, the various menu options that are in the mod version make it even simpler. The graphics of this game are fantastic and the sound effects support the exciting feeling!

There are many rounds that take you to a higher level each time and the challenges get tougher. At the end of each mission, there is not only a treasure waiting, but the rewards will be bigger. Every time you dodge a big hurdle, the rewards will be higher and you can use them for various moves, Rail Rush cheats, and even to customize the game! There is more to this game than just dodging hurdles, but if they give you rewards, try and dodge all of them and make it to the treasure!

MOD Features That Make The Rail Rush Special

When players start the game, they get to enjoy various features that are only in this version. You can enjoy your free time with the following features:

1. Unlimited Nuggets, Money, And Gems

The unlimited treasure items and money add to the game charm much like MadOut 2 MOD APK. Because when players get the money and bigger rewards, it enables the player to get ahead of others by adding more agility, and better movement. And the chance of winning is higher because their cart will be able to move in a way that they can avoid the hurdles. Moreover, the shortcuts to the treasure will become easier.

2. No Ads

When you are losing a level, you will not have to watch an ad to win a few points and give up the fun! Moreover, the pop-ups in the middle of the rounds will also not be a bother with this Roller Rush no ads APK version.

3. Unlocked Power Ups, And Boosters

Now you get all the upgrades unlocked from the first round onwards. Many people think that they have to pass a particular level to enjoy the upgrades, but Rail Rush free download gives you more.

Rail Rush MOD

The Features In All Versions

The features that you can enjoy in all versions are:

1. Excellent Graphics

The excellent graphics and sound effects of the game make this game more real and exciting. Moreover, you can enjoy each map and the locations present a new challenge because of the detailed scenery.

2. Leaderboards

When you play Rail Rush online, the rewards you win go on the Leaderboard and after every few days, you get even bigger rewards if you rank higher than other people. This leaderboard makes you want to achieve more so that you get the prize money.

3. Free Downloads

This game is free for download on your android phone and you will not have to get any membership, or even subscribe to any club to get a free download.

Download Rail Rush APK – Modified Version

You can download this game easily by following these steps:

  • Click on Download here,
  • Allow the game to use your phone memory,
  • Install the APK file,
  • Create a shortcut on your home screen,
  • Play whenever you want to enjoy!

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game too hard for teenagers?

No, this game is not hard for teenagers, and they can manage it well. You can play the different challenges. Some rounds might be a little harder but overall it is a good game for all ages.

What kind of treasures are there?

You will get the treasure chest full of jewels as a reward and it will translate to money for the new rounds that come up later. You do not get to use the diamonds and gold in the chest, but the rewards you get when you win the treasure can be used in the game.


Rail Rush Mod APK is an excellent choice for all those who want to play for big rewards and enjoy the challenges of timed rounds and big hurdles that you have to dodge. At the end of the game, you will get bigger prizes, leaderboard mentions, and even sharper reflexes. Also, have a look at Best Action Games For Android for more fun and entertainment.

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