Rice Burner MOD APK – (All Unlocked For Android) 2023

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Full Name Rice Burner MOD APK
Publisher TonismoGames
Genre Racing
Size 404 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Rice Burner MOD APK is an excellent game to download on your android device if you are a racing fan. This game is about racing cars, competitive engines, and beautiful cars that can be yours to drive! Hundreds of online games are for racers and car enthusiasts, but Rice Burner APK is exceptional due to the various features and a fantastic story that rivets players. Now there will be no tedious hours to spend on games that don’t challenge your skills.


Just like Gear Club MOD APK, The story of this game is so interesting that you will love it the moment you start. The game is about AI Zero, who is living in the future period where the cats are much more advanced and car racing is way more exciting. However, Zero and his friends open a car remodeling workshop that makes cars more advanced and full of options that are a dream today! However, there is no fuel to power up the cars, but there is plenty of rice.

Rice Burner cars use up rice as fuel and the way you use them to race against each other will be the winning move! If you are successful in making fuel from rice and racing the car, you are the winner.

Rice Burner MOD

The gameplay is simple as players have to use the controls to burn the rice, remodel, and race. While the game is futuristic, the controls are quite contemporary and will not give you a hard time learning or practicing. Moreover, the menu options in the game are quoted as interesting and make it easier for gamers to choose an easier path to winning. When you have seen the menu in detail you won’t be able to wait to start.


The features of Rice Burner Mod APK make it a great deal for all those who are seeking an entertaining game. Take a look at some of these features and get hooked!

1. More Than 100 Cars

The Mod version of the Rice Burner game has more than 200 cars for players to choose from and innovate much like CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. Whatever you add to the car will increase its value and you will get rewards to make the most of the vehicles that are ahead! As you improve cars, more cars will be within reach, all thanks to the rewards!

2. Customization

Players can customize the workshop, the look of the place, their character, and even the vehicles. All these customizations are available from the minute you download the game. Players who feel that their cars and characters need a change can simultaneously choose the changes from the menu.

3. High-Level Challenges

Rice Burner has numerous challenges that will test your skill, fast thinking, and ability to maneuver the cars or even burn the rice at a higher speed. These high-level challenges are the best way to put your cars on show and earn big money rewards and gems that take you forward in the game.

Rice Burner APK

4. Challenging Other Players

A multitasking game is the best way to pass time because you get to work on your skill and also learn more. Not to my turn, the entertainment factor grows when you play along with other players. When players meet other players on the game track, their racing excitement increases and they become more attentive to their strategy and style. Multiplayer also gives you a chance to play with your friends from anywhere in the world!

5. Excellent Graphics And Sound

Rice Burner has excellent Graphics and sharp colors which make it more exciting. Racing games can never be interesting if players do not like two-dimensional and childish Graphics that do not convince them to participate in the race with all their might.
Good Graphics and sound are crucial in making any game a hit. This game is loved due to its exquisite graphics and screenplay.

6. Free Game

Rice Burner Mod does not ask players for money at download or anywhere during the game. You can enjoy all the features and menu options for free. When players start the game there are unlimited money rewards and various forms of bonuses that will make you a winner by getting you close to all the ways that will make your vehicles more valuable. You can win big without spending any money on the game. Also, check out Rebel Racing MOD APK.


You can download Rice Burner Mod APK by following g these simple steps:

  • Remove all old versions of the game.
  • Click on download here
  • Allow the game to use your contacts to reach out to your friends. Allow sound options also.
  • Make changes to settings to install the game.
  • Create icon.
  • Enter the game and make your profile ready.
  • Enjoy playing!


Will I have the money to buy new cars in the game?

The mod version of the game gives you bonus points when you start. You can remodel cars and play various challenges to win rewards and get all the cars you ever wanted! Each car is unique and has a futuristic look!

What kind of races does this game have?

Rice Burner may sound like a food game but it is a regular racing game the twist is that you will have to make fuel for the car by burning rice and making it compete with other players. This game gives you the option of customizing the cars also, and the races become more challenging when your opponents show up with remodeled cars with all kinds of options!


Rice Burner Mod APK is an excellent addition to innovative, and futuristic racing games. You can enjoy free features and fun gameplay without paying any money. This game has many amazing features that will make it your favorite pastime. Moreover, you may also love playing CarX Street MOD APK.

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