Shareit MOD APK 6.22.38_ww – (No Ads) 2023

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Full Name Shareit MOD APK
Publisher Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
Genre Tools
Size 44 MB
Latest Version 6.22.38_ww
Mod Features No Ads & Premium Unlocked
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You have to transfer various files, videos, songs, images, and many more from your device to any other gadget in your daily life. You can use cables, cloud computing technology, USB, and Bluetooth to serve the purpose. But, there is a problem with all these sources. Using cable is not a good option as it has to be always carried with you everywhere. In such a situation, Shareit MOD APK is the best application to transfer all kinds of files.

Cloud-Based services are too complicated due to their lengthy procedure. You have to upload the file to the storage server and then share the acquired link with the recipient, who has to download it by sparing his time. Using a USB is quite risky because of having viral files. On the other hand, Bluetooth is better than the mentioned alternatives, but it takes too long to share a big file.

It is an application to share documents, videos, songs, images, and many more from one android gadget to another. It is a simple application that transfers files from one person to the other without any interruption from a third hand. Additionally, you can use this application to explore a store of photos, songs, online videos, and GIFs with fantastic quality. Also, check out Plus Followers 4 APK.

Shareit MOD


It is a file-sharing application published by Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd. This application is better than all the available alternatives as both experts and beginners can understand its usage. Also, it can transfer the most extensive-sized files with the highest rate of speed with any wireless connection, including Wi-Fi or a Hotspot.

This application is famous for its several faster, easier, and less expensive features, so millions of downloads from all over the world have been done yet. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, but you should keep in mind that the transfer of files can only be possible if both devices have installed this application.

If you need such an application that performs the function of transferring files of every kind without taking so long, the Shareit pro apk is the best one. So, without wasting more of your time; download Shareit Mod APK now.


The application has many uses that help make your data transfer very easy.

1. Easy And Simple Interface

Today, many new file-transferring apps are available for Android Mobile Phones, but not one of them can offer you the best performance, as the Shareit file transfer application. It has a straightforward interface that is very easy to understand, and people can easily use it without any inconvenience. If you also need a file transfer app, you will surely love this one. Shareit consists of Auto inbuilt AI power system, which makes you only one QR code Scanning away to connect with your friend’s mobile phones. The application also permits you to change your name to find it quickly.

Shareit APK

2. Backup Data

Many data in your mobile phones need a backup to your PC, and Shareit Mod Apk will assist you in this task by backing up all your photos and other data.

3. Transfer Of Videos And Pictures

Shareit application helps transfer data from one device to another. You can quickly share videos, pictures, documents, and applications. Not only you can share the data, but it can also assist you in receiving data from your friend’s device.


Shareit application offers a lot of features for its users.

1. Support Languages

Shareit application of data transfer supports almost 38 different languages. This makes the usage of this application more accessible and more understandable globally.


2. Cross-Device Sharing

You can easily Cross-Share your data on different devices. The cross-platform sharing transfers from mobile phones and PC and Windows and IOS.

3. Wireless Hotspot

Shareit application uses a wireless hotspot to share files from one device to another without obstruction. It does not use Bluetooth connection bandwidth for any transfer. This application has many new mod features that make it stand as number one in all data-transferring apps.

4. Ultimate File Transfer Speed

The Mod Apk version of Shareit offers you the ultimate speed for transferring data. You can quickly share videos and photos of high quality in the blink of an eye. The data is transferred to another device fast and without any glitches.

5. No Network Limitation

There is no need for any internet to transfer data from one device to another in this Mod version of Shareit. You can quickly share your data without any network limitations.

Shareit MOD APP

6. No Country Limitations

Many applications are banned in most regions due to their Chinese development, but you can download the mod version of Shareit. This version is available mainly in all of the areas without any interruption. You can efficiently operate this application anywhere in the world.

7. Unlimited Data Transfer

Shareit premium apk offers you an unlimited file-sharing feature. You can transfer data without any transfer limitations. This Apk version of the application will allow you to share large files of almost 10 to 15 GB in minutes. You do not have to wait hours just for file transferring.

8. Ultimate Video Player

The Mod Apk version of Shareit offers the best music and video player system. You can easily play your videos and trendy songs with this modded version without any interruption.

9. Advertisement Free

The mod version of Shareit offers you to transfer data and other files without any obstruction of ads. Ads-free is a significant benefit of using this mod version.


How to operate a modded version of Shareit?

Shareit is the best sharing app that you can use anywhere in the world. This mod version helps you transfer files from one device to another without any network limitations. You can quickly transfer files without any wifi connection.

Is there any glitch in the Shareit Mod Apk?

This modded version of Shareit does not have any glitches or interruptions during operation. There are no ads interruption in the application, making its usage smooth and easy.

Is it possible to download Shareit ad-free apk on pc or laptop?

Yes, it is possible to download Shareit Mod Apk on pc or laptop. The only thing you need to do is download the Android emulator on your pc or laptop then it is then possible to operate this app.


Although Shareit Mod Apk is a simple and easy application to use. The incredible thing is that you can use the modded version of Shareit in almost any region of the World. That is why you should move to this application and experience the unlimited and fastest sharing features.

Moreover, by Downloading the Shareit pro apk, you can enjoy all the Mod features mentioned above in the guide free of cost. The mod version is available without any obstruction of advertisements, and you can quickly transfer your files without any interruption. You can ping us for any queries.

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