Shazam MOD APK 13.13.0 – (Pro Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Shazam MOD APK
Publisher Apple, Inc.
Genre Music & Audio
Size 17 MB
Latest Version 13.13.0
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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Hello music lovers! We know you are looking for newer apps to listen to music. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! But let me tell you one thing: You landed on the right page! Shazam MOD APK is the app for all music enthusiasts who appreciate good audio software!

Who doesn’t like music? Correction, who doesn’t love music? From the early morning run to the late-night drive back home, music is the best companion for all of us. Moreover, many events become special because of the songs you play at the time or hear at a party. What If we tell you that Shazam can catch the melody and recognize the tune? You are now not supposed to know the lyrics to listen to a song! This app can catch the song in a few minutes and play it for you.

Now, whenever you hear a good song, Shazam it!


Shazam is a music app much like Starmaker MOD APK that can help you create a collection, and the highlight is that you can face the music with this app, and it will catch the tune, recognize it and play the song for you. This app has become the most popular choice, and 100 million people identify some music or the other during a month.

Shazam MOD

Even if you think the artist is lesser-known, Shazam will know it for sure. Read on to see what unique features make Shazam APK download worth the time and the space in your phone!


Shazam Pro is an ideal app for all those who like music and often cannot expand their music library only because they do not know the song specifications. If you listen to foreign music or hear a melody that appeals to you, instantly take out your phone, turn on the app, and Shazam! You will get the song‘s name and artist on the app. Users can connect the app to social media and music apps and share their song searches for others to listen to and enjoy.

Moreover, Shazam can be an integral tool in recognizing soundtracks and old TV shows that had famous soundtracks, but their names got lost over the years. One real-life example is my grade four birthday video. A favorite song from a TV show that was popular in those days always mesmerized me, and I wanted to listen to it. I held my Android phone to the television as I played the video and bang! I got the song! If you are still not surprised, try the app yourself.


Shazam is a music and audio app developed by Apple Inc. This app is free just like BandLab MOD APK, and you can download it within seconds to keep you upbeat with the latest in music. Here are some exciting features of this fantastic new addition to the music world:

1. Supports Android, macOS, iOS, watchOS, And Wear OS

Many potential users presume that since this app is developed by Apple, it would be compatible with the same operating systems, but no! You can use this app on Android devices too. You do not have to worry about the speed or the operation as the app will modify itself to your device and give you quick search results! You can save these songs to Spotify or other music apps. Shazam Android full version free download will be your gateway to all the songs you have wanted to hear but didn’t know how to get to them!


2. Not Only Music But TV Programs Too

Shazam can identify TV shows by listening to soundtracks and can offer information on the cast as well. So many times, we cannot catch up on an old TV show or cannot find the soundtracks to some movies only because we do not know the artist’s name or the title of the song. Shazam seems to be made by one of us only, as it was a wish we all once had. Not just TV but radio shows and information on the jockey may also be in your palms now.

You can connect Shazam to the music app of your choice to listen to complete songs. I selected Spotify, and the seamless music download was instant, accurate, and exactly what I needed to convince me that this music app is a must-have.

3. Get Suggestions

It is useful to find suggestions of artists or music genres that you searched to show up on Shazam to get similar music. Shazam will give you the latest updates on their singles, chart rankings, and videos if you follow an artist. If you are in the mood, you can follow new artists and see what they are searching for on Shazam Encore APK. Now your music searches will be more interesting, and you can tell your friends about your favorite artists and their latest look-ups.

4. Keeps You Updated With The World

Shazam will keep giving you updates about popular music choices in your locality same as Resso MOD APK. If a high school prom played some song that became a popular one on Shazam, and you happen to be in the area, the app will show you that the people of this location are searching for this particular song. Similarly, around Christmas, people look up songs from movies based on Christmas and the holiday magic, be prepared to see these popular searches on your app, and who knows, you might just want to play one of them at Christmas lunch!

5. Connect With Social Media And Expand The Network

You can expand your Shazam community by connecting the account with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your friends can see what you share, and you can see what they are shazaming!

6. The Visual Feature

You can turn on your camera and get visual recognition for posters, books, or magazines! However, that particular graphic must be Shazam compatible. All you have to do is click the camera icon on the poster or magazine that has the Shazam camera logo. Not to mention that you can also use this camera icon to identify QR codes. Now isn’t this app a complete use of technological advancements? The features of Shazam Mod APK are unlimited, and there are so many ways in which you can add to the music scene.


Can Shazam save songs?

Shazam is a song-identity app, and you have to connect it with a music app like Spotify to save the songs and listen to them. Using this app is easy, and it will make it easier for you to find the melodies you like.

Do I have to pay for this app?

Shazam is absolutely free and available on various operating systems. You can download it without any charge, and you will never have to miss a song that you enjoy listening to.

Can Shazam recognize songs from TV shows?

Yes, Shazam can identify any song, and TV show soundtracks are included.


Shazam Mod APK is an excellent addition to the list of music and audio apps available. This app is not only unique as it identifies melodies and plays songs, but it is also compatible with Android, iOS, and other operating systems. It seems like this app does not give anyone a reason to live without it. Moreover, you can also download iREAL PRO APK from our website.

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