Silent Castle MOD APK 1.3.10 – (All Unlocked Free Download) 2023

Silent Castle

Full Name Silent Castle MOD APK
Publisher BEP1C STUDIO
Genre Action
Size 97 MB
Latest Version 1.3.10
Mod Features All Features Unlocked
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Silent Castle MOD APK is a fantastic pick for all players and that is why we are offering a free download within minutes. Not only this, but you will get to enjoy some big features that are exclusively available in this game. This horror genre game is not for the weak-hearted as it has some scary scenes and a lot of exciting turns which will keep you at the edge of your seat. This single-player action-adventure game may be available elsewhere but here, you get a few surprises.

This stylized game has a horror theme and can be quite riveting. Get to know all about this game so that you can enjoy all that it offers. All players who like to venture some bone-chilling events and take turns playing different characters will never go back to any other android phone game. Get to know all about it and begin playing. Also, play Dead Target MOD APK.

Silent Castle MOD


Silent Castle APK begins in a castle with a dark, and scary look. You can be the survivor or play the soul reaper if you like. Whichever role you choose has a different mission. If you are the survivor, you will have to save yourself from the evil soul reapers who are looking for some fresh blood in the castle. If you want to play the soul reaper, your mission is to go after the survivors to ensure that they don’t escape. If the survivor can hide from the reaper, it becomes successful, but if the reaper finds the survivor, the evil team gets a point.

The rewards that you collect in the game are going to help you get better at the game. If the survivors get caught, they will be exterminated, so make sure that you keep the rewards coming in and when you start with the power-building plan, you will be surprised at how easy it will become to beat the opponent.


The graphics of this game are quite real and add to the horror theme. When you are playing this game, there will be no dull moment because you will not have to attend to the controls at all. We mean that the controls are so easy that players do not spend any time focusing on how to move or hide, or turn around. The pace of the character is also easy to manage. The riveting sound effects and the high-definition scenes are going to be an excellent way to pass your free time.

The soul reaper can use all the power to exterminate the survivor, and the survivor will need all the strength to stay safe from the reapers. The treasures you win at the end of each round are going to make the coming rounds easier. This gameplay is amazing, but wait till you hear about the features. Also, check out Extra Lives MOD APK.


Many premium features make this game special, read about them here:

1. Unlimited Money

Silent Castle Mod APK unlimited money and gems are an exclusive feature that will get you ahead in the game. The money in the game is the only currency that works and you will be able to buy more hiding power, and if you are a reaper this money will help you win the various rounds.

2. Unlocked Rooms And Hiding Places

You get so much more in the Silent Castle because there are more places to hide and search. Each new place has harder hiding spots and even the reaper will have a tough time catching you. Simultaneously, many locations favor the reapers.

3. Ads Free

Silent Castle Mod APK is ad-free which makes it even scarier and more fun. Forced ads are never going to be a good idea because the players feel that their concentration in the game breaks. This game version is not going to do that to you.

4. Amazing Powers

The rewards will get you some amazing powers that have the potential of making you better at the game. Every reward you win and all the locations that you play in will become more fun with the powers that you buy with the money.

5. Excellent Strategies

There are more things to do in this game. In other versions, you can hide under the bed, run down the stairs, or move behind the curtains, but in this version, the castle is offering more things to do and that makes the gameplay more thrilling and challenging. Whether you play the reaper or survivor, the moves are going to be more. Moreover, check the modded features of Horrorfield MOD APK.

Silent Castle APK


The regular features of Silent Castle are as follows:

1. Two Modes

There are two modes in the game, as one is for reapers and the other one allows you to be the survivor. You can select one according to your mood. The choice makes this game unpredictable every time you start it.

2. Realistic Castle

The castle in the game is so real that it adds to the game’s chilling feel. Players can enjoy the spooky castle and the once-beautiful living space that has become a haunted place now.

3. The Graphics And Music

The graphics and music of the game are so cool that makes it more interesting to play. The soundtrack is also quite horror and adds to the game’s excitement. Every single room and even the sound effects make players feel more included.

4. Different Characters

Even within the survivor and reaper role, there are numerous characters that you can choose. These characters have specific natures and are sharper at specific skills so choose according to their qualities.

5. Powerful Tools

There are going to be some powerful tools that will add to your qualities. For example, hiding place searches, creative turnarounds, and many other exciting qualities that help you win. Whatever you choose, be sure to use it well.


There are many war games, fighting games, and even search puzzles, but there are very few horror games and this one is exciting. There are no gore scenes and no terrifying story twists. The story is clean and so is the theme. However, we love the graphics and the soundtrack too.

This game is on our list of favorites and is a unique horror game that we recommend to everyone. You will enjoy it every day as you switch roles and modes. Moreover, the characters have specific qualities that make this game much more riveting than other horror stories. Read out the review about Unkilled MOD APK as well.


Silent Castle Mod APK is an excellent game also because it takes minutes to begin playing it. If you have already moved the settings to accept all downloads from different sources, just click on Download Now. The file will install in a minute and then you will have to download the APK file too. You will be able to play it within minutes.

The game will not take up a lot of space and disrupt the phone apps. You will not have to make any profile and this app will not even share your information. This is what makes the game easy to play and a fun game to have on your android device.


Is this game suitable for children?

Silent Castle is a scary game that may have some scenes and story turns that are not suitable for kids and require parental guidance. Players, less than 18 years of age must not play this game.

Will I have to pay for the download?

No, the download is free and so are the features. You can make many menu changes but each of them is free because all you need to use is the money in the game.

What makes this game a good one for me?

This game is suitable for all players who like to indulge in entertaining and unique games. This game also teaches you a few things about fast reflexes, and quick thinking so if you want to take away something from the game, this is the one for you.


Silent Castle Mod APK is a horror game that all players can enjoy. This game has different modes that allow you to play different characters and roles. The game has many exciting turns that are bone-chilling and the castle locations look so real that players will have to hold their breath at some moments. There are thousands of players downloading this game and you can be one of them too.

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