Skullgirls MOD APK 5.1.3 – (Unlimited Theonite With God Mode & High Damage) 2023

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Full Name Skullgirls MOD APK
Publisher Autumn Games, LLC
Genre Action
Size 91 MB
Latest Version 5.1.3
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gems & Theonit
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Among all fighting games, Skullgirls MOD APK is the most interesting and joyful for the players. The game is released by Autumn Games LLC and is an action game. The game is fully packed with many features and actions which are suitable for every android gadget.

The game is having attractive animated characters that make the game more enjoyable. Each character has its abilities and expertise with which you can fight against your rivals. You can fight with other players sitting anywhere all around the world. The game has beautiful visual effects that take the game to a more interesting level. The game is having characters that remind you of your childhood as many players find it similar to the action games they used to play as kids. You may also like Zooba MOD APK.


Skullgirls mobile apk is all about a game in which you have to defeat everyone coming your way. The skullgirls are the major rivals in the game that emerges after every seven years. There is one woman who wished for something seven years back and became a skullgirl.

The basic theme of the game is to find an object and kill each skullgirl coming your way before others. This can be done by many simple and easy actions with gestures and taps. There is also an option of assisting your fighter so that it will fight automatically and you can make a strategy for when to take the special moves.


The game is having a variety of fighters with powerful features and abilities from different universes such as Standoff 2 MOD APK. The players do not get bored of this game even to kill an enemy by making 600 actions. Furthermore, the abilities and skills of the characters can also be unlocked to upgrade them.


The main story behind the game is the skullgirls is lying below the state shade. They try searching for the heart of the skull. Whoever finds it, has an opportunity to wish for anything after every seven years and gets fulfilled if she has a purity of soul. On the other hand, if she does not have a pure soul, she converts into a skullgirls with a curse.

The cursed skullgirls have made the state full of danger and difficult to survive within. This becomes more vulnerable after the birth of a new skullgirls called Marie. At this point, you have to fight against her to save the kingdom by making your army. In this game, you have to do it within the given time limit.


Skullgirls Mod APK has given the players a variety of matches to consider. Additionally, many tutorials are available for the players to help them in playing the game. It also helps in recognizing the features and mechanisms of the selected character. Also, you can use your two fingers to multiply the attack on your enemy just like you use in Gangstar Vegas MOD APK. Furthermore, you can have additional skills for your character except for the basic skill on the left lower side of the screen of the character. It wants the player to wait to use them for further continuity by letting them cool down.

The game also provides you with certain skills that recharge them while you attack. Your enemy can attack suddenly so you need to be careful while using these skills. The availability of switching characters is also provided by the game according to the required skills and also can use a single character.

Skullgirls MOD


1. Unlimited Money And Coins

With skullgirls mod apk unlimited money and coins, you can unlock everything including characters.

2. Unlimited Theonite

With unlimited theonite, you can level up the skills of your characters.

3. Unlocked Levels

In this game, you have given all levels unlocked so that you can enjoy levels before completing the previous one.

4. Zero-Ads

The game does not have any ad interruptions that bind the player with the game with more focus.


1. Feels Like Home

The game is having an RPG progression that makes the player feel a home.

2. Multiple Selection Of Characters

You can select multiple characters with a variety of their skills to fight against the enemy during the game according to the requirement.

3. Fighters

You can select 3 fighters to make a team which should be the most appropriate combination to maximize cooperation.

4. Modes

The game is having six modes which are Prize Fight, Story Mode, Versus Mode, Rift Battles, Each Day Occasion, and Coaching. In the prizefight mode, the player can unlock new fighters. In story mode, you can search out the skullgirls before destroying the new meridian. In versus mode, you can play with other players like fighting a real battle. You can get different rewards by constructing your defenses in rift battles while on each day occasion, different occasions are added everyday characters. In coaching mode, you can make different combinations of characters to make a team.

5. Rewards

The game is providing two kinds of rewards in which one is the daily reward and the other is the reward after completing a challenge.

6. Home Screen

The game is so amazing and fascinating as it has a very fancy home screen. You are going to have a very easy and understandable start playing. It is friendly to use and has a clear interface.

7. Graphics

Having 2D animation, the game is fully satisfactory in image quality and the animated characters look so real.

8. Real-Time Battles Or PVP Rift Battles

Although that’s an animated game, its characters are so beautifully sketched that gives you a courageous vibe to take part in real-time battles or PVP wars. You can take part in real-time battles with other players from all around the world. That not only ables you to get higher space on the leaderboard but also becomes you a pro player of Skullgirls. Also, play Bowmasters MOD APK.


Has the game any hazard?

The game does not have any hazards and is a bug-free game.

Is this game offline?

The game is not offline but is available free of cost for you to play. The game has extraordinary features that can only be played with a good internet connection. It is also an online game so that you can play with other players too.

Can this game be only played on mobiles?

The game can be played on any gadget.


Skullgirls Mod APK is one of the most interesting fighting games that give a realistic battle experience to the players. The game is having six different modes with which the player does not get bored. The game has unlimited everything including coins, money, diamonds, etc. In this game, you have to kill the most vulnerable skullgirls called Marie, and protect the kingdom. So download the game now and feel the excitement.

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