Slither io MOD APK 4.5 – (Download For Android With God Mode) 2023

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Full Name Slither io MOD APK
Publisher Lowtech Studios
Genre Casual
Size 17 MB
Latest Version 4.5
Mod Features God Mode
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If you want to pass your time doing something you enjoy, here is a new download for you that comes with endless benefits. Slither io MOD APK is a simple and interesting game that can help kill boredom while learning a few things about your quick reflexes. This game is available on android phones and once you begin playing, you will be hooked for a long! There are few games out there that remind elders of the arcade games when they were young, and are still riveting for the new players of today! Get to know what this game offers and you will be soon playing away to pass your free time.


The game is about a snake that loves to gobble up whatever comes in its path. While this game does not employ all your skills, it does require smart thinking, and your aim should be to let the snake survive! You can play against other players online just like you do in Vector 2 MOD APK, or if you want to play offline, it can be counted as a good way to practice and improve your hand at the game.

Slither io is an old-pattern game but the modified version will give you so much more to enjoy. For example, there are added features and more exciting menu functions that make the snake a more captivating character.

Slither io MOD


As soon as you start the game, the excellent graphics and sound effects will welcome you. The controls are simple navigation, but every move counts so first get to know the snake and how it moves, and then begin using all the exciting tactics, which will help you advance faster. Just like Plants Vs Zombies 2 MOD APK, you can download this to your android device and begin playing to win each level with more points and gain strength to win bigger challenges as the game proceeds.

The players do not need to learn any rules, nor are there any strategies to follow. Slither io mod game is an excellent choice for those seeking simple entertainment without any technical skills or violence in the game.


The game of Slither is simple and there are no high-tech rules, however, this game does have numerous features that add to the simple snake run! Get to see how each of them will make the game more interesting for you.

1. Online Competitors

Online games are always a bigger challenge because you are up against another player and speed matters. The online mode of this game is exciting and will make the hungry snake a challenge for you! However, offline mode limits many features and menu options. However, playing against artificial intelligence will improve your game fast!

Slither io APK

2. Modified Menu

The Slither io mod menu is a treat! You can do much more with your snake-like make it jump, go faster, modified version.

3. Customization

The snake looks boring to you? No problem! You can add more color, and stripes, or even design the snake according to your choice. The other snakes belonging to opponents will look different and as you eat up the palettes, you can keep confusing the enemy with in-game customizations.

4. Speed Bursts

Another fantastic feature of the mod game is that you can give your snake good speed in an instant and this will not only confuse the opponent but also catch them off guard. While they try and tune up to your speed, you would have already finished the round! The hungrier your snake will be the more it will catch all the palettes on time.

Slither io

5. Customizing The Background

The background and the color contrast of the game are in your control. The Slither io mods for the phone allow you to spice up the game without slowing down the system. You can enjoy the game without any glitches or lags.

6. No Ads

One of the most useful features of the modified version is that there are no advertisements or pop-ups for other game downloads while you are playing! Every step of the game is continuous and will not make you feel as if you have been put on hold.

7. Zoom In And Zoom Out

If you have any personal desire to watch the game from afar, that is fine! The Slither io Mod APK allows players to zoom in and zoom out and there is going to be no interference of the zoom on the speed of the game.

8. Slither io God Mode Download Is Free

There are no charges for downloading or even playing this game online or offline. Many players assume that since the game provides unlimited features and unlocked invisible skin for the snakes, there must be a charge for it. However, the most entertaining Slither io game is free for all. Also, download Family Island MOD APK.


Is Slither io for kids?

Slither io Mod APK is an arcade game that has been modified for android phones. Anyone can play it as it does not promote violence and does not even require any technical skill. If you have to kill some time, this game is perfect for you, regardless of age!

What happens with the snake in the game?

Players have to compete against other snakes to keep their snake alive by feeding it the palettes scattered in the game. The longer your snake stays alive, the farther you proceed in the game.


Slither io Mod APK is an easy and interesting game similar to Minion Rush MOD APK that will allow players to connect with friends and other online players. You can enjoy various features of the game like invisible skins unlocked, menu options, and zoom options that are not commonly found in other games. The download is easy and you do not have to pay for any additional features.

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