Smule MOD APK 10.4.5 – (VIP Unlocked & No Ads) 2023

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Full Name Smule MOD APK
Publisher Smule
Genre Music & Audio
Size 82 MB
Latest Version 10.4.5
Mod Features VIP Unlocked & No Ads
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Smule MOD APK is an original Karaoke game for enjoying Karaoke songs. It was originally released for iOS in 2012 and then eventually released for Androids in 2013. Fortunately, the app is now also available on the web since 2016. The online social singing app connects singers from all over the world. It is a popular one-of-a-kind app.

Build limitless Built-in mics, celebrate music and record your melodious voice in the smart Karaoke app. Re-create millions of karaoke songs and get your song’s lyrics on the mobile’s screen. Have fun with your favorite songs more like SoundCloud MOD APK. Explore the music world, feel the rhythm and unveil millions of new and old music. The app has several categories of songs for users.

Accordingly, there are songs and music of various genres. Additionally, you can create duets with your friends, family, and online social buddies. Not only this, you can enjoy special sound effects and creative visual effects to make singing Karaoke ten times more fun!


Smule is an incredible singing and recording app and is compatible with Android devices. However, the game can only perform well if the Android version is 5.0 and up. The latest version of the game will work amazingly for users that own the latest Android version. Additionally, the original game requires certain permissions while installed from the Google play store. The free app needs all the permissions of your device to run the free in-app features smoothly.

Smule MOD

Unfortunately, the free music app includes several disturbing ads and some in-app purchases. The VIP features are all locked and although many of the features are free, the best experiences are all locked for normal users. Users need to pay real money to unlock the VIP features just like they do in Apple Music MOD APK. Nonetheless, the Smule mod apk, a modified version of the original game, is the solution to all your restriction issues. Users can use our mod to access all the locked features. Read the complete article to know about all the features of our mod version.


1. Unlocked VIP Features

And Smule mod apk offers the hack you have always wished for! All the VIP features are now unlocked for you. Although all the VIP features are locked and paid for in the original game, the Smule cracked version has it unlocked for its users. Users can download the mod for free and enjoy the best features without spending real money at all.

2. No Ads

All recordings get stuck if there is an ad on your screen’s display. To get rid of this trouble, download the Smule Mod Apk. It will provide you with an advertisement-free screen so you never feel any inconvenience while recording your sound or adding music.


Your favorite singing game has loads of exciting features for music lovers. Here, we have highlighted the main features for you.

1. Millions Of Songs

To start with, Smule has a wide variety of song categories and genres. Subsequently, each category has thousands of new and old Karaoke songs. Engage with melodious beats and sing along with the lyrics. In addition, the most popular songs sung by users around the world are shown as trending songs for you. Choose to pick one of the trending songs and also enjoy it with your friends.

Since the app is also a social singing app, you can connect to your friends on a deeper level here and make bonds with them. The wide variety of songs will be enjoyable for both of you. The multiple categories of songs will kill boredom for you and also, you can choose a song for every mood!

2. Amazing Karaoke Features

Amongst the various singing and Karaoke games, Smule is the most popular due to its wide variety of interesting Karaoke features. Firstly, the most used Karaoke feature of Smule is Solo. Select a fun song and start singing to it as the lyrics are displayed on the screen. Secondly, choose the duet option to connect with an online friend. Experience the duet with perfect sync.

Furthermore, you can also sing a duet with your favorite singer or celebrity! Not only this but there is also an option for joining group Karaoke sessions. All these modes help users to enjoy the app in different and new ways. Try all your favorite songs and also explore new collections to have more fun with singing and recording. Also, download Spotify Premium APK.

Smule APK

3. Audio Adjustment Tools

In addition to all these features, the editing tools of Sule make it unique and differentiate it from other karaoke games. Singing is now super fun! Edit your voice and make small and big adjustments to please yourself and your audience. It is your wish to use the tools as you want.

Moreover, the tools are extremely easy to use and best of all, you can enhance your song with proper editing. The audio adjustments can remove any unwanted sounds or inaccuracies for you. Lastly, the game has also integrated some visual effects to increase the user’s engagement with the game.

4. Audio Automation

Actually, audio automation tools are used to polish the singer’s tone and level out his highs and lows in the song. It is used to correct your pitch and make you sound more like a professional singer. Subsequently, you will hear your voice in its best version after using these tools. This feature works in the background while you record your song cheerfully. No need to worry about the end output! Just sing your heart out and enjoy the music, the audio automation option has your back! You will fall in love with your recordings once you are done!


5. Smule Community

After all, Smule is a socializing app too. There are more than 50 million Smule singers that are connected to each other through songs in Smule. You can also interact with these music lovers and create duos with the ones who match your music taste. Communicate and share your passion with Smule users all around the world. You can share your recorded songs with other content creators and also listen to other singers too.

Furthermore, there are also live performances that you can watch and take inspiration from. You yourself can become a popular singer in the Smule community and be followed by other fellow singers. Amazingly, singers are also supported by donations given by Smule users. You will find many popular Smule singers who are loved and supported by the Smule community. Moreover, you may also like the community of YouTube Music MOD APK.

6. Video Making

Next, you can also create your own music videos and have limitless fun! The latest video maker feature is loved by all Karaoke users. Use your Android mobile phone to create awesome music videos in your own way. The video-making feature is exciting and unlocks the inner creativity of every singer. Unleash the composer in you and try new editing tools and presets to create the whole video. Ultimately, you will learn to use all the tools and have a perfectly edited music video to share with others.

7. Online Sharing

Smule promotes socializing to boost your singing confidence. So, sing, record, and share your songs with your friends, family, and followers on all the social media apps. Best of all, you can flex your singing skills on these platforms easily due to the sharing feature. The game has quick sharing options that allow users to directly share their songs and videos to other social networking sites, for example, Facebook.


Is the mod safe?

Yes, the mod version is 100% safe. It does not have any viruses or technical issues.

Is the Mod for iOS?

No, we are sorry to tell you that our mod is only for Android users. It can work on Android smartphones and tablets without any inconvenience. However, the original app is available for both platforms.

Can we send direct messages to other users on Smule?

Yes, you can, the app is a social app and therefore allows users to communicate with other users.


Conclusively, Smule is the best Karaoke singing app if the VIP features are unlocked. However, users of the mod version are lucky to get it all! So, celebrate your love for music and start playing the game.

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