Snake Rivals MOD APK 0.46.7 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Snake Rivals MOD APK
Publisher Supersolid
Genre Casual
Size 169 MB
Latest Version 0.46.7
Mod Features Everything Free
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Some games become immortal, and there is one such game that is all about snakes getting longer and taking over your screen! If you want to reminisce the memories of that game, download Snake Rivals MOD APK. This game is better than the one that inspires it, and players enjoy it so much that they describe it as an addictive game. When you play this game, it takes you to the forests where snakes live, but the fun part is that these snakes are not at all dangerous.

With every passing year technology is improving, the snake in the game is a much newer version, and the Mod version of the game gives it some extra things to do! Check out all the exciting features, and you will be waiting for it to download so you can begin playing.

The Snake Rivals Hack Story

Snakes of a jungle are on the loose and they have to eat to live. The more food they find, which will be primarily apples, the longer they get! These snakes will be competitors and there are going to be lots of interesting times when the long snakes will have to fight for food and even engage with each other for dominance same as Slither io MOD APK.

Snake Rivals MOD

Players can enjoy this game more because it is not a new concept for them. The interesting thing is that these snakes are not going to fight, it is more like touching that kills them! You have to beware of two snakes touching, and each of them will keep growing larger so you can expect the game to get challenging as it comes to an end. The three-dimensional snakes will be feeding on apples and they will be getting faster. Every challenging move will win you points. The more points you have, the more you can opt for various menu options that enable changes and customizations.

While the old game ended when the snake was large enough to fill the pixelated screen, this game is an endless round of fun and thrill until you win the game by letting all other snakes finish without growing.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

The Gameplay of Snake Rivals includes the coolest controls as you have to swipe the screen of your android phone to move the snake. You can dodge other snakes, pick fruit, and wander about in the jungle all by a simple touchscreen maneuver. Moreover, the three-dimensional graphics are so perfect that they will make you want to keep playing. It is hard to stay away from the scenic forest greenery and a perfect game that lets you do so many changes!

You can change the way that the snakes look, and you can even improve your chances by applying various cheats in the mod version. This version allows players to use simple shortcuts that will get their snake ahead of the other ones. The motivational streak for players comes from the Leaderboard, which will count your wins and losses and rank you among other players.

You can play with friends, and can also connect to the Internet for various play modes just like you do in Board Kings MOD APK. You can go to the Battle Royale, or you can look for bigger rewards in the Gold Rush. All these modes and thrilling challenges will become a part of your daily routine.

Snake Rivals APK

MOD Features Make Snake Rival Special

There are so many exciting premium features in Snake Rivals Mod APK game, and each of them makes you want to keep playing! Take a look at this!

1. Unlocked Customizations

If there is some bright-colored snake that you wanted to own and couldn’t because you did not have enough points, this game is your savior! You can also enjoy changing the snakes, the ambiance of the forest, and even the appearance of other snakes in the game.

2. Unlimited Coins And Money

The coins in this game are endless and that is a big plus! These rewards help with so many exciting changes that you can make in the game and also use them to go faster, increase time and come over the other snakes in the game. Snake Rivals Mod gives players unlimited money at the beginning and all the in-game purchases are done with this cash.

3. No Ads

There are no pop-ups or ads in the game and you enjoy the unadulterated and uninterrupted rounds of fierce snakes looking for food and getting longer to make the path more challenging!

Unique Features Of Snake Rivals MOD APK

The regular features of the game are fantastic, and you will enjoy each of them. Here they are:

1. Graphics

The graphics of this game are spectacular. There are so many scenes and color contrasts that will make you want to keep playing. Moreover, the sound effects are also good.

2. Free Downloads

The download of this game is free of cost and you can enjoy it within minutes. Moreover, there are no additional files and execution tools to download either.

3. Battle Pass

The players can enjoy Battle Pass, which is a fiercer mode in which the snakes are faster and the challenge is tougher.

Download Snake Rivals Modded Version

You can get this game on your phone by following the steps below:

  • Click on Download,
  • Let the phone settings allow downloads from an unknown source,
  • Install the APK file as well,
  • Create a shortcut and enjoy the game.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a children’s game?

No, this game is popular among all age groups and elders love it because this is a similar story to the Snake game that was available on android phones many years ago.

Will this game cause problem with my phone?

No, the unknown source download will be safe because we ensure a virus and bug-free game version.


Download Snake Rivals Mod APK and enjoys this fantastic game about snakes eating apples, getting longer, and dodging each other. The premium features make it even better and you will love them all! The simple download leads to so many exciting stories turns that players can spend hours with this game!

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