Sniper 3D MOD APK 4.4.4 – (Free Online FPS & Unlimited Energy) 2023

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Full Name Sniper 3D MOD APK
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre Action
Size 137 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Energy
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Sniper 3D MOD APK is the latest cracked version of the most addictive shooting game of 2018, ‘Sniper 3D Assassin.’ It allows android players to enjoy both online and offline multiplayer FPS combat with unlimited supplies. Immerse in the stunning 3D graphics as you become a part of the world’s most dangerous missions. You will be one of the best snipers and explore the criminal world while encountering enemies off the beaten track.

Sniper 3D Android Apk will take you to a shooting experience you have never had before. Shoot down foes and rescue innocent hostages as you upgrade from one mission to the other. Moreover, you can also play Bullet Force MOD APK which is an amazing shooting game too.


As you submerge in the exciting gameplay, the difficulty level will escalate, and you will shoot down enemies, blow up helicopters and execute blood-thirsty zombies. However, your job is to be able to accomplish all these missions without harming any innocent life.

Sniper 3D

In the beginning, you will start off as a learner sniper and so will be taught new controls, skills, and techniques on the easiest level. Next, you will participate in puzzling missions to prove your worth and increase your rank. You will unfold new places and find competent snipers against you. In addition, you will have to use your shooting skills to locate the enemies and take them down as they try to disguise themselves amidst the crowd of innocent citizens.


Just like Critical Ops MOD APK, the story of this game will also give you goosebumps as you succeed in the higher missions to defeat the criminal king known as El Diablo. The interesting missions will also lead you to police forces as you become a part of them to save the citizens. Not only this, but as you level up in the game, you will be closer to saving the world from the deadly virus too. Ultimately, it is your duty to use your sniper shooting skills in the best way to rescue innocent lives from evil.


The features of the mod version make the moving targets, and progressing stages more fun and challenging. Check out all the features that make this game special.

1. Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

The unlimited money stack makes the sniper action more fun because it gives the players ability to improve their game, become more powerful, get better at shooting, and many more things. The sniper will be able to constantly improve their skill and style with this unlimited bonus.

The attention-grabbing turning point of the Sniper 3D mod apk is its cracked feature of unlimited coins and diamonds in the gameplay. Gamers no longer have to struggle due to limited resources. This new feature caters to all the needs of a shooter. There will be a guaranteed supply of never-ending money during the gameplay. This feature will be available in all the missions and help the shooter to focus entirely on aiming and shooting down enemies. Therefore, the sniper 3D unlimited money, coins, and diamonds feature is the game-changer for your gun shooting experience.

2. Unlocked Everything

The best features of mod versions are that they do not want you to wait and then earn something. If you have decided to download this game, you have earned it! The fantastic characters, weapons, and even stamina and strength and skill will be amazing things for all players.

3. Mod Menu

The Mod menu is an opportunity to explore, have fun and apply different kinds of things to the game. The more you feel like you need a change of color, a change of dress, a change in the scene, and explore the unlocked areas, the more you will find the menu to be rich. Also, have a look at the modded features of Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK.


This astounding version of Sniper 3D has unlocked many new features that have made it very popular in the action and shooting genre of mobile video games. Sniper 3D has brought new and attractive features to the former original Sniper 3D Assassin and so gamers are shifting to this more interesting version.

Sniper 3D MOD

1. Diverse Locations

Challenging locations incorporated into the gameplay have made this shooting game an incredible masterpiece. Snipers will unlock various missions in different locations as they upgrade their level. These locations will vary from battlefields and forests to sandy deserts and skyscrapers. Gamers will experience a new environment at every level up and hence stay engaged in the addictive action combat.

2. Engaging Game Modes

Your favorite shooting game comes with exciting game modes to make the combat even more interesting. You can play with your friends and also join the FPS gameplay to have an epic experience. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes from which you can choose. Kill evil with every strategy you can.

You can also play the game in offline mode whenever you want. This mode allows you to play your favorite sniper game without any internet connection dependency.

3. Weapons And Gadgets

What’s a shooting game without some killer guns? A shooting game is just as interesting as its weapons. And as a matter of fact, Sniper 3D mod apk has a huge variety of them. This is a popular gun shooting game that includes hundreds of lethal weapons with a variety of shooting ranges. You can add to your arsenal as you unlock more weapons in your missions.

Sniper 3D APK

4. Simple Controls

Since the game is an android version, it has been designed to assist mobile users. The mechanics are kept simple to make the game more enjoyable for shooters. The controls are very simple and the player easily gets comfortable with the new controls. It is easier to steer the sniper and even easier to aim in the android version.

5. High Visual Quality

The awe-inspiring 3D graphics are praised by numerous users around the world. Unlike many other shooting games, Sniper 3D showcases a high visual quality for its gamers. It completely engages the gamers and makes the missions more exciting to play.


Is Sniper 3d mod apk only for android?

Yes, the sniper 3d mod apk version is designed only for android users. You can play the game on both android mobiles and tablets.

Is this version free for everyone?

Yes, the game is free to play for every user.

Can we customize the upgraded weapons?

The weapons in the gameplay at every level can be upgraded and customized by the players. There are several customizations available for the users as they level up.

Is the survival match available in offline mode?

No, the survival match is only available in the online mode as it enables the users to combat the other snipers which are playing from different parts of the world. This is not an option for offline gameplay.


Just like Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK, this is an epic chance for android users to level up their shooting skills in a sniper game where all resources are unlimited. The mod apk version is a game-changer for the original Sniper 3D game. The limitless supply of money, coins, and diamonds will thrill you and give you the most fun gaming experience for sure.

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