Soccer Stars MOD APK 34.0.2 – (Unlimited Rewind & Free Lifes) 2023

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Full Name Soccer Stars MOD APK
Publisher Miniclip
Genre Sports
Size 77 MB
Latest Version 34.0.2
Mod Features Unlimited Coins / Gems
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Are you searching for that kind of Soccer game that will come with exciting gameplay and unique features? Then the wait is over, and we introduce Soccer Stars MOD APK to you. Sports lovers always have an extra attraction towards soccer games, and if you find everything full of excitement, thrill, fun, etc., then there is nothing more impressive than that. If you were tired of being free, then the Soccer Stars game brings some action into your life. You’ll find Soccer Stars interesting if you are not familiar with this game. People who like to play sports games, especially football-related games i.e Dream League Soccer MOD APK, would love to play them.


Soccer Star MOD APK is an uncasual game about football. publishes this game. With the help of this game, you have a chance to build up your football team to compete in different matches. If you’re not familiar with this game, then no need to worry; we present you with every detail using lucid language to understand the Soccer Stars MOD APK quickly.

Soccer Stars


When you enter the game, you’ll find five players in each team just like you have five players in FIFA Mobile MOD APK, and you can control your players through the ‘Disc’ by moving it everywhere, according to the game’s requirements. In the game, your moves have prime importance. With the help of your stunning moves, you can win easily, and if you fail to make the right move at the right time, you have to face defeat. So, before playing, make some strategy by which you can play the game.

You can move your disc all around the board to shoot. Your move depends upon the movement of your opponent. You just make a strategy that gives you a chance to make a goal. Or, if you’re not able to do so, save your side by using the giant sizes of discs.

The storyline of this game is lovely due to the easily understandable gameplay. You are welcome here with unlimited challenges, which gives you a pure feel of a football player. The best part of this game is you can play it in both offline and online manners.


The Soccer Stars Mod version is full of premium features that make the game worth more of your time! Here is a list of features that you will only find in this game version. The best way to go is to know all that you can do to win this sports game.

1. Collect Teams And Win More

When players can select their favorite players as part of the team, they feel more interested. You can even make it more fun by mixing up the players and choosing a role that you are best at. As your team is able to take over the opposite team’s goal, the rewards will be way more than what other games can give you!

2. Unlimited Gems And Diamonds

The fun part of Soccer Stars is that you get an unlimited amount of gems and diamonds that help customize, change the appearances, and even upgrade the skills of the players. Your players will be on fire and your team will become even better.

3. No Ads

There are no unnecessary interruptions and players can give the game their best. Every part of the game will make sense when there is no advertisement or pop-up ad that puts you off and you lose momentum.

4. Unlimited Money And Free Game

With the modded version of Soccer Star, the players can get unlimited coins and money. These coins are later used in the game to overcome the difficulty of the level. All Android users can enjoy the free gaming experience in the Soccer Stars MOD APK. There is nothing to purchase forcefully. Also, have a look at this awesome game Top Eleven MOD APK.


There are many features of Soccer Stars hack APK that is enough to provide you with action, excitement, and fun at the same time. Without wasting time, let’s start with the exciting features of this game.

1. Touch Controls

Touch controls every gameplay a crucial role in its popularity. Suppose you have smooth touch control, then you’ll have a firm grip on your gaming strategy. With interrupted touch control, you may lose your winning match. In this Soccer Stars Cheat APK, you will provide a smooth touch that is too flexible to handle. You can freely control the disc movement.

2. Entertaining Gameplay

With entertaining, natural, and comprehensive gameplay, you’ll enjoy the game. These types of soccer games feel pretty interesting when you are familiar with the gameplay and the storyline. The entertaining gameplay will have many things for the fun of their players you can match up to play against and control the direction through discs and power while playing the game.

3. Map Settings

Soccer Star MOD APK free download will introduce interesting map settings to you guys. These maps follow the directions of the position of the ball and players. With this, you will give tough competition to your opponent. The map will guide you on what is going on in the game by giving you an overview.

Soccer Stars MOD

4. In-Game Levels

The seriousness increases when you have to take action against the players by showing them your skills as the best football player. In this game, you will play multiple matchups that bring a chance to meet with different people worldwide.

5. Understand The Physics Of The Ball

The ball is an essential part of any Soccer Game. You have to understand its physics to use it better for making goals and winning matches. The physics of the ball is essential to understand for good rank and different achievements.

6. Compete With Friends

Soccer Stars MOD APK will give you a chance to compete with your friends in exciting tournaments. These tournaments include real-time battles. By completing and winning against your friends, you will get a chance to win amazing surprises.

7. Play A Game In Your Language

This game gives you a chance to enjoy it fully because you can play it in your language to understand the game to become undefeated quickly.

8. Share Your Victory

Some people want to share their every victory online. Soccer Stars App enables you to share your fantabulous gaming experience with your friends and with the world. You just have to take a snap of your victory and progress and share it on your social apps. Now, you can share your happiness with others.

9. Offline Gaming Mode

Yes, the Soccer Stars Android will make it easy to play the game without any pressure. You can play offline to have a grip on your skills. You can’t share your progress online in this Mode. The ultimate fun you’ll find in playing with this mode will give you an aesthetic feel.

10. Customized Your Board

If you want to lead the game, you can create your board by customizing your teams to make the game more thrilling and fascinating. This fantastic feature can give you a chance to play the Soccer Stars freely as per your choice. With the help of this feature, you have a brilliant opportunity to polish your leadership qualities.

11. Mini-Games

Mini-games are one more exciting feature of this game. Now, you can enjoy unlimited fun with mini-games. You can play golf, slot machines, and many other games. With the presence of this feature, there is no chance of bored. To freshen up your mind. You can use it to play mini-games.

12. Graphics And Sound Quality

The graphics of this game are well-managed likewise Mini Football MOD APK. The users can live the complete feel of playing football matches in the stadium. Stunning graphics can engage the users with the game. The Soccer Stars modified version will give you the best sound quality. The clear and stunning sound effects during the game urge the player to play the game regularly.


Can we download the Soccer Stars from the Play Store?

No, you can’t download the mod version of the game from the Google Play Store.

Is the Soccer Stars MOD version free?

Yes, fortunately, this game is free to download. You can play and can get unlimited coins free of cost.

How much space can this game occupy?

It is a heavy game and requires larger space, so; you have to clean your mobile to avoid any inconvenience during the game.

Can anybody download the game from the world?

Yes, this anybody can download the game from all over the world. Just download and play the game from any corner of the world without any problem.

How to set the Potential Setback of this game?

To set the potential setback of this game, you have to put the graphics level low. If you want a breakless game, then always select graphics at low from the game’s settings.


The Soccer Stars MOD APK is the best game with unique gameplay and outstanding features. Every single part of this game attracts the players toward the game. The best part of the game is getting free coins, money, and other things for playing the game more effectively.

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