Spotify Premium APK – (MOD Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Spotify Premium APK
Publisher Spotify AB
Genre Music & Audio
Size 61 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features All Features Unlocked
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Spotify Premium APK gives you access to all qualities of Spotify Premium for free, a must-have for all the music lovers out there. Spotify is an audio-streaming application same to YouTube Music MOD APK that stands at the topmost position among all the other apps of its kind. This music platform has over 60 million users, 15 million of which are premium users. Anybody who uses the app’s Free version knows absolutely how irritating it can prove to be.


Spotify provides you with all the songs you wish to listen to, all you have to do is enter its name, and in some cases, the name of its artist, almost like every other music streaming platform. Exactly what makes the said application such a hit throughout the world? What makes the formerly mentioned app the best amongst its rivals is its huge music store that contains music from all the genres and languages possible, free of charge.

Spotify Premium

The free feature of this app presents you with a set of songs that relates to or resembles the song initially searched by you, which can also be called Blending Mode, limiting you from playing songs of your choice. You are not allowed to select and choose songs according to your wishes and there are advertisements that pop up after every couple of songs.

The other factor, which is most commonly used is the Premium feature. This is a paid part of Spotify which gives you unlimited access to any song you want to listen to, unlimited skips, ad-free music streaming, and multiple other qualities. But why pay when you can easily avail all of the paid characteristics of the app by just downloading the Spotify Premium Apk for free?


Spotify is by far the most convenient application that came into existence. With this, you can have all the songs ever made, just a tap away on your phone. It provides you with podcasts, radio stations, playlists of different kinds, and also a customized playlist of the type of songs you usually listen to. It is easily accessible on all platforms. Its compatibility reaches ios, android, windows, and many others. Personal Computers, smartphones, tablets, iPad, and all other devices can easily support Spotify in their systems.

Spotify APK

All the songs that are provided by this application are of high quality and the app has complete copyright of the music played by it. It has a free feature, unlike many other apps trending all over the world, saving you money if you are not willing to buy the premium feature. Spotify has an amazing tendency to suggest songs that complement your music style, improving your experience with time. And, all these features and premium luxuries can be yours for free by downloading our Spotify Apk version of ours. Also, check out Apple Music MOD APK.


Some of the outstanding features which make Spotify Mod Apk stand out are:

1. Unlimited Skips

Spotify Premium Apk provides you with a complete package of goods, one of which allows the user to skip as many songs as he desires. This is a feature that is not available in the free version of the application.

2. Your Own Library

Our version of the app allows you to save an unlimited amount of songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and artists to your own library, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your recent favorite hits.

Spotify Premium APK MOD

3. Offline Streaming

At times when you do not have access to the internet, this app allows you to listen to your desired music offline, without any connectivity to the wifi or cell phone data. The free version of the app allows you to download any podcast you like, which can be played offline later. But the premium version not only allows you to download podcasts, but also any music, playlist, album, or any other thing that you may prefer which makes things a lot easier for everyone.

4. Access To The Equalizer

An equalizer is used to adjust the bass level and high notes in the audio that you are listening to, basically allowing you to make your own perfect audio. Spotify Free Apk gives Android users an option for equalizers which can be enabled through the settings. With the equalizers, you can listen to podcasts and music with your own adjusted audio, enhancing your experience with the app.

5. Search Bar

The search bar makes it easier for the user to find any type of music or podcast, which is provided to premium users. All you have to do is enter the name of the song and tap on show results and all the songs with similar names will pop up. Also, check out SoundCloud MOD APK if you want to try more music.


6. Content Sharing By Spotify Premium

Spotify Apk allows you to share music and podcast content among other people like friends, and family, and on social media platforms. Not only this, but you can also share your Spotify profile with social media apps or any messaging app. All of this can be shared by either Spotify’s privately made code for it or by the profile links.

7. Blocks Advertisements

Constant interruptions of commercial-based advertisements while you are listening to music, always spoil the mood. With all the components of the premium version, blocking any sort of advertisement which might cause disturbance to your experience is also included, providing you with ad-free streaming.

8. Quality Of The Audio

Spotify’s free premium app has a big range of audio qualities which can be chosen by the users according to their preferences, while also keeping complete track of the user’s plan and device. It makes sure that the users’ likings are its first priority.


Is this version of the app available for IOS?

No, this specifically modified app can only be used on Android-based devices like smartphones and tablets.

Is the app safe for devices?

Yes, indeed this app is safe for your device because the original application is itself used to make this modified version, so you can be assured.

Is this app completely unlocked?

This app contains all the qualities and features of Spotify premium, so yes, it is completely unlocked and free.


With a world full of technologies and advancements, many such apps can be found out there, but only a few are able to provide you with the utmost perfection and best qualities, our app being a part of them. With the Spotify Mod Apk, you will be able to receive all the benefits of the world’s best music-streaming application for free, whereas Spotify charges almost $10 for a monthly premium plan. Moreover, you can download Smule MOD APK.

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