Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK 0.30.1153773 (High Damage & Unlimited Skills) 2022

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Full Name Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK
Genre Role-Playing
Size 60 MB
Latest Version 0.30.1153773
Features Unlimited Skills
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Ever heard of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK? Anybody who is into fantasy, science fiction, adventure, action, or space opera knows what an absolute cinematic treat Star Wars is for everyone. Star Wars is indeed a series of legendary movies which left multiple people inspired. It brought about new ideas and fantasies for so many out there. People who are aware and obsessed with the said movie often look forward to playing games associated with it.

Star War Galaxy Of Heroes is a game based on the movie itself in which you can fight your own battles, choose your enemies, explore lands and even own them. If you’re into action or fighting, this game is perfect for you. This version of this game provides you with all the unlocked features that you would find in the actual game, hence enhancing your gaming experience.


This is a role-playing game just like Marvel Strike Force MOD APK that is based around space, in which you can create your own dream team by selecting the characters from the Star Wars world itself, giving you the best virtual battling experience.

Star Wars

In this game, you can not only pick your own character that’ll fight for you but also the villain. Not only that, but it also offers you turn-based epic wars, strategic moves, and multiple squad tournaments that never fail to keep you engaged and involved in it. But, like every other successful game, SWGOH has numerous locked features that are needed to be unlocked as the player reaches higher levels. This also includes powerful characters like Admiral Piett, Ewok Scout, Ahsoka Tano, and others.

Moreover, you are given very limited credits which then stops you from making any sort of advancement in the abilities and character skills within your game. However, all of these locked features can be bought with actual money through the Play Store. To save you from all of this trouble, we are here to provide you with the SWGOH version which has all the premium qualities unlocked, be it anything, from the beginning of the game till the very end, free of any charge.


The above-mentioned game is all about battles and wars which is actually based on the Star Wars movie. The actual Galaxy Of Heroes is situated in a far-off corner of the Star Wars Galaxy, set in a cantina, where members of various species take part in holographic battles. The battles also contain a number of famous Star Wars characters that have been introduced throughout the history of SWG.

Players from around the world participate in this turn-based combat game where they collect, pick and choose their characters from both lighter and darker sides of the world that possess different powers and features, to help them move forward on the battlefield.

Star Wars MOD APK


In this game, every individual taking part in the game will have his own team. You will be given the opportunity to choose your villains and heroes as per your will. A Holotable will be present which will be used to insert the cards of your characters during the game and your villain or hero will emerge on your screen on the battlefield. The respective players can utilize up to five of the total characters, each being different from the others, having different abilities, qualities, and power. Multiple strategic moves can be made in order to obtain victory on the battleground.

Every player will have to complete the given task in the time allotted to him. He will also be provided with the choice of picking either the light or the dark side of the Galaxy. The main aim of the entire game of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes is to win against your opponent and gain control of the universe.

Star Wars APK MOD


Star Wars GOH has a lot of outstanding, phenomenal features like:

1. High-Quality Graphics

It is no secret to the gaming world that Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK games has amazing graphics and stunning visual effects which give off realistic vibes to their players, successfully enhancing their battlefield experience with the powerful and incredible superheroes.

2. Unlocked All Characters

This version of the game provides you with all the powerful characters like General Kenobi, Bastila Shan, Darth Traya, and so many others which are generally locked in the normal version of the game. With this version of the game, you can use all the strong contenders of the game without any sort of restriction or limitation by the game itself.

3. Experience Points

When you take part in squad tournaments, complete quests, get involved in varying events, participate in PvP battles or unlock any new character, you earn experience points in Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes. In this version, you are provided with unlimited experience points without having to go through all this hassle.

4. Free Of Charge Shopping

This version provides you with unlimited money that helps you get anything you desire from the shopping store that is inbuilt within the game. You can buy things like crystals, data cards, resources, or any other object of your wish with all the money present in your wallet.


Can PCs support this game? Can we play star wars galaxy of heroes on PC?

Any Android game or application which needs to be run on PCs without any kind of trouble can easily be supported by it if we install a free software known as BlueStacks. So yes, for sure this game can be played on PCs after installing the said software.

Can we play this game online?

Yes, you can definitely play this game online, with other people all over the world. You can either play along with others or compete with them as rivals, by challenging them with a strong team.

Which characters are the strongest?

There are many strong players within the Star Wars android Apk, some of them are:

  1. Grand Admiral Thrawn
  2. General Kenobi
  3. Hermit Yoda
  4. Grand Master Yoda


Indeed, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK is one of the greatest movies in the entire history of Hollywood, and anybody who isn’t aware of it is missing out on some epic parts of the world. People who are in love with these SW movies would also fall in love with Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes. This version of the game will prove to be the best of your choices which will eventually leave you addicted to it. For all Android users, this is clearly a treat for you. With all the free, unlocked premium features of the game, we sincerely hope you enjoy the virtual gaming experience.

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