State Of Survival MOD APK 1.17.20 – (Unlimited Everything) 2022

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Full Name State Of Survival Mod APK
Publisher State of Survival Mod APK
Genre Strategy
Size 141 MB
Latest Version 1.17.20
Mod Features MOD Menu & No Skill CD
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Survival is human nature, and we all are attracted to trying ways and ensuring we keep standing through all challenges. If you are looking for some survival fun and new tactics to learn, State of Survival Mod APK will be an excellent way to pass your free hours. Kings group Holdings developed the game and focused on strategy and planning to ensure that the player learns how to fight, accept challenges, and win big on their android phones during their free hours.

State Of Survival Hacked Storyline

The world is infested with a zombie disease, and while people are turning into scary zombies same as Unkilled MOD APK, they are on the lookout to make you suffer as well. How do you dodge them? What plan do you have in mind to beat the competition and become the winner? You can join the post-apocalypse virtual world and see what is in store for you!

State Of Survival APK

Survival in harsh living conditions and a fast-growing zombie population is the name of the game! You have to make sure you can get the right living tools and survive through this phase that has wiped out goodness and humanity from Earth. You have to collect food and supplies and simultaneously plan tactical moves to ensure a fruitless invasion.

Players will have to select weapons and beat the zombies until there are none left, and this will be the beginning of a world that you saved. The modified version will give you so many free options and unlocked features, which make the game more interesting!

State Of Survival Cheats Gameplay

Now here is a game that will keep you occupied for hours. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that it is engaging enough to make you feel like you can let go of a few other occupations to complete a challenge! The controls of this game are simple, and the State of Survival Mod menu is a variety of tools and options that add to the adventure. Now your strategy will save you from the enemies.

Whenever players start a new game, they think they need a tutorial or a walk-through so they can see what the game offers. The menu of this game is designed to reveal your ‘gifts’ and rewards as you play along so you will know what is in store and how you can improve the game for yourself! You have to be fast because these dead enemies are not slow! Gang up with other survivors, make teams, and hunt for food, supplies, and many other amenities! State of Survival is all about your will to succeed and become the champion of the living.

State Of Survival MOD

Features Of State Of Survival MOD Menu

Modified versions are good news for all gamers and strategists who like to plan their gameplay and make the most of it. The State of Survival has some exciting features that make it unique and adventurous.

1. Rebuilding For Yourself

State of Survival begins with the view of the neglected and damaged planet after the arrival of zombies much like Dead Target MOD APK, and you have to work your way around to find sustenance and improve your living. Watch out! If a zombie comes your way, the tools and resources will be your protection. Players will have to rebuild their habitat to ensure a safe place. You can select from any of the damaged buildings and turn them into your new home, which can protect you from the zombies out there.

Making weapons and finding the right equipment for zombie combat will keep you safe from evil and ensure your way into the next level.

2. Gather Your Teams

Survivors are all hiding here and there, avoiding the zombies, and they do not trust anyone else. You have to find the other survivors and make your army of men who can fight the enemies while using their everyday resources to become stronger. The weapons will improve faster, and everyone will be hunting for food and supplies for the team. Unity will become the leading factor in this survival game.

State Of Survival

3. Picking Weapons And Strength

As the game advances, players will become powerful, and the rewards will help build more strength against deadly enemies. The upgrades and research in the game will help you understand the power of zombies while working out ways to reduce your fight time and win the game.

4. Coolest Graphics

The graphics of any game decide a lot of things for the players. If the scenes are not attractive and convincing, you will end up looking for another android phone game soon! State of Survival Mod APK has excellent graphics, and it gives players an accurate picture of the post-apocalypse world. Enjoy the game and make the most of the features.

5. Unlimited Food, Weapons, And More!

The modified version of this game will make you a winner with better strategic planning capabilities. State of Survival Mod APK unlimited everything makes it fun, and the challenges are also more intense. You will enjoy every bit of the game due to this fantastic feature!


State of Survival is the coolest android adventure and strategy game such as State io MOD APK that will harness your skills while giving you a fun time. Download this game today and make the most of your free time. You will be winning the world with some fantastic features and the ability to beat zombies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is State of Survival a free download?

Yes, we offer free downloads of this version of State of Survival. You can enjoy many features and buy better weapons from the rewards in the game. Players do not have to spend real money on the game.

Can I play this game with friends?

Yes, you can gather forces from around the world and beat the zombies like a team! This multiplayer game is the entertainment that kept many friends in touch during the pandemic!

Is the State of Survival suitable for children?

We never advise younger players to play any game without supervision. The age rating is 12, but since there is no blood and the game promotes strategy, many parents believe their children can play this game.

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