Stick War Legacy MOD APK 2022.1.46 – (All Items Free Unlocked) 2023

Stick War

Full Name Stick War Legacy MOD APK
Publisher Max Games Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 112 MB
Latest Version 2022.1.46
Mod Features All Things Unlocked
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Stick War Legacy MOD APK is a new twist in the series of Stick Wars which has been successful in captivating players from all parts of the world. You can download this fantastic game here and within an instant, the world of the fantastic game is going to open up with all kinds of adventures. This game is unique and there are so many menu options and features that will make your entertainment hours a treat.

The action games available on android phones are different as they have a typical story and all these are similar. The edge that this game has over other games is that from the story, right down to all the exclusive features are so entertaining that players feel thrilled. Moreover, there are so many turns in the game that will make you want to continue playing more regularly. Also, download King Of Thieves MOD APK for more fun.

Stick War Legacy


The story is about a land called Inamorta, where different nations are fighting each other to become the dominant leader. Every nation has its unique weapons, technology, and fighting strategy to gain control over others. The winner gets the crown and in this endeavor, they are constantly sharpening their plans and ensuring that they are capable of beating their competitors.

This single-player strategy game is an enticing play of nerves and intelligence same as Emergency HQ MOD APK. Since players are against artificial intelligence, they have to constantly learn and improve themselves. The element of surprise will matter a lot in this game. Players will be in the same race to win the crown and if they can win, the rewards are big.

These rewards are the best way to improve the game, empower the characters and even get new kinds of characters. The weapons and characters in this game can be improved with each win. Moreover, the players can also engage in the tournament mode, which puts them up against the different AI warriors in the field. The more you polish your skills, the more your chance of winning will improve.


Stick War Legacy Hack APK is a great game as it is simple to control and the results are always going to be the full use of menu options through the easiest commands. There are no long and hard-to-remember control commands, and the touchscreen of your android phone will do all that you need. The graphics of this game are also quite fantastic and the players will feel that they are in the game. Sound effects are an added quality and add to the realistic graphics.

Stick War Legacy mod game has so many rewards and you can use all of them to improve your gameplay. Whenever you make a winning move, the rewards rush in and improve your capability to fight the enemy. If you select any character or nation army, the qualities and fighting styles will be unique and that is what makes this game a special one. Moreover, you may also love playing Rise Of Kingdoms MOD APK.

Stick War Legacy MOD


Stick War Legacy Mod APK offers an array of features that are not only going to be fun to use but will also be instrumental in winning. Check them out:

1. Stick War Legacy Mod Menu

So many menu options like added skins, weapons, and other tools will give players a sure shot against the enemies. You can use these menu options without any cost and they help you get ahead. Every day, when you have any free time, you will want to spend it playing this game only.

2. Unlimited Upgrades

The upgrades in this game are going to be a fantastic way to keep your focus. The character skins can be changed, and the more versatile and technological weapons can be bought. If you think you might have to save up the rewards for this, there is another surprise coming.

3. Unlimited Money

Unlimited money in the game is a bonus feature that opens up fast performance for players. You will be able to open new battlefields, fight against higher enemies and even keep the duration of the battle in control.

4. Unlimited Gems

The gems in the game will help upgrade weapons and improve character strength. The other national armies that were stronger will become beatable when players use these gems to enhance the fighting power and weapons of their character.

5. No Ads

There are no advertisements in this game so you can use all the premium features without any breaks due to forced pop-ups and long ads. When you begin the game, it will only give you complete gameplay without wasting any time on ads.

Stick War Legacy APK


The regular features of this game include:

1. Upgrading Characters

The upgrade of characters is a regular feature that includes spending rewards to change the skin, improve power and even add more strength to the character. You will enjoy this feature as the character can change according to how you want.

2. Improved Weapons

The weapons can be improved to suit the war style. Moreover, you can change the weapons when you have enough rewards to buy better ones. This feature promises constant wins.

3. Excellent Graphics

The graphics and sound effects of this game are excellent and will keep you engrossed. The real picture quality and the thrilling sounds of weapons and characters add to the entertainment.

4. Tournament Mode

This mode allows players to go against multiple enemies and each of them will be more vicious. The strategy that you apply will make you win the game. The single-player game can also be played in game mode against one enemy.

5. Achievements

The achievements in the game will help you upgrade the power of the character. This feature works like a medal that improves the ranking of the army. If there are more achievements in your game, your rank will improve and more vicious enemies will be fighting against you.


This game is a true entertainment pack because it has all kinds of rewards and each of them gives new kinds of upgrades and customizations. The characters, weapons and all the story turns are unique and not like the usual zombie or war games of the series. We picked this game for our collection because of the diverse story.

Moreover, there are so many exciting features that keep the players engrossed, and just when they think the story is revealed, another twist comes up and they keep playing to discover more. You will also enjoy this game if you install it on your phone soon. Also, check out the review about the State Of Survival MOD APK.


Stick War Legacy download is easy and you can do it within minutes by following a few short steps. The game requires you to open the phone settings to allow downloads from obscure sources. Then click on the Download tab on this page and within seconds the game will be yours. Add the APK file to the download so that you can use all the premium features and enjoy the game whenever you get free time.


Is this a paid game?

Players do not have to spend any money on buying weapons or upgrading the characters. The only currency you need is the rewards in the game.

What kind of characters are in the game?

The characters are Stickmen, and they are similar to the main characters in all the other games of the series. However, they behave differently in this game.

Are the enemies zombies?

Stick War has some zombie games but Stick War Legacy is not about zombies. This game has competitive nations and armies that fight to win the crown of Inamorta.


Stick War legacy Mod APK is an excellent game for all those who like to test their abilities. There are new kinds of weapons, characters, and enemies and all of them have the same mission. You can win against these enemies by using the exclusive features and menu options. Try this game today and you will be hooked. This game has a wide fan following and you can become a part of the community too.

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