Street Chaser MOD APK 5.0.5 – (Unlimited Keys & Coins) 2022

Street chasing might seem like child’s play, but it really isn’t that easy! Are you having doubts about the hype of this exciting new game? Then it is time for you to try out Street Chaser MOD APK! You will get to know how hard yet exciting it can be to be a part of a street race that you have to win!

Street Chaser is the best action and adventure game for android phones just like Super Mario Run MOD APK, especially if you are intrigued by running in the middle of heavy traffic and still beating the enemy like a true hero. Get ready for unlimited fun and rewards with the Street Chaser game download.

Full Name Street Chaser MOD APK
Publisher iGold Technologies
Genre Adventure
Size 88.5 MB
Latest Version 5.0.5
Mod Features Unlimited Keys & Coins
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Storyline Of Street Chaser Hack

The story of the game begins as a gang robbed your friend, and you become the savior and chase the robbers to catch them red-handed, retrieve the loot, and beat them in the way you like. You have to dodge hurdles just as Fun Run 3 MOD APK, make your way through obstacles, and slow the thieves by hurling bottles or other objects at them.

Street Chaser MOD

Now, some of you might wonder where the adventure is. It’s all here in the modified version, and you are in for some big surprises when you download it. You have to keep yourself safe from obstacles at speed, and the outcome of dodging each hurdle is receiving some money, which also has many uses.

You will leap, slide, twist, and still be running at a significant pace, and the thieves are not only running either! The enemies are constantly at play, trying to keep you engaged in dodging while increasing the gap between them and you. When you don’t want to chase robbers, there are other challenges like beating other players online while maintaining your pace, and you don’t know how much money the other road surfers, who know the road map as well as you do.

Gameplay Of Street Chaser Android APK

The controls of Street Chaser Mod APK are simple, and you need to juggle between the racing control and the controls to aim and throw objects at the robbers. The movement in your control is forward, and sideways-and it is all relatively smooth. You will not need any tutorials or practice time to get into the mode and begin the race.

Chase runner, kick balls, merchandise collection, and coin assortment are all part of the missions. When you play in multiplayer mode, you will acquire coins according to your maintained rank. The first winner will get the highest number of coins, and the runner-up will get the second highest, and so on.

The gameplay allows you to win and get rewards like the Wheelspin, cash, and free lives. The Mod APK will give you many hours of entertaining chases, and you will be able to retrieve your companion’s purse to win even bigger rewards!

Street Chaser APK

Features Of Street Chaser MOD APK

Every game has some features that distinguish it from others. However, Street Chaser is unique in its own way!

1. Cool Three-dimensional Graphics

The lifelike graphics of Street Chaser makes the game the most enjoyable. You will feel as if you are a part of the game, and every move is detailed, with a full view of the road, signs on the roadside, and every obstacle is thrown your way.

2. Swift Controls

The controls of this game are smooth, and you will not need to adjust your hands to move your character a slight degree to the sides. Many games have the left and proper controls, but a small slide of the control makes the avatar jump left or right, while you can’t adjust the movement. With Street Chaser, constant press means that the character keeps moving to the side. The second you stop pressing, the character stops moving.

3. Select Your Avatar

Do you want to be a sturdy big fellow, or do you want to be the svelte racer? Whichever preference you have, the avatar can look as you like, and that way, you feel more excited about the game.

Street Chaser

4. Energy Up!

When you beat any hurdle or make it closer to the robbers, you get more energy as a reward. The more energy you save, the next level will begin with more power. This energy transcends through the controls, making you an unbeatable player.

5. No Advertisements

Advertisements are the biggest problem when it comes to android games. But with Street Chaser Mod APK, there are no ads to disturb your game! Every challenge is uninterrupted, and the addictive missions only finish when you want.

6. Dozens Of Heroes

Heroes are the most vital selection in this game. When you log on to the game, you get a choice of heroes, and the one you pick will come with some features like speed, skills, and temperament. Some heroes will be faster, while some will be excellent at dodging hurdles. The one you pick will make it through the game using their top skills.

7. Unlimited Keys

Street Chaser gives you unlimited keys to make the chase easier for you. Now you can go through the hurdles with more ease, and there are hardly any other things to focus on, except catching the robbers and becoming the unbeatable hero!

8. Street Chaser Hacks

The modified version is unbelievable as you get Street Chaser hacks to beat the enemies while improving your gameplay. These hacks will give you tips and tricks to hit the hurdles and dodge all obstacles while collecting objects to throw at the robbers.


Street Chaser is not the usual racing game as it has numerous challenges, and you have to dodge all the obstacles and hurdles to chase the robbers and retrieve the bag. Download this game version on your android phones and play with other seasoned players from around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Street Chaser?

Street Chaser is an easy game to download, and as soon as you get the game, you can begin playing with unlimited money in your bank. You can buy objects, select heroes, and do a lot more in this version to become the number one chaser.

What Is The Story Of Street Chaser?

Street Chaser is about chasing robbers who stole from your friend. The game allows you to slow down the robbers by throwing things at them. Moreover, you have to dodge hurdles to reach the robbers!

If The Graphics Are So Good, Will The Game Work On My Phone?

Yes! The modified version of Street Chaser has lifelike graphics, but you can download it on your android phones easily. Try it today, and you will be entertained for hours!

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