Super Mario Run MOD APK 3.0.26 – (Full Game All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Super Mario Run MOD APK
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Genre Action
Size 85 MB
Latest Version 3.0.26
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Super Mario Run MOD APK is among some of the most popular games, starring the iconic characters; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and many more. Since the release of this game, millions of gamers have downloaded it all over the world and are enjoying the experience. It is a super addictive game where the characters are racing to gather the most gold coins in different dangerous and threatening surroundings. This Mario mod game can be your perfect partner to get rid of your boring phases and has tweaks to keep you engaged. So, if you have an Android device then you can enjoy its exciting features both offline and online with your friends.


Just like Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK, Super Mario runs full game apk is a heroic action-platformer where you get to play as different Mario characters. You have to move forward-facing all the harmful terrains to rescue the gorgeous Princess Peach. The Mario franchise has been one of the oldest, released by Nintendo in 1985 and considered among the classics. It has quite simple yet exciting gameplay, associated with some cute graphics and compelling background music. All of these aspects make the game stand out among some prominent games as the number of downloads speaks for its quality.

Super Mario Run APK


One thing that most people hate about platformers is the never-ending levels of the game. However, that’s not the case with Super Mario run mod apk. Due to its unique art style that has been transformed over the years, it’ll give the look of a modernized game in the series. The storyline begins when Mario agrees to come to Princess Peach’s castle at her invitation.

At the castle, he saw her being kidnapped by Bowser, resulting in the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom, promising to rescue the kingdom. The player manages Mario’s movement by tapping on the screen and if you want to make it jump higher then you have to tap faster. The goal throughout the game is to navigate our main characters safely through all the surroundings and reach the goal while gaining as many coins as you can.


Super Mario Run mod apk is a detailed game with exciting gameplay much like Among Us MOD APK. It is categorized into different levels, with six different worlds designated for twenty-four levels. Like most touch-screen platformers, you have to tap on the screen to make Mario sprint. There are different hindrances that make your journey difficult including blocks to reverse the jump, and letting it fall.

The most interesting feature you get to see in the Super Mario Run mod apk is that, unlike other Mario games, in some levels, you can jump across walls to turn down your enemies. Another pleasant difference within the game is that this game is designed to match touch screens like smartphones or tablets, with a vertical display.

Super Mario Run MOD

1. No Scrolling, Only Tapping

In this game, Mario’s walk or sprint is designed in a way that it will never stop running till he saves Princess Peach. This eliminates the need of scrolling again and again. You only have to guide him to jump when you see gold coins or you want to get past a wall.

2. Modes & Builders

There are four different modes enabled in the Super Mario Run apk including world tour, Remix 10, Toad Rally, and Kingdom builder. In Remix 10, there are ten simple and time-limited rounds that’ll help you gain gold coins while in Toad Rally mode, there will be a dramatic multiplayer race that you have to win by ditching the obstacles. You’ll see different surroundings like mystical castles, abandoned houses, green plains, and much more.

3. Different Characters To Play With

Super Mario Run doesn’t restrict you by letting you play with Mario only. Instead, you’ll have a diverse experience by playing with different characters. Other than Mario, the characters include Luigi, Toad, Toadett, and Princess Peach. However, there is a certain pattern to unlock them by winning different challenges throughout the game.

Super Mario Run


The game holds many exciting features that you don’t get to see in other Mario games. Those features include:

1. Unique Format & Graphics

Such as The Catapult 2 MOD APK most people consider the Super Mario Run mod apk as a never-ending runner, however, it isn’t like those types of games. Being developed in 2D format, it has special functionalities for playing the game at different angles.

2. Unlock New Characters

Thanks to the new advancement, you aren’t sufficient for Mario only. There will be a point, you get tired of playing with Mario. Super Mario Run mod apk is great in such cases with a feature to unlock new characters by winning different challenges.

3. High Difficulty Levels

When you start playing the game, you’ll find it quite easy. It is said that initial levels are kept simple for players to understand the functionality of the game. The more you play, the more difficult you’ll find it to be. As you go ahead, you’ll have to invest more time to conclude each level. At each level, you’ll have to collect five pink gold coins to increase your skill level, this will increase your ability to get through a level.


What genre holds the Super Mario Run mod apk?

Super Mario Run Mod apk is the action platform where you have to navigate Mario across many different worlds, in the quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach from Bowser.

Why isn’t Super Mario run cracked apk available on Google Play?

Almost every game and application present in Google play has to fulfill certain requirements which are governed by Google. However, the Super Mario Run mod apk doesn’t fall under those requirements as Google Play Store doesn’t support modified versions of any app. That’s why it is not available on Google Play.

Is the Super Mario Run mod apk free to play?

Yes, it is absolutely free to play, all you have to do is download the apk and install the game to enjoy the experience.

Does the Super Mario Run mod need an internet connection?

If you’re playing the game individually then you don’t need to have an internet connection, however, if you want to share your progress with your friends then you must have WiFi on your smartphone.


Super Mario Run has a prominent place in the franchise being graphically advanced with swift gameplay. If you love platformers then it should be the first one to try as it not only falls under the classics but also has engaging mechanics. With many new characters and various gaming modes, this is a go-to game with a detailed tour around the kingdom becoming its strongest pillar. Moreover, the game has introduced a new home for Mario, turning out to be a bigger platform than Nintendo. Also, check out Brawlhalla MOD APK.

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