Super Tank Rumble MOD APK 4.9.5 – (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

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Full Name Super Tank Rumble MOD APK
Publisher Smilegate Megaport
Genre Action
Size 72 MB
Latest Version 4.9.5
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Super Tank Rumble MOD APK is an excellent game for all those who like to have some fun in their free time. When you get to know all about the game, you can use the Download Here tab to get this game on your android phone. So without further ado, let’s get to know all about Super Tank hacked version. We know you will become a part of this game community without any delay.

About Super Tank Rumble MOD APK And The Marvelous Storyline

This game is phenomenal and there is no dry moment as you get to build your tank and then join the global battle where players from all over the world go against each other. You can use all kinds of parts to create a special tank and make it a Super Tank. The points that you win from making your unique machine, and then from winning against other tanks will allow you to improve the game further. Keep collecting points and keep upgrading, until you become the Super Tank Rumble best tank. Even when you do that there will be so many changes and improvements to make that will add to your tank’s worth.

As you go against other tanks in each round, new parts will be available for your tank. Just like Tank Hero MOD APK, you can build your machine using all the won parts, and the spectacle that is created will be a winner in the coming rounds. So make sure that you use all your creativity to converge different kinds of parts, and create a masterpiece.

Super Tank Rumble MOD

The Effective Yet Simple Gameplay Of Super Tank Rumble MOD APK

The gameplay of this casual pastime is simple, and it engages the navigation controls and the touchscreen to give you the experience to remember. Once you play the simple game, you will be hooked. The graphics are an added advantage because the clear picture makes players feel more engrossed, and as if they are in the scene. The sound effects are on point, and the best part is that each round comes with new kinds of effects.

The rounds you play add to the modernity of the tank, and there are not going to be any stops to it. The more you add to your wins, the more you can do for your tank. The Super Tank will rumble against all enemies and you will be able to win parts that will improve the performance. Once you get the tank to win against the others, the winnings will improve. Use all the menu options and features that you get from the start of the game.

MOD Features Add Excitement To Super Tank Rumble Hack

The hacked version of the game is not just another source to play, but it equips players with all the premium features. Here are a few of them:

1. No Ads

The regular game that you download from the Android Play Store comes with advertisements while this one has no ads at all. These ads can be a deterrent to victory because they break the momentum for players.

2. Unlimited Gold

This feature makes it easy for players to win against other players. This gold stash helps improve the tanks, and it also helps with extending time and getting other benefits from the game. So keep using the unlimited gold reserves and get closer to victory.

3. Unlimited Gems

The gems are a Super Tank Rumble Mod APK bonus feature as they help you get ahead of others. Use these gems to take advantage of upgrading the tank with superior parts. Every bit of this game is about creating better tanks and then using them against others. The winner gets even more rewards and parts to keep adding to their machines.

4. Get The Top Slot On The Leaderboard

You can become the leader on the leaderboard because of all these features and all of this is going to be more fun because you get a better standing in the next round. The leaderboard is in all games, but this one makes you come first. Have a look at the Tekken 7 APK, the best action game of all time.

Super Tank Rumble APK

Features Of Super Tank Rumble MOD APK

There are so many exciting things in this entertainment pack that you will want to keep playing. Check them out here:

1. Multiplayer Game

All multiplayer games are special, and there are going to be so many rounds where you will want to interact with the most challenging names on the leaderboard. Try to pick your opponents wisely and win even bigger rewards.

2. Grow A Winning Collection

Players can collect various tanks and build a fleet of winning masterpieces. When you select the opponents, you can use the one that you feel is most compatible. The winning tanks are going to be your way to becoming the Super Tank.

3. Assembling The Tanks

It is the player’s job to build the tank, and then there will be more parts available to you during the game. When there is a round going on, the tank parts are going to be for you to own so that you can make a powerful machine.

4. Great Graphics

The graphics make or break any game, and with the good quality of graphics in this game, it will be a treat for all players. Moreover, there are sound effects that make it even better. There are many other scenes that will make your interest peak and it will be hard to stop playing.

Super Tank Rumble Game

What We Liked About The Game ( Personal Experience )

There are so many exciting things to hear about this game so it was necessary to try it out. As soon as you open the game, the unlimited gold and gems make it easier to start building the tanks. The other exciting thing is the multiplayer feature. Moreover, there are some parts that will improve the performance of the tanks and make you win. This game teaches players to think better and use all the resources for their benefit.

Download Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

Players can download the game within short steps same as Sonic Mania APK. First of all, ensure that you uninstall any previous version and allow your phone to download from an unknown source. Click on the download tab here, and let the game install. You will have to download the APK file for the bonus features mentioned above. Enjoy this game all the way.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make in-game purchases?

Yes, you can purchase various parts of the tanks but these purchases will use the gold and gems that you win in the game.

How can I get all the premium features for free?

In this version of the game, there will be so many exciting features and all of them are free. You will not have to buy any of them as this version has them all for players from the first round.


Super Tank Rumble Mod APK is a challenging game as you need to upgrade the tanks after building them to perfection. These tanks fight against other tanks and you get to the top of the leaderboard to win big prizes.

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