Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK – (All Items Free Purchase) 2023

Talking Tom

Full Name Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Action
Size 119 MB
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Mod Features All Items Free
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If you are up for some free, and childish fun, here is an exciting game for you. Download Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK here for free and you get the bonus of so many exciting features. This game is not just about a cat, and the story comes in stages that will make you more and more interested. Soon, you will be playing this game every day.

Some games are about fights, and you have to stay alert if you want to win them. Other games can be about blood, weapons, and even more violence. If you want to take a break from war games, this one is a perfect retreat and will keep you entertained for hours. Also, check Among Us MOD APK.

Talking Tom Hero MOD APK


This game is about a cat called tom and his friends Talking Angela, Talking Ben and others. This league of talking animals will be against a gang of raccoons who are trying to rule the world but they won’t be able to. Defeat the gang and win rewards in the game. This will keep your team stronger, more resourceful, and more powerful. As your rewards build up, so will your chances of winning.

You will have to pick a character, make your plan and then begin attacking the raccoons who planned to take over the world. This game is all about simple battles, catching other animals, and then saving the earth by destroying them. You will surely enjoy this chase game more than all the mature rating games with high-definition graphics and CGI effects.


This Talking Tom game is different from the conventional one as there are missions in this. The characters Talking Tom, Angela and Ben are all famous because of the first games in the series. This game has equally easy controls and limited moves that will get you ahead of your friends very easily. This game is not multiplayer, but this running game will allow you to break your speed records, which will win big rewards.

The graphics and sound effects of this game are spectacular. While they are not among the CGI league, they are quite cute and detailed. The Talking Tom game is known to most of the players here, but are you ready to take the gameplay a little further? If yes, there is a little more you need to know about the game. Also, play Super Mario Run MOD APK which has amazing gameplay.

Talking Tom Hero Dash APK


The Mod features of this game are special for sure. Here is all you need to know about them:

1. Unlocked Characters

You get to select between Angela, Ben, and Tom in this game as all of them are available. In other versions of the game, there are going to be some changes as you will have to earn and unlock the characters.

2. All Locations Are Open

There are some interesting locations in the tom hero hack game such as tropical beaches, Chinese villages, temples and so much more. All these locations are open for APK players. You will not have to wait or hold back your wish to play in a particular location.

3. Unlocked Outfits

The customizations come for free. You can change the way all the talking animal heroes will look and feel differently. The way you want to play will be possible because you can dress up the characters the way you want.

4. More Raccoon Bosses

There are more evil raccoon bosses and they are not going to take it easy. The game gets exciting when you have to chase these fast raccoons and beat them with all your powers and a good plan that will get you ahead of them.

5. Ads Free

This game version is ad-free, which means that your chase will not be interrupted and you will not be lured into something different. Many famous games such as GTA, or Candy Crush are from an absolutely different genre, but they have ads. This game will not have any interruptions.

Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD


There are many regular features of the original game version. You ought to know a little about all of them:

1. Excellent Graphics

The graphics of this game are special because you get to enjoy the three-dimensional scenes. The visuals are great and you will enjoy each of them because of the sound effects and picture quality.

2. Creative Missions

The missions in the game are going to be exciting, and you will like the way that each one unfolds. Some rounds require speed while others require you to think smartly, but they all are going to be exciting and unique.

3. Rebuild Locations

Players also have the duty of rebuilding the places that raccoons have destroyed. The strong team of talking animals can rebuild the broken cities and ensure that the raccoons are unsuccessful in bringing it all down.

4. Character Abilities

The characters have different kinds of abilities and you can use all of them when you decide to play as any one of them. These qualities can help you chase raccoons and stop them from taking over the world.

5. Challenging Missions

The challenges you have to complete in the game are special and there are going to be different things happening in the game. You will not feel that all the rounds are the same, and that makes it special.


We liked Tom Hero Cheat game because it is light, and everyone can play it. You can win missions, and gather more rewards, but this version gives you a lot more rewards for free, which gives you a lead. We selected this game from the Talking Tom series because it is entertaining while it also exercising your thinking skills.

Tom Hero Dash Mod APK has so many exciting features that will make the regular players become more interested in completing each level to move on to the next one. We loved playing the different characters and using their abilities to take up the different challenges. You will surely like it too. Also, check our review of The Catapult 2 MOD APK.


You can download this game with a single click here. Instead of downloading the Tom Hero Dash Mod APK from apkmody,,, kingmodapk, androidp1, APKmonk, APKpure, techbigs, and APKmirror, download the latest and safest version of the app from our website. You will only need to keep your privacy settings open and click on Download. As the file is completely downloaded, you only have to install the APK file. This will open up the premium features for you.


Will this game make my phone slower?

No, the compressed file will not take up a lot of space and hinder other apps on your phone. This game is all about talking animals and the good cause of saving the world. It does not have an extensive memory requirement.

What kind of characters are in the game?

Talking Tom and all his friends from the Talking Tom game series are available in the game. You can play any of these characters and use their powers.

Can I play Talking Tom and this game on the same phone?

Yes, these games are separate and you can download both of them simultaneously. Each of them does not interfere with the other.


Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod APK is a fantastic game for all those who like to play battle games, but with a twist. There is no violence as the talking animals chase raccoons and drive them out of the planet. This game is exciting because it comes with a lot of features from the regular version, and also from the Mod version. Another big advantage is that the download takes only a minute. Moreover, you can also play Brawlhalla MOD APK.

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