Tekken 7 APK For Android – (Download Mobile Version ) 2022

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Full Name Tekken 7 APK
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 36.2 MB
Latest Version 1.5
Features All Character Available
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If you want to let out some steam and enjoy it, download Tekken 7 APK for some adrenaline rush, some adventure of the physical powers, and also some healthy pastime instead of engaging in social formalities or meeting people you do not even like. Tekken 7 download for android can be your perfect way to pass the time while putting your mind to use in improving fighting styles.  The APK version is for your phone and you can enjoy Tekken 7 mobile game with ease. The game is designed for PC and game consoles, but now you can fight enemies and win bigger rewards with this version on your phone.


Tekken was released many years ago for PC and arcade gamers. However, this game had become so popular that a version for android phone devices became a need almost. When you are bored, and there is not much to do, this game mesmerizes you in new ways every time. You can enjoy it during breaks at school, or in the office and every time you win, the feeling of joy will double because of the thousands of features of the game.

Tekken 7 Mod

The storyline of Tekken 7 plays around combat fighters much like Mortal Kombat X MOD APK, each with its distinct features such as strength, stamina, and play options. However, you can enjoy one on one combat, or team combat to put your skills to use, and make your character win with tactics and talent.


Tekken 7 APK is a simple, yet exciting game to play. When you feel that you need to vent some energy, begin playing this game each combat will require planning, and technique and the simple controls are a great help because your attention will remain on the game rather than the controls. Once you have everything planned, the battle will be in your favor.

The APK version gives you not only the best combat game on android phones but has numerous other features that are not present in the regular game versions. Check out all that you can enjoy with this android game.


The various features of Tekken 7 APK that make it a special download for all players are listed here. We know that you will find each of them to be a bonus, and soon you will become a part of the global following that this game enjoys.

1. Easy Controls

As mentioned earlier, this game has some of the smoothest controls that are so easy to manage that you will not have to look away from the characters in combat just like Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. You can use some fast moves with easy commands and drop amazing techniques without too many control maneuvers. Once you become a regular player, it becomes even simpler.

Tekken 7 Game

2. Character Options

The characters that come with Tekken 7 games download are equipped with various qualities and a superb set of skills. Whichever character you loved in Tekken 5, is now a part of this version. You can select any of the favorites and begin combat. Moreover, some discontinued characters that are no longer a part of the console game are available in this version.

Tekken 7 APK is the way to meet all of them again, and fight them with a new set of skills and more energy. Brian Fury, King, Leo, and Panda are back in the game along with many others.

3. New Battles And Moves

The best part about any game is how innovative and new it becomes when you use the Rage Arts, Power Crushes, or even Rage Drives. If you use these techniques according to the need of the game, you will never lose. Moreover, the winnings from each battle will help you accumulate even more. When you begin the game, there will be some rewards waiting for you. However, as soon as you start playing each combat, there are unlimited benefits of this android version.

Tekken 7

4. Offline Practice

When you do not have the time to engage in real combat, or if you do not have network connectivity, why not try the practice mode offline? It is a great way to pass your free time and also engage in some rounds only to improve your skill.

5. Online Combats

Each fight can be played online with other players and with the Artificial Intelligence feature of the game. While you play, you not only win big with each strike but also can make changes and customize your characters and game with the winnings. The Tekken 7 game free download for mobile will give you some extra rewards, and your characters and their skills can be enhanced with these rewards.

6. Excellent Graphics

Every mobile and console game banks on the quality of graphics and the Tekken 7 mobile game has some amazing graphics with a three-dimensional view and excellent sound. Each blow and every technique comes with more thrill because of the life-like graphics.


We liked Tekken 7 because it is a multiplayer game which is an ideal way to spend time with friends. Since the pandemic, all of us know that we cannot be with our favorite company to enjoy every video game. The multiplayer feature makes it more interesting and fun.

Another reason to like this game is the wide variety of characters that are not in the previous versions of the series. The graphics are realistic and the sound effects are also amazing. All in all, we selected this game because it is a great way to pass time and feel entertained.


Is Tekken 7 a free game?

This Tekken 7 apk version for android phones is not only free to download but also has zero spending on the game. You will get many free rewards that can help you customize characters and scenes. However, you will not have to spend any money.

Will I be able to enjoy the classic characters in the old Tekken game?

Yes, there are numerous returning characters in this latest version. You can enjoy the greatest characters such as King, Leo, Lars, Kuma, Jack 7, and Marshall Law. All these characters have special powers and skills that can make your gameplay much more exciting.


Tekken 7 APK is an excellent download for all those who like to play adventurous combat games. You will enjoy the excellent features and simple gameplay. Every time you have some free hours, Tekken 7 will become your favorite companion.

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