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The data we receive is our property as the content of the website, however, we do not claim the information until,

  • Users register to the website
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  • The data we collect from users who use the app
  • Includes information on the location, IP address, and device type
  • Computer’s browser version, Internet service provider, and even the device brand and ID
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  • Observe the genre most-liked
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  • Cookies and Web Beacons

Our website responsibly uses cookies to access the information of users. In case a user clicks on Accept All Cookies, we can receive their information and use it to further improve our services for them. If you do not accept all cookies, we will not receive any personal information like location, and device status, however, you will not be able to access all parts of the website.

Web beacons and cookies remain the main source of data collection, but analytics is also one of our primary methods. Analytics is a third-party data collection, but this does not get access to member or visitor information itself, except that it is a means of relaying the information to us.

Children’s information and online privacy policy remain intact and we do not share the data or store it for future analysis of the website at any point.

We provide our visitors with the right to conceal their information and do not feel liable to share any part of the website with selected visitors. We shall not transfer data, use it for any other purpose than the improvement of the website, and reveal names or device setups to a third party.

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