The Catapult 2 MOD APK 7.1.1 – (Free Download For Android) 2023

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Full Name The Catapult 2 MOD APK
Publisher BYV
Genre Action
Size 240 MB
Latest Version 7.1.1
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Download The Catapult 2 MOD APK if you are interested in playing a military arcade game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This game is a sequel to the Catapult game in which the last hero standing saves the tower and defends the whole place like he is the only thing separating defeat and victory. This game will keep you entertained and you will keep discovering all kinds of tools that add to the thrill.

Now you can take control of the catapult and defend the tower from the enemies much like Super Mario Run MOD APK. Just when you think the game is known to you, a new surprise comes along to change your mind. The catapults get better and everything else becomes more fun and the game can take you away from the thoughts of the day! Try it out after reading all about the game.

The Catapult 2


The story has almost 200 rounds and each of them develops around the Stickman hero defending the tower, using military troops, cannons, and all kinds of ammunition. The catapult is the hero’s hand weapon and whichever direction the enemy comes in from, you can use this and other weapons to shoot them. The Stickman has to decide the direction and power of the shot to ensure that his enemy goes down.

The Catapult 2 Game

As you beat the enemy, there are some big rewards waiting for you. The Catapult 2 Mod APK is a good game with lots of unexpected turns and you will be enjoying every step the same as you enjoy in Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK. Your defense gets better and there are so many features that add to the way you handle the enemy and let the game progress.

The material of every defense system from your enemies will require a different strategy and there has to be some kind of shuffling of the weapons to make the material break. The players have to remember to use all the weapons that they use, and there are not going to be easy! The challenges will be more serious and the military will have to pick up!


The gameplay is so simple that even a child can play it! The navigation tools are easy and you will only need the direction tabs to make your android phone a gaming console. The graphics of the game are excellent and you will be surprised at how amazing everything looks on the phone. The unlimited feature modifications of this version make everything in this version so cool!

While defending your citadel, you have to employ all the menu options and you will need to understand which weapon to use in different situations. This game is not for people who cannot keep up with the increasing pressure of shooting multiple enemy vehicles and breaking away from their defense system.

The game has various modes and you can play it with or without the Internet. When you want to just practice, or if you are not getting any Internet, there will be enough entertainment for you through the offline mode. You can communicate with other players by seeing their progress boards and comparing performance.

The Catapult 2 MOD


This game has many interesting features that are an improvement over other versions. Here is a detail of them all, and you will want to download it as soon as possible:

1. Unlimited Coins

The unlimited coins feature adds all the spice to the game. You can make upgrades with these coins, and the more you decide to use them, the higher your gameplay! The weapons will be stronger and more capable of shooting the enemies away for good. As you win each level, the coins and rewards will keep you ahead of the enemy and you will be able to defend the towers without any difficulty.

2. Unlocked Weapons

The weapons and power with which you shoot also increase by simply spending the unlimited money that you get in the game! There will be no waiting and struggling till you get a new weapon or an upgraded catapult. This game is exciting because players will get to enjoy the full glory of defending the tower.

3. Free Download

The free download and no real money purchases in the game make it an attractive pick for people who want to play the game free of cost! And when we say some people, it automatically means everyone. Have a look at the modded features of Among Us MOD APK as well.

The Catapult 2 APK


The Catapult 2 hack version has some of the features that are in all other versions of the game, and they are as interesting as the mod features.

1. Excellent Graphics

The graphics are excellent and the sound effects are also great! Players like this game because it looks good and they feel a part of it. If you have not played the game before, you are in for a surprise because these graphics will make you feel more engrossed!

2. No Ads

The Catapult 2 does not have any ads or interruptions so when you are attacking the enemy, you get to do just that! No pop-ups and no silly ads to break your momentum.

3. Level Rewards

There are 180 levels and each one will give you a lot of rewards to upgrade, customize and make your tower safer from enemies.


Here is a simple way of downloading the game:

  • Click on Download Here.
  • Change the phone settings to allow the download.
  • Create a shortcut and sign up to create a profile.
  • Enjoy the fantastic game.


Is this game free?

Yes! The download and all in-game purchases are free and you will not need to use real money at any point.

Can I download this game if I have another version on my phone?

No, this game will not work this way! You have to uninstall any older version of the game downloaded from the Play Store.


The Catapult 2 Mod APK is an excellent action game that allows users to enjoy their free time with a brilliant military simulation game in which the player has to defend. The gameplay is easy and simple, plus the story is very enticing. There are numerous features that make this game so much fun. Try the game now and have fun. Also, check out Brawlhalla MOD APK.

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