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Full Name The You Testament MOD APK
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Latest Version 1.09
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Games that teach you something as you play are refreshing, and if you want to learn religious history in a secular way, download The You Testament MOD APK. This game is unique and it has the capability to keep you captivated. No matter how much you learn there is always something that you miss! However, if it is done in an interesting way, you will always go by the game to recall the events.

There are some games that are informative and related to history, but they are boring and can be a drag, especially if there are different levels or too many long stories. This one is a great companion as your android phone will become your resource through entertainment.

The Script Of The You Testament: 2D Coming

The You Testament is an interpretation of the Gospel, and you get to live through it and visit the same sites and get to see what the Prophet and his followers experience. There is never a dull moment in the game as you get to explore and be a part of the 30 sites that have religious importance.

The You Testament MOD

Just like Hay Day MOD APK, this game is also loved by all because it does not have any fights but there are rounds in which you have to steer clear of the devil and stay on the righteous path. This game will make you win rounds if you pass and get rewards. The rewards will earn you respect on the basis of morality and your future rounds will be even more challenging to see where you break.

The story of this game is different from all racing games, but as it teaches you, there are going to be some rounds where you will be fighting for the right path, or you will try to improve speed to cross a path where evil strengths try to take over. There can be attacks in the game, and then there are numerous kinds of throws or catches that you must not miss. Every round has a different vice and the more steadfast you remain, the more fun it will be! Moreover, you get to relive history so you know what lies ahead if you take a particular path.

The Gameplay Of All Rounds

There are so many things about The You Testament that will surprise players. Simple gameplay is one of them. The controls are simple navigation and as you get two paths you can click on the screen to select the right path. The more time you spend in the game, the more you learn and then are able to perform. Unlike other games, the rewards and money in this game are not for buying new materials or sharpening your weaponry, the rewards help you explore more and carry out the teachings of the Prophet in different ways.

This game is refreshing more like Getting Over It MOD APK because it makes players feel good about themselves. They may have played the round to win rewards, but they take along a lesson as well. You will enjoy the excellent graphics and sound effects that are good enough to give you goosebumps. The good thing about the game is that there are so many historical facts and the story mode between levels will also be an informative piece that will revitalize your beliefs.

The You Testament APK

The You Testament MOD Features Make History Interesting

This game is probably the only one in which players get to relive history. With the premium features, this will become more engaging. Try and make the most of your time here with these features:

1. Unlocked Levels

The unlocked levels of You Testament Mod APK are an exquisite feature as players can relive the time and site that appeals to them the most. We all have some favorite incidents of stories from the Gospels. The ones in this game will be present from the first level.

2. Unlimited Menu Options

The unlimited menu options include a story mode and level shuffles. Moreover, you can decide which area or site to explore. If a round is about fighting evil, another one will be about something as simple as being an obedient citizen.

3. Ads Free

This game has no ads and pop-ups or surveys to interrupt players same as Board Kings MOD APK. The interactive simulation game can be played without any interruption and the players know that the step afterward will be much better!

The You Testament

The You Testament MOD APK Regular Features

The You Testament has various features that make it a unique game. Here are some things about the game that you will not get in other games.

1. Graphics

The graphics are an important part of the game and you will realize this as soon as you log on to the game. The sound effects will always be a good thing because they add a religious spirit.

2. For Non-Religious People

The game is designed to suit all players, which means that secular gameplay exists. You do not have to be a staunch believer to enjoy religious history!

3. Free Game

There are no donations or charities involved! What we mean is that there will be no need to spend money on the game and once you get the free download from our page, you will be playing the game free till the end.

The You Testament Game

Download The You Testament MOD APK Now!

Players can download this game by following the easy steps here:

  • Click on Download Now,
  • Install the game from an unknown source by accepting downloads
  • Install the APK file
  • Create a shortcut to the game
  • Begin playing an important part in history!

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a religious game is this?

This game is not religious as it only reflects upon the time of the Prophet and takes players to the sites that have religious importance. Your role in the game will be of a player trying to find a path in those times.

How will I earn points in the game?

By staying on the right path, you will earn points. However, these points will not help you get any material goods, they will only help you unlock, change rounds, or spend more time in each fight or exploration level.


You Testament Mod APK is an exciting, and informative casual game that allows players to know more about their beliefs and follow the footsteps of piety on 30 different sites. The gameplay is simple and there are many premium features that add to this game. Every small battle, fight, exploration, and travel is for a reason and you will love them all.

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