TikTok++ APK 26.3 – (Android MOD Version) Download 2022

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Full Name TikTok ++ APK
Publisher TikTok Pte. Ltd.
Genre Social
Size 128 MB
Latest Version 26.3
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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TikTok ++ APK is a short video-watching platform that gives viewers an easy interface to subscribe to and follow various users and get a live feed from all over the world. Downloading this app can open a new world of entertainment. People from around the world seek free entertainment but due to various kinds of blockages, restrictions, and subscription costs, many people do not want to download apps like TikTok and that is where the TikTok ++ APK comes in and provides entertainment to all! Get to know more about this app and you will want to try it out today.

About TikTok Plus APK

TikTok++ is an excellent app that allows users to create videos and upload them to a platform where it is available for viewing to all much like Snapchat MOD APK. Moreover, users can subscribe to, or follow various users to see updates from them. You will enjoy the daily feed of new videos that can range from a plethora of themes such as cooking, designing, interior decoration, music, acting, or simple fun, and humorous content.

When you download the TikTok++ apk, there are various ways that it can help you as well! |Currently there are billions of users worldwide and this modified version is a huge success as many users shift to this version only to avail of the numerous features and benefits that are only available on this. TikTok plus is a new app but it has become so popular so fast that you will have to join it to see what it offers!


Uses Of TikTok APK Download

The APK version of TikTok can be an excellent way for people to reach out to a global audience. If you are an upcoming chef who wants to share achievements and new recipes with people all over the world, TikTok++ is an excellent pick for you.

Similarly, teachers and educationists can use this app to spread knowledge and gain real-life students who get their early concepts from the videos they watch. Moreover, there can be makeup artists, any skilled practitioners who can spread their talent and art with the help of this app.

Just like Bigo Live MOD APK, another integral use of this app is entertainment. You can dub, add songs, and use all kinds of video effects and colors to create entertaining content for people from any place and any culture. This app is an excellent way to reach out to a global audience and you get to learn a few things in return!

Features Of TikTok++ Android 2022

Usually, any app that is launched offers some features for all, and then there are some premium features locked for only paid customers or users. TikTok APK download will offer you the following pleasant features!

1. No Ads

We all need them but we also despise them! The interruptions of ads are not a problem when you download this version of the TikTok++ apk. There will be no advertisements in the middle of videos so you can watch your favorite celebrity or talk show or any content without any forced breaks.


2. Short Clips

You can create short clips of 15 seconds with background music or dubbing, and upload them within minutes. TikTok++ is fast and the short clips are the best way to create a portfolio of videos that will remain on the app for viewers from anywhere in the world.

3. Hide Menu

Isn’t it annoying when there are the play, pause, fast forward, and other tabs visible on top of the video? TikTok++ apk allows users to hide the menu tabs and enjoy the full screen. This android app will make your hone a mini TV that shows the full picture!


You can access private comments on videos and if you want to post a comment, you can do so while using only 90 characters. This is enough to write three sentences. When you have access to all the comments, you feel included and can give your opinion according to the discussion in the comments.

5. Live Streams

TikTok download APK will give you the facility to go live for 24 hours, and if you have a bigger purpose, you may even go live for a week! This lengthy live streaming is only available with the modified version. Once you are done with the streaming, it can remain on your portfolio forever and does not expire as it does on numerous social media websites.

6. Subscriptions

You can get subscribers on TikTok++ and there will be no regional restrictions or area-wise search results. Anyone from around the world can follow you and you can do the same. These subscriptions determine what you get to see on the homepage. The first glance will be updated from the TikTokers you follow.


TikTok++ APK is an interactive app that allows video uploading and watching from subscribers all over the world. You can create your account and add videos, while simultaneously enjoying content from other users. The phenomenal features of the modified version open up a whole new world of entertainment and opportunities to reach out and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TikTok++ apk banned in the United States?

No! You can use this app on your android phone wherever you go. There is no ban on the modified version and it works everywhere.

Will I be able to upload videos on TikTok++?

Of course, you can upload videos on this app. You have to sign up and create an account and then you get a space where you can post videos of all kinds.

Will I have to pay if I subscribe to other celebrities and personalities?

There is no payment and no subscription fee for TikTok++ and you can enjoy all the features for free for as long as you like.

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