Time Princess MOD APK 2.0.4 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Time Princess MOD APK
Publisher IGG.COM
Genre Simulation
Size 66 MB
Latest Version 2.0.4
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Time Princess MOD APK is a unique game. There is no fighting, war crime, or any kind of racing, yet, this game is mesmerizing in many ways. First of all, you will get to enjoy the numerous features that are in this mod version only! Moreover, you will be able to create stories and that means that your creativity has no boundaries and you can go on as you want.

With all kinds of games, we want to emerge into something new and interesting. Time Princess gives you all kinds of entertaining opportunities to explore all kinds of avenues, and embark on imaginary travels or fight the demons! In the gaming world, everything is possible. Explore this game’s features and story and you will download it right away to enjoy the fantastic game.

What’s The Story?

The story of this game revolves around a princess who goes to her grandparent’s house to spend the summer vacation and lives in her mother’s old room. She finds a beautiful library that has a large collection of books. The princess pulls out a book every day and so the story begins. You can help the girl clean up, arrange books, and even explore the library with her. Whatever story you choose to immerse in will be the reward, and here’s the best part you get to participate in it too!

Time Princess MOD

Another interesting thing about the stories is that they are about past events, and teach you various life hacks too just like Choices MOD APK. You can expand your knowledge with the facts and happenings that changed the world a long time ago. As you earn rewards from cleaning and helping, you can use them to create new chapters in the stories. Now you will be like the writer of a phenomenal story that involves kings of the past and a wonderful ending as your imagination decides.

Time Princess Cheats Gameplay

The navigation keys for the game will be to clean, clear, organize and select books. Moreover, this game will progress as you decide on the next turn in the chapters. Moreover, each step is simple as you get choices in the game. The selection of every step will be easy and whatever choices you make at the start of the game will develop into something fantastic.

The graphics and sound of the game are on point, but what adds to the gameplay is the simple interface, with a riveting story every time. The way you use your imagination will make all the difference. Apart from the navigation controls, you get a menu that helps choose looks, décor, and much more.

Features Of Time Princess MOD APK

Just like Project QT MOD APK, Time Princess Mod APK is unique because of all the features that it has. The game’s storyline is a diverse and different one but what makes it more enjoyable is the features that we have shared below. Once you begin playing, all these features make the game more exciting. Check out what is in store for you!

1. Making The Character

Players can choose if they want a youthful, or an older princess. Moreover, you can select the physical features of this character. As a result, the main person in the story will look like you want her to look.

Time Princess APK

2. Customize The Game

You can customize the game by changing the décor, and the character’s outlook. The colors, ambiance, and even the dressing are all in your control and all you need to do is select these changes from the menu.

3. Creative Stories

The stories in the game are related to kingdoms, past lives, historical events and so many other factual incidents that will add to your knowledge and exercise your creativity to give them a new twist.

4. Unlimited Money

The mod version of Time Princess has the most amazing features and the one that we adore is the unlimited money that you get at the beginning of the game. This helps you make all the customizations, and even change the way everything looks in the game. Players can enjoy the game more when they have money to spend and make the game closer to how they like it.

5. Decisions Are Important

This game is based on your choices. Whatever you select now will manifest into a fantastic story and you will have to make the changes according to your decisions. As you decide, the story unfolds.

6. Time Princess Cheats

The cheats in the game will help you cook up more creative stories, better use of menu options, and a smoother storyline. These cheats are like secret codes and combinations of commands that will make the story more thrilling!

Time Princess

7. Activities In The Game

The princess can have so much fun in all the stories. You can create an ending according to your desire. It can be a love story in the time of war, or it can be a violent end to a love story! Whatever you choose can happen!

Download MOD APK

How To Download Time Princess MOD APK?

This game can be downloaded to any android phone by following the steps here:

  • Click on Download,
  • Allow the game to use the phone memory and sound,
  • You will have to change the settings to allow the game to install,
  • Create an icon for the game,
  • Play now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Time Princess a girls’ game?

No, anyone can play this game and it is not for girls only. The main character is a princess, but you can customize this character and change the ambiance of the game to make it fun for you.

Can I read books in this game?

No, this game is about a library but the books are not to be read. The character creates stories from these books and you get to make changes to them to create new chapters.


Time Princess Mod APK is an exciting and unique game about a princess that finds new stories in an old library. The story is exciting and the gameplay is easy. There are so many features that make this game special for all. You can download it easily and begin playing. Also, check out What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK.

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