Toomics MOD APK 1.5.3 – (Free Subscription) 2023

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Full Name Toomics MOD APK
Publisher Toomics Global
Genre Comics
Size 21.3 MB
Latest Version 1.5.3
Mod Features VIP Subscription
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Certainly, reading comics can never become old school. Luckily, Toomics MOD APK is the ultimate online comic store for comic readers. Comic authors are found all over the world, however, Japanese and Korean Mangas are believed to be the best of them all and therefore have a separate fanbase.

Comic addicts enjoy the artistic characters, art, and unique plots. Unfortunately, hard copies of Mangas are not easily found in various countries, and many readers have a tough time finding them. The large Japanese and Korean comic collection includes comics of every genre for users. The complete collection of daily, weekly, and most popular comics is protected by copyright law.

Sign up for the subscription and follow your favorite webtoon. Toomics Global has all authentic comics in store for you.


Toomics mod apk family safe off provides a complete series of Korean and Japanese webtoons or Manga that are updated episode by episode regularly. Readers can read drama, suspense, romance, action, horror, and comedy comics from the app or the web.

However, users need to sign up for an account and pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee to read the full comics same as Webtoon MOD APK. Since only the first episode of a webtoon can be read for free on Toomics. Nonetheless, users can download our mod version to get their hands on every webtoon on Toomics for free. Read the complete article to know more about the features of our Toomics mod apk.


Mangas are Japanese comics, many of these are turned into anime shows and big hit movies. Surprisingly, these Mangas or Korean and Japanese content have a genre of their own. These one-of-a-kind top-quality stories are unique in storylines and arts.

Readers inspired by the unique sketches, designs, and beautiful demonstration of pictorials are attracted to the comics from all parts of the world, thus giving the content a global reach. Hence, Toomics, an online comic reading station allows readers to create an account and enjoy the free trial and read the first episodes for free. Then, sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, and enjoy regular episodes of their favorite webtoon.

Stay updated with the latest episodes and personalize your comic feeds with a variety of titles and your favorite genres of comics. Moreover, you can also download Webnovel MOD APK for more fun.

Toomics MOD


Finally, here are the amazing hacks and advantages of the Toomics hacked apk for mod users.

1. Free Premium Subscription

Unlike the original toomics app, our Toomics unlocked gives its users free access to the premium subscription. No need to pay any subscription fee for any month. Avail of the mod and read comics for free with an unlocked premium version.

2. Unlimited Everything

Furthermore, the mod allows users to read unlimited comics. Browse through the huge comic store and choose from the hundreds of titles in the app. You can read as much as you want without any prompt messages from the app.

3. Ad-Free Screen

Best of all, readers will get an ad-free viewership! Yes, you read it right. Our mod is free of annoying advertisements. You can read your regular episodes without any pop-up ads throughout.


Here is a list of amazing features that make Toomics the best online reading platform for Korean and Japanese content.

1. Diverse Content

Toomics has all your favorite webtoons series under one roof. The content is amazingly diverse. You will find hundreds of titles categorized into distinct genres. In addition, most of the titles or series are legally copyrighted by the publishers and a majority are owned by Toomics.

You will find webtoons written by famous authors and explore famous comics in the app. Read the popular ones and feel free to read new and rising stories. The large comic store has hundreds of stories in every genre, namely drama, romance, thriller, BL, horror, young adults, comedy, and many more. The crux of this feature is that every content is updated regularly, hence making room for new episodes and also new comic titles.

2. User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the app is beautifully clean, new users can easily work their way through the homepage. It has tabs at the top for home, rankings, weekly, genres, and other accessible options. The user’s screen displays the main features of the app for quick access.

In addition, the rest of the page shows categories of the titles with a detailed poster of the comic. The posters or the thumbnail depict the characters and artistic designs and help the readers to choose their comic of interest. Furthermore, a brief introduction of the story, the author, and the release date are also mentioned for a quick view.

Toomics APK

3. Personalized Account

Readers can select their priorities and mark their favorite titles. Your favorite title selection and your reading history will help the app to recommend your comics of interest of similar genres or your most-read author on your home page. Hence, the homepage will be personalized and readers will not have to spend time browsing through the hundreds of webtoon series in various categories of genres. You may also choose to customize your account as per your priorities.

4. Multiple Devices Log In

The developers of Toomics have facilitated comic addicts with the convenient feature of multiple device login. Readers can remember their credentials and then later log in from other devices to continue their comics. Hence, users can log in to the app on their smartphones, tablet, and laptop. Not only this, you will continue your episode from your earlier saved bookmark on any device. And, also save a new bookmark when you have finished reading on the new device.

5. Monthly Subscription

To begin with, readers can make an account for free on Toomics. The app allows you to read the first trial episodes for free. Readers can examine the quality and authenticity of the original unedited content and also, explore the great variety of tales of different tastes.

Then, after the trial period is over, users can buy the monthly subscription at very economical rates. This will give access to the premium account. The premium account allows users to read unlimited webtoons and Mangas on Toomics. You can read new and old or popular and classic comics endlessly.

6. Family Safe

This app comes with an option of family safe, where you may add your family members and make sure that the content is according to their age. You can reset the age group there so that every person gets the filtered content according to his age.

7. Multiple Language

Toomics supports many languages in its app which include English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and many more. It means you can easily select your language so that you enjoy the content without any trouble.


Is the Mod safe?

Yes, our Toomics mod apk is 100% safe and is free of lags, technical issues, viruses, and bugs. Tap on the link on our site for an authentic and reliable mod.

Is the hack version free?

Yes, this hack version of Toomics app is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Is this available for iOS?

No, unfortunately, our mod is only for Android devices. However, the original Toomics can be used on both iOS and Android devices as well as on the web.

Can we read comics offline?

Yes, you can save the episodes for offline reading. But the saved content is temporary.

Is the Adult Content censored in Toomics?

Yes, the adult content is completely censored in the app and the censorship cannot be deactivated. In addition, there is a Family safe button that filters all the comics and removes all the adult content from your suggestions. However, if you are an adult, you need to verify your age, turn off the family safe button and read adult webtoons.


Conclusively, the mod version of the Toomics app gives readers full freedom to avail all the features of the premium version. This is a treasure for a die-hard fan of Mangas, anime, and Korean comics. Read your favorite comics and find new and interesting titles to add to your library.

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