Top War Battle Game MOD APK 1.316.1 – (Unlimited Gems) 2022

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Full Name Top War Battle Game MOD APK
Publisher Topwar Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 155 MB
Latest Version 1.316.1
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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Whether you like cultivating or have an interest in warfare, the Top War Battle Game MOD APK offers an innovative storyline and gameplay that can give you hints of both. It is a multiplayer game with strategic improvements that can result in sheer addiction. It is a battle game developed by Top War Studios where you can gather your own military troops connected to the land, water, and air. It’ll help you choose from a wide number of heroes each of which has unique qualities.

You will have complete freedom to upgrade your troops and polish them with any skill you want. Start building abandoned lands and train your armies to be the best to improve the beauty of your region. The best part of this game is that you aren’t restricted to following any specific style, instead, you can adapt your own style to play. In this blog, we’ll be reviewing the features of the top war battle game mod apk.

Top War Battle Game APK

Top War Hack Storyline

The story revolves around the military facilities where you will be training huge armies around the region. You need this army to explore the abandoned islands and reconstruct them from the beginning. You have to prepare and polish the skills of the troop so that they’ll be able to cope with deadly battles with the enemies.

The game also introduces a whole new direction of the city away from the battleground exactly like Clash Of Clans MOD APK where the area is being cultivated through farming and houses are being built. This improvement is also done under your guidance with the help of the army troops for making the area better.

Top War Cheats Gameplay

In Top War: Battle Game, there are many possibilities to explore and train your team for being the best and to stand against your enemies. Throughout the gameplay, you will have a special magic weapon maker to give you an upper hand over your soldiers. Moreover, your troop will have scientists, craftsmen, tactical masters, and grand marshals. It is your duty to choose these roles wisely and make use of your intellect for making powerful magical equipment for fleeing enemy troops.

The mechanics are quite simple, including firing ammo, throwing explosives, looting valuables, and more, but require planning and implementing strategies to win against the attacking forces. All due to the modded version, you can enjoy the gameplay a little more with all the features unlocked which mean top war mod apk unlimited everything.

Top War Battle Game MOD

Features Of Top War Battle Game MOD APK

1. More Than 40 Skilled Heroes

Top war introduces more than 40 heroes with unique capabilities that improve your gameplay with their powers to cope with every enemy in the battle arena. These heroes will help you win every war and you can utilize their powers not only during the battle but in cultivation too.

2. 250 Army Troops

The game gives you a chance to play as 250 different army troops belonging to different parts of the region. They can either belong to the earth, water, or air forces to help you protect your citizens. This will let you explore more usage of the powers and capabilities each of your armies has.

3. Upgrading Troops

Not only can you pick from a wide variety of troops but you can also upgrade them for creating your own military empire dominating the world. You should ensure to flee your enemies as soon as they get close to your base or your island and also scare them so that they won’t come back again. With the upgraded troops, you can take part in many military expert competitions to show your capabilities as a leader.

4. Pick A Custom Fighting Style

Unlike many battleground arena games, top war doesn’t restrict you to show your force on the premises of land only. It disengages many people resulting in a lack of active members. Thus, you’ll be given three different combat style options so that you can participate in every battle differently and sharpen your moves at all terrains. These fighting styles are ground arenas, oceanic battle forces, and mighty air, making it close to reality.

5. Rule The World

Once you win over your enemies in this battle game, you can easily take over their region and can reconstruct those islands to hold them in your possession. This will expand the region of your ruling and you will be facing even a huge battle so you have to be prepared for it by upgrading troops, heroes, and resources.

6. Cultivate Every Island

With top war unlimited gems, you can easily revamp any land or abandoned house making it suitable to live and function to earn resources just like you earn in Forge Of Empires MOD APK.

7. Play Online With Friends

As Top War: Battle Game is strictly multiplayer, you can easily invite your friends and squad members to join your forces against the rivals. Moreover, you can also play on a competitive scale individually against expert gamers from around the world to wake up your competitive spirit.


Top war mod apk is among the most engaging battleground game with strategic possibility having improved gameplay giving users all the opportunities to deviate from the causal factors of the game. Feel free to start the battle on the water, on land, or in the air and attack the external forces from every possible side. Strengthen your defense and pick your heroes for threatening attacks. You can build, cultivate, and improve different islands to create extraordinary ongoing entertainment for yourself throughout the gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you earn top war: battle game mod apk unlimited money and gems?

It is quite easy to earn top war battle game unlimited gems as you just have to download the apk file from the link mentioned on this website where all the features will be unlocked.

Can you play this game without the internet?

No, as this game is a multiplayer battleground game, thus it is required to be played with a strong WiFi connection if you want to play with your friends online.

Is top war safe to play for children?

Although the game has some battleship elements that make it suitable for children above 12, the cultivating part is suitable for all.

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