Traffic Racer MOD APK 3.5 – (Full Version All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Traffic Racer MOD APK
Publisher Soner Kara
Genre Racing
Size 87 MB
Latest Version 3.5
Mod Features Unlimited Cars & Money
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If you like to race through traffic and consider yourself a speedster, Traffic Racer MOD APK is for you. Sit back and enjoy the racing arcade game as it takes you through various scenarios to find solutions, make your way, and win it big! Download this fantastic version and see what it has in store for you!


This game is not the usual game in which you collect points on the way. Yes, it does give you Traffic Racer money to cheat to win more than any of your friends ever scored in this game! This version begins with your game character making its way through heavy traffic. Dodging hurdles and steering clear of heavy vehicles and challenging situations is your biggest strength and the actual test.

Traffic Racer

Download Traffic Racer Mod APK and get into the world of crazy roads where your skill and fast thinking will get you ahead of others just like Assoluto Racing MOD APK. If you thought this was all, you were mistaken! You get to upgrade cars and race even better against the traffic.


All players get a chance to compete with some crazy traffic to become the fastest driver on the global leaderboard. You get rewards, which help you buy better cars. Now, these are not just fictitious cars, some of us have been dreaming of owning one of these! Trucks, buses, bicycles, and SUVs are all an option in this game. If you have ever wanted to drive a truck and hit it when a car tried to take over, this game has exciting events.

The game is about getting behind the wheel and traveling to beautiful locations while beating everyone with speed and precision. Now you can become an arcade game champion on your android phone.


Here are some features that make the modified version of Traffic Racer a fantastic addition to your daily free time same as Tuning Club Online MOD APK. Entertainment and some exciting turn to make you learn. Check out what this game has to offer you!

1. Graphics

Any android phone game is a hit if it has some authentic graphics. Traffic Racer has three-dimensional graphics and matching sound effects that make this game more fun than ever. The crisp colors and the good contrast of cars, sounds, and speeds make you believe you are in a virtual world of racing.

Traffic Racer APK

2. Traffic Racer Hack Unlimited Cash

The unlimited cash in this modified version is not only a bank balance for you! You can upgrade cars, buy new ones and make sure that you stay ahead of all other players. The various scenarios in this game will demand different vehicles, so why not own a fleet that can help you win?

3. Easy Controls

Some racing games are challenging and become a problem when the controls get out of hand! We all play games to pass our free time. If a game requires you to learn how to control cars, then it can get boring. Traffic Racer is an easy game similar to F1 Clash MOD APK as the controls are simple and do not require a racer-level technique! All your racing skills should be focused on your car, not on figuring out the controls.

4. Different Locations

Traffic Racer gives you various scenarios, and you have to make your way to the front in each of them. These can be slums, deserted roads, or busy highways with trucks, SUVs, and heavy vehicles. You pick the scenario and play in different locations with the same aim, to win.

Traffic Racer MOD

5. Various Modes

The various modes of Traffic Racer Mod APK include police chase, free ride, endless race, and two-way. Another popular model is the time trial mode, and we call it the skill improvement mode too! This modified version of the game is a fantastic way to sharpen your skills and anticipate your enemy’s moves even when you are focused on your car and how to maneuver it through bad traffic.

6. Customization

Now here is the fun part of this game Traffic Racer hacked android gives you the extra feature of customizing your car and the surroundings. When you are playing this racing game, you constantly see other vehicles and wish you had something better to drive. Now, as you win some big bucks, you can customize your car, and what is even better, you can buy new cars. The color, size of wheels, and all other specs on your vehicle are customizable, so whenever you are about to win a race through traffic, you will begin planning the new look for your car.


Will I have to pay for the customization in the game?

Traffic Racer does not ask for any real-life purchases from your phone or bank accounts. The only money you will be expected to spend is the one you make in the game. You can win races and win rewards, which help you customize the car.

How can I play this game with my friends?

You can play Traffic racer with friends in the Online Multiplayer Mode. This modified version is so mesmerizing that you can enjoy all the modes equally and will not even miss your friends! However, if you want to plan a race together, the online mode is the best way to go!

Is Traffic Racer for kids too?

Anyone who can handle a car and race it through the traffic can play this game. We always tell downloaders that Traffic Racer is better than games promoting violence and encouraging players to help thieves escape. Traffic Racers is a clean game that only teaches players how to think faster and move ahead of others without causing any violence.


Traffic Racer Mod APK is an excellent game to download if you like to spend your free time on phone games such as Street Racing MOD APK which teach you a thing or two about racing and making ways. Finding solutions will, of course, help you in real life. However, every feature of this game makes it an excellent way to pass your time.

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