Truecaller MOD APK 12.20.6 – (Premium Unlocked) 2022

Truecaller MOD APK is one of those applications that have become a necessity in today’s world. As the world is evolving more and more with technology, the risk of unwanted or misleading information is also increasing. We can’t stray away from the fact that the internet has given us the freedom of connecting instantly.

No matter where we are, we can message, voice call, and even video call our loved ones without thinking twice. But with such ease of free communication, we also have to face some limitations.

According to a recent survey, around 45% of your day goes by attending spam callers or telemarketers. To avoid them, Truecaller has been developed that recognizes the unknown caller for letting you decide if it’s worth attending. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the uses and features of Truecaller full apk.

Full Name Truecaller MOD APK
Publisher Truecaller
Genre Communication
Size 80 MB
Latest Version 12.20.6
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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About Truecaller Premium APK

Truecaller has emerged as one of the top-rated spam blockers and caller ID detectors. It has reached over 500 million downloads with many users enjoying its unlimited features. After downloading it, you will be free from handling all your calls or messages. It will hide all telemarketing or spam messages or calls so that you won’t miss important ones.

Many people consider it to be a safe way of keeping your communication. Truecaller offers complete safety against every unwanted text or call. It has a wide database loaded with updated spam listings around the world. That also eliminates your chances of heading out of a meeting because of unnecessary calls.

The instant you receive any spam message, the app automatically filters out that contact. It also has a built-in dialer, profile viewing features for unknown callers, and recording features too. It is a gateway to live spam-free life.

Uses Of Truecaller Hack APK

Truecaller features many different uses to simplify the life of its users. Who isn’t frustrated by scammers and unwanted sales calls! To make them all vanish and give yourself peace of mind, go for Truecaller premium apk.

1. Handling Communication Modes

The application can handle all your communication modes. Whether you use Whatsapp for calls or Telegram for messages, you don’t have to switch. Moreover, regardless of the location, your unknown incoming calls can easily be detected.

2. Privacy Assurance & Blocking

If you’re tired of unnecessary people bugging you, you can always block the number. It’ll also result in eliminating all automated calls by different brands or network providers. You’ll have the freedom to keep an eye on your transactions as well as prioritized messages.

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Features Of Truecaller MOD APK

Usually, people don’t get into the deeper insights of the app. But in this section, we want to discuss that Truecaller is much more than just a messaging app. It is equipped with many useful features that many other applications lack. Some features offered by Truecaller were always a demand from people which justifies the downloading ratio. The basic features are stated below:

1. Call Recording

Nowadays with some people, you need to record calls for privacy concerns. These threats are mainstream of this era. So, if you’re attending a meeting via phone or having jamming sessions in a group call, you don’t have a built-in record feature on your phone.

Truecaller enables any recording without any maximum limit so you can save all the necessary information. Moreover, you can listen to precious conversations again and again without losing any charm.

2. Smart Messaging

One of the most technologically advanced features introduced within the application is smart messaging. It has become very popular due to its high usage. You can message your boss, coworkers, or family around the world easily.

For those nights, when you’re in a dilemma if that girl has given you the right number or not! You can always check Truecaller for identification. Even with an unknown text message, you’ll identify the legitimacy of the person. If you don’t recognize the person, you can directly send the number to spam.

Moreover, there’s a flash messaging feature that lets you send any emoji, update, or location quickly. This works well if your battery is dying and you want to update your family. All these messages and calls will be backed up in your Google Drive.

3. Detecting Caller ID

Most of the time, when you indulge in work and you have to get a report done, telemarketers disrupt your flow. Truecaller is a safe haven for such people as with the caller ID you can detect who’s reaching out to you.

You can easily see the name of that person so that you can identify them, making it a prominent feature of the app. This app’s caller ID allows you to identify anyone calling you. This way you’ll be able to prioritize your calls and avoid missing any important ones.

4. View Profiles

Another feature offered by Truecaller is the freedom of viewing profiles of unknown callers. There might be a situation where you can’t recognize a person even with the name. By viewing the profile, you’ll have a better idea about the person, before sending it to spam or blocking the number.

Truecaller is known to be a mixture of instant messaging and calling applications. Thus, it allows viewing profiles of every contact for protected decisions. Moreover, all the features provided by Truecaller aren’t available individually but within a combined application.

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Truecaller Premium MOD apk is a futuristic approach on the internet full of spam and unwanted calls and messages. It has been a lifesaver for most busy people who barely have time to attend the calls. It is also ideal for those who don’t want to waste even a second on any scam calls.

Standing in the top 10 under the communication category on Google Play, it has endless features. You can have complete freedom of communication with privacy and security. You can also record your calls, block numbers, and smart messages to keep the flow going. So, if you want to identify unknown callers and backup call logs, it’s the right app to go for.

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Can you use the Truecaller premium apk cracked without membership?

Yes, you don’t need any sort of membership or subscription for using the Truecaller mod apk. There are unlimited features with access to every location worldwide.

Is Truecaller Premium APK free to use and install?

Fortunately, the Truecaller premium apk is completely free to install. All the features can be accessed without any charges. Moreover, you don’t even have to come in contact with any advertisement to have an ultimate experience.

Is Truecaller pro apk free download safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe as we’ve tested the application from various developers. Not only that but you don’t even have to jailbreak the phone to enjoy this app. So, in order to access all the features, there won’t be any risk involved.

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