Trueskate MOD APK 1.5.52 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

Are you a skateboarding fan, but you cannot get around to making the curb and jumping over the hill? Trueskate MOD APK is an exciting skateboarding game in which every player is a champion. This simulation game has numerous features, and this version gives you much more! The simple controls and the constant evolution of your skateboarding skills can be addictive! This, and so many other reasons, will compel you to try True Skate for free download for android.

Full Name Trueskate MOD APK
Publisher True Axis
Genre Sports
Size 101 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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About TrueSkate MOD APK

True Skate is a simulation game that is fit for all android phones and can be a good escape from boredom. This game can be the right companion whenever you have some time, and your ozone battery is sufficient. This game is not too old, but it has garnered millions of downloads. Whether old or young, players from all over the world love this game. The fantastic features and the wonderful music in the background make you want to go on and on and kill your boredom.

Trueskate MOD

The Storyline Of Trueskate Android APK

The storyline of this game is simple you have a skateboard, and there are millions of moves that will get you through a new challenge every time. There are rewards, and of course, you can buy from the money you earn after winning each test.

Your fingers act like the skateboard, and all the steering goes through your hands. Unlike the typical games, you will not have to ride a skateboard in different locations but will be handling the skateboard. The idea is to work your way around while controlling your ride and then maneuver around too. True Skate Mod APK is an adventure simulation game for all, and you will like it.

The Gameplay Of Trueskate Hacked APK

In True Skate, the view is pulled back and what you see on your phone is a third-person angle from a behind-the-board camera. You can swipe, flick and get ahead of the game! The tricks and all the jumps will be your tactic much like Hill Climb Racing MOD APK. Players love this game because it allows them to plan their moves and see if they can do it. If you slip or hit the curb, it doesn’t matter! The game moves forward, and you get the reward you deserve at the end of the challenge.

There are no age restrictions on this game, and you will enjoy all the moves, trials, and quick jumps that will earn some high points!

Trueskate APK

Features Of Trueskate MOD APK

1. Graphics Are Real

The graphics of this game are very realistic and are an integral part of the experience just like Fun Run 3 MOD APK. When you begin the game, the colors and the detailed scenery, music, and graphic details- all work in unison to make your gaming experience much more than just any game!

2. The Locations Will Be Interesting

Ever played a game with the same background each time? True Skate is unpredictable as there are numerous parks and mesmerizing locations. Every time you start the game, a new challenge awaits, and the twists, turns, and curbs are all unique! You cannot get used to the game, and that adds to the fun.

3. Online And Offline Play

TrueSkate gives you a choice to play online with friends or go solo while you play offline. Some games do not save any progress if you play offline, but True Skate is not one of them! All the levels you win will be updated, and the system will save your progress! This progress will open newer challenges to play with friends or by yourself.

4. Recognition On The Leaderboard

The players get recognized on the global leaderboard that ranks teams or players from around the world. If you complete a stage and the challenges you face, the leaderboard topper is you!

5. Unique Challenges

Players can enjoy different challenges like Real Street Spots, The Berrics, and Street League. All these challenges are available online and offline, so you remain the master of the game! Moreover, the challenges employ different skills, so your skating simulation improves when you try out all kinds of tests.

6. Easy Controls

The True skate game has the most manageable controls as you can lift, straighten and turn the skateboard with your fingers. The comfortable controls are the reason that this game is so famous! And we know that soon you will be playing it too.


TrueSkate Mod APK is an excellent game to while away your time in a meaningful way. We love games that can give you the liberty to run your character, and motor skills improvement is one of the side effects. When you download this version of the game, you get many benefits! True Skate is a definite entertainer for everyone as kids and adults can enjoy this game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TrueSkate For Free?

TrueSkate Mod APK is a free download, and it is going to give you more than any other game! I mean, yes, we all are looking for some games to kill boredom, but if the boring time turns into something fun and something that improves your coordination, why not try it!

Will I Get Any Rewards?

Every challenge and good move will add to your rewards in the game. True Skate unlimited money APK will allow you to purchase maps and other items like skateboard colors and looks!

Is This Game Suitable For My Phone?

You can enjoy this game if you have a smartphone that can support good graphics and allow some good movements of flicks and swipes! The download is quick, and the modified version is going to give you many fun features!

What Kind Of tricks Can I Do In The Game?

This question is interesting! You can laser flip, hardflip, the flip, impossible, and backside are trailside. Try all these tricks, and your fingers will pick up more speed as you get some time to practice. TrueSkate is an excellent game to download and play whenever you want to turn idle time into an entertaining and enjoyable time.

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