Turbo VPN MOD APK 3.9.0- (VIP Active) 2023

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Full Name Turbo VPN MOD APK
Publisher Innovative Connecting
Genre Tools
Size 32 MB
Latest Version 3.9.0
Mod Features Premium Unlocked & VIP Active
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Turbo VPN MOD APK is a safe and easily accessible VPN app for both iOS and Android devices. The latest version of the App is a creation of Innovative Collecting. It masks your IP, enhances your browsing experience, and protects you from malicious hackers and troublemakers.

A Virtual private network, more commonly known as VPN is a necessity in today’s rapidly digitalized world. A VPN provides online privacy to its users to protect their identity and online activities from snoops. These snoops can be hackers, businesses, government agencies, or any other untrusted wiretapper. The latest Turbo VPN allows its users to experience a safe and reliable browsing experience free of cost. In addition, you can get our Turbo VPN mod apk version for unlocked and free features. Also, check out NordVPN MOD APK.


The advanced Turbo VPN app has multiple purposes for its users. A single app is now solving all your browsing privacy problems. Firstly, you can save your device from malware, viruses, bugs, and skilled hackers. You might even not know how many dangerous crawlers are making their way into our device. Use our efficient VPN to stop them.

Secondly, use a VPN to bypass firewalls. You can have easy access to blocked sites in your geographical area. Furthermore, you can maximize your browsing experience with a safe and stable internet connection at a faster speed.



1. Premium Features All Unlocked

Our Turbo VPN Premium apk has everything you ever wanted in a VPN app same as X VPN MOD APK. Although the features of the original Turbo app are amazing and work smoothly, their premium version is in high demand and desired by many VPN users. However, the premium VPN version is paid and so will cost you real money.

The upgrades and luxuries of the premium version are not accessible to all users. But you can download our modified version to get your hands on all the premium features for free! No need to spend money on the app. Simply download Turbo VPN Mod APK and enjoy the premium online life.

2. Deleted Ads Feature

Our Turbo VPN cracked apk includes the deleted ads feature to deliver the smooth surfing experience it promises. We all are annoyed with the large number of pop-up ads appearing on our mobile screens during everyday browsing, it becomes a barrier between our focused tasks and also delays our searches on the net. Many online surfers install ad blockers separately on their Android mobiles to get rid of them.

However, our fully unlocked VPN cuts off all the ads for the users, unlike the original version of the app. You can simply install the app from this site to have the deleted ads feature.

3. Get Access To Blocked Sites

If some sites are banned in your country due to some reasons then you don’t need to be upset. With turbo Vpn, you can get access to blocked sites and applications. This app will provide you access through the VPN connection and you can easily visit the blocked site or use any blocked application.


1. Safe Surfing

The prime function of Turbo VPN is to mask your identity when you go online. The app hides your IP from internet providers and malicious trackers. Hackers or untrusted eavesdroppers can no longer trace you. Also, the app is the ultimate savior from internet phishing and online scamming if you keep sensitive data on your device. This is because the app safeguards your online connection and network traffic efficiently.

2. Easy One-Touch Application

The interface of the Turbo VPN app is extremely user-friendly. Users are quick to get comfortable with the app’s usage and enjoy its services. The accessible features work smoothly on Android devices due to the advanced Ui. Open the Turbo app and readily tap the one-touch control on the screen. Then, choose to form the most suitable networks available for you and allow the VPN to make connections with your Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, or any other data carrier.

3. Speedy Internet Connection

Boost your internet connection and get rid of the annoying loading screen. Unlike most VPN apps, Turbo gives a speedy and stable internet connection. Due to the widespread VPN server collection around the globe, a majority of the app users are delighted with the app’s performance. Furthermore, the app releases updates and adds servers to improve its services to the users.


4. Firewall Bypassing

Not only this, Turbo VPN upgrades your access to blocked Internet whereabouts. There may be some authorities that ban certain users from accessing certain web pages or social media sites. For instance, if your school uses network blocking to ban your access to Facebook or Instagram, you can then use Turbo VPN on your mobile as a bypass tool for your school’s network.

The app may also come in handy while visiting an entertainment site in an office or a banned site in your country to bypass Internet censorship. Enjoy your freedom and newly liberated browsing experience without getting caught.


Follow the easy steps mentioned below to install our modified app on your Android device.

Step 1 – Go to the settings of your Android device to enable the unknown source settings to allow a third-party app to install on the device.

Step 2 – Click on the Download button on this web page.

Step 3 – You are redirected to a new page, click on the highlighted link and begin the downloading.

Step 4 – Finally, go to the device’s File Manager and download folder, and tap on the Turbo VPN Mod APK to install the app.


Will this work for iOS?

No, this modified app is only designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

Is the app safe?

Yes, the app is 100% safe for every Android device. The file has no tech issues or troubleshooting. You can safely install the app on your mobile after enabling the unknown source settings of your mobile to allow a third-party installation.

Is this VPN fully unlocked apk?

Yes, you are right! Our modified VPN is fully unlocked, unlike the original app. If you install the original free app, you will be able to use only a few unlocked features of the app, the rest of the upgrades and features are locked and have to be paid for. However, you can unlock all those features for free using our modified version.


There are hundreds of VPNs available for Android mobiles, however, there are only a few that deliver quality service. The app’s ratings and a large number of downloads are evident in the app’s efficiency.

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