Twitter MOD APK 9.72.0 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Twitter Mod APK
Publisher Twitter, Inc.
Genre Social
Size 13 MB
Latest Version 9.72.0
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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Social media is our new window into the world, and we can rely on these apps to keep us posted if we want to become active on a forum where everyone discusses everything. Join Twitter! Twitter Mod APK is a great way to connect with people from all over the world. The true meaning of community connections and global unity is visible on this social media app, and if you haven’t gotten this app already, you have surely missed a great deal.


Just like Instapro APK, Twitter is a microblogging, and social media app, and the latest version was out earlier this month only. The ever-evolving app is developed by Twitter Inc. and occupies almost 41M space, but this varies with your device. So far, there have been millions of downloads of this app, and it is time you take up the newest version to enjoy all the benefits.

Twitter APK

Social media pages were initially only for entertainment, but now you find all kinds of political, cultural, and social discussions on this forum. If you want to join in a discussion, you can retweet, get into a thread or just read what everyone has to say. This app works differently from Facebook and Instagram as you can check in on celebrities and influential personalities to see what they are discussing and what their views are related to any latest event.

The famous hashtag began on Twitter, and now you see everyone following the trend on all social media apps! From topics like #patriotism to #kitchenhacks, Twitter has a lot to offer! You are not restricted to a friend list with Modded Twitter, you can reach out to the world, and everyone can reach out to you. Get to know more about the modified version, and let’s get started with the download. Also, have a look at the Pinterest MOD APK.


Twitter is not just a place to connect but also an excellent destination for all kinds of knowledge! Getting to know about entertainment, the latest updates on celebrities, the newest research, and people’s opinions and debates about various topics are all on Twitter.

The modified version cuts out the various problems that people often feel with the regular app, and that is why it has become essential for you to download Twitter APK! Users can keep up with the trends, and they can also add to or share the thoughts of others. Furthermore, you can connect directly with your favorite celebrities.

Twitter MOD


The modded version of Twitter for android devices doesn’t stop at just the connection with the world! It offers many features that make it an excellent way to pass your time.

1. Create Your Account For Free

The Twitter account takes only a few minutes to set up just like Instagram MOD APK, and then you look for people who may be interested in you and connect with the ones you are interested to know! What’s even more exciting is that you can connect with your favorite celebs. With Twitter’s latest APK, you can expand your network by sharing meaningful news, pictures, and even retweets from your connection.

Make your profile interesting, and your connections will swell! The more you post, the more visibility you get, and the more exciting every new day will be. The more hashtags you enter, the more viral your post will be. The purpose of hashtags is to get into various searches. When people search for a hashtag, and you add it to your post, too, your thread can go viral overnight.

2. No Advertisements

Modded Twitter does not have any advertisements running down the sides or distracting you from a conversation. The ad-free app is an excellent way to connect to the world and not get stuck on a screen with colorful ads that you might click accidentally and lose the conversation completely.

3. Customized Themes

This feature can make your screen, colors, and layout look just the way you enjoy it!

4. Smart Notifications

The smart notifications on your phone now will have a tiny birdie! Even when you are not using the app, Android devices will show notifications from Twitter APK.

5. Live Streaming Events

Twitter allows you to become a part of live videos or easily watch the live streams of celebrities. You can engage with a large audience by starting a live stream and discussing anything you want people to know. For example, many citizens stream live and talk about taxes, a specific law, or new rules regarding their hometown, state, or even locality. Think of something interesting, and your audience will be ready on Twitter to spread the message by retweeting, commenting, or interacting with other viewers.

6. Stay Up-To-Date With Twitter MOD APK

The best part about Twitter is that you can see what everyone is talking about by checking the latest trends. You must remember how everyone was talking about #Biden being the top trend in 2020 even when the pandemic was on the rise. Twitter trends can tell you a lot about what the world is thinking and what you are missing! Moreover, you can update information about various trending topics through fresh tweets and retweets that make people stay connected despite significant cultural and geographical distances.


Is Twitter Mod compatible with my phone?

Twitter modded app is compatible with android phones, and it can be downloaded on any device, but the amount of space it occupies will depend on the device you own.

Will I be able to follow all trends from over the world?

Modified Twitter does not mean that it is restricted to a specific location! Of course, you can explore anything and follow all hashtags to see what people are talking about on this app.

Is it safe to download Twitter APK?

Yes! The only different thing is that when you begin downloading, we check the relevant APK file and allow the direct download. If you didn’t understand this, try downloading the app now, it’s easy.


Twitter is a social media app much like Snapchat MOD APK, and there are not one, not two but hundreds of features and uses of this app! The modded Twitter version is a fantastic way to connect with the world, and the customer reviews that you find on the Internet are all true because this app can be helpful in so many ways.

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