UFO VPN MOD APK 4.0.4 – (Premium Unlocked) 2022

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Size 40 MB
Latest Version 4.0.4
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UFO VPN MOD APK is one of the most talked-about apps. The reason for that is that this app comes with added benefits that will put your internet searches in higher gear! Now you can download this app, surf the net, and access websites that are not available to everyone worldwide. Whether there are regional restrictions, or you want to access websites that are only operational in a particular area, the whole world will be at your fingertips!

Just like X VPN MOD APK, this VPN app for android devices can also work with mobile data and you can use it without revealing your phone IP. Now, wherever you are, your location and IP will remain a secret and your identity will not be revealed. This app is the one to use if you have any specific searches in mind.

About UFO VPN Premium APK

The name UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, and we think it is a suitable name for this app because of the way it provides anonymity and keeps your location unknown. Users will enjoy access to numerous websites that are locked or inaccessible from their present address. There will be no time-outs and no visible windows. When you use this app on your phone, there is no doubt that it won’t work. Many apps claim to hide the IP address but in reality, they don’t give complete anonymity, or keep changing the address and you get knocked off by the system. UFO is reliable and you will be able to use it non-stop.



We all need access to the internet, and if there are any websites that have banned access to people of a certain area or there are political or religious views that are protected, you can access them with this app just like ExpressVPN MOD APK. This app is useful for people who have journalistic work. For example, suppose you need to find old news about any political or religion in a particular area but the access is limited. In that case, you can reach the website by using this app and it can be an instrumental step in your work.

If you are an ardent social media user and need to know something about a far-away place inaccessible to your region, you can use the VPN app. Moreover, if you want to keep yourself anonymous and still access a particular website, this app is good for you!


UFO VPN Premium APK is a great app for all kinds of uses, and the added features make it even more attractive for all the no-nonsense users who do not want delays in their work. Here are some of the features that make this app unique:

1. Wi-Fi Unlocking

When you are traveling or if you are out of your home and you need to use data, there may be many ISP showing on your home Wi-Fi menu but you cannot access them. This app can unblock Wi-Fi for you and you can keep much of your data safe by not allowing it to be made public by using this app.


2. Stable App

You can explore the world with this app and as we mentioned earlier, it will not let you get knocked off because of an unstable IP address.

3. No Additional Permissions Required!

If you have UFO VPN, you are good to go! There is no need for additional permissions and there will be no need for putting in any kind of data to access any website. The purpose of this app is to provide a gateway to the websites inaccessible otherwise.

4. No Logs

There will be no history or logs to prove that you explored areas that were out of your area’s ISP reach. This app ensures complete anonymity at all ends and you will enjoy the access without the burden of erasing logs every time.

5. Streaming And Gaming Servers

When you are playing multiplayer games on the Internet, or you need to join a stream, this app is an excellent way to ensure that you do not get disconnected due to poor connections.


6. Ad-Free

One of the biggest advantages of VPN APK Pro is that it does not show any ads to disrupt your connections same as Hotspot Shield Premium APK. Many of us are working on websites or we need to follow news that is unavailable in our region. However, any kinds of ads popping up and disrupting work can be a peril! This app ensures that you do not feel out of place, or lose your time with ads and popups!

7. Enhanced Protection

So many websites take you to the hell of a virus or some of them only move forward if you subscribe to the various advertisements. Not with UFO VPN Mod APK! This app will ensure that you keep your device protected from all kinds of viruses that can harm phones. Many VPN unlock sites but they also unlock the risk to phone health!

No adware or malware is attached to this app and it ensures good access, without leaving any kind of trace on your mobile device. Android phones have update systems that work on a monthly basis.

8. Free App

This app is free, and we saved this news for the last purpose! Many people keep thinking that if an app is free it will have no special features, but after reviewing all the features above, you will be delighted to download this app because it is free and still works better than the paid options in the market.


UFO VPN Mod APK is an excellent download for android phones because it can give you free and ad-free access to banned or restricted websites. Moreover, it can give you anonymity like no other app. Use this application and make access to the world wide web easier without leaving any trace in logs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to view movies and play games with this app?

Yes, you can play games uninterrupted and watch movies without lags and slow downloading with the help of this app.

Can I watch Russian and European news channels in Asia with this app?

Yes, UFO VPN gives you access to news and entertainment websites from anywhere in the world!

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