Unkilled MOD APK 2.1.19 – (Infinite Bullets, Mega Menu, One Hit) 2023

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Full Name Unkilled MOD APK
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Genre Action
Size 400 MB
Latest Version 2.1.19
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Infinite Ammo
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Unkilled MOD APK is one of the favorites for people who are into shooting games. It is the sequel game to Dead Trigger 2, which was famous for its graphics and mechanics. Most gamers around the world are fans of Unkilled’s versatility. This can be clearly seen by the number of downloads that have reached more than a hundred million. Not only that but the game also has over 30 million active users playing online.

Such games gather a massive audience giving newbies an addiction to play. Anyone willing to play Unkilled can easily install the apk without needing to root the device. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the features and characteristics of Unkilled. Also, play Horrorfield MOD APK.


Unkilled is a free-to-play FPS zombie game developed for Android. The game originated under the development of the Madfinger Games. It is quite an interesting game due to its engaging storyline and powerful gameplay. Moreover, it has gained international popularity with its exceptional features and unique modes.

Unkilled offers a world full of adventures keeping the theme deadly and perfect for those who’ve been searching for a mesmerizing FPS game. Due to its one-of-a-kind graphics, most gamers are fond of it in an extraordinary manner.



Unkilled’s story is similar to that of Dead Trigger in which the player is labeled as the lucky one to survive the zombie apocalypse. In this game, you’ll be playing as Joe who is one of the six members of the task force unit known as the Wolf Pack.

The game revolves around the developer’s imagined New York, where there has been a recent explosion of the Zombie virus that’s been killing and terrorizing normal people. This virus has been widely spreading across the town, transforming Zombies into hideous yet powerful monsters. The mission of this game is to locate the source of the virus and to disrupt this speedy spread around the globe.


Unkilled has a systematic and controlled gameplay with almost 150 missions to cross. For every mission, there must be a specific manner opted to play. The gamers match some of the missions with casual sniper format, while others resemble generic and unrelenting violence. Not only that but some missions of the game are extremely short and easy to tackle.


Moreover, the game is divided into different multiplayer modes. In these modes, the players get to interact in one-on-one duels as well as in individual combats. Extra tasks will also be handed to increase the stars in XP and bonus cash earned. Furthermore, there are several challenges that’ll give access to gift cards. These gifts mostly contain unlimited ammunition or the latest weapons.

Unkilled APK


1. Unlocked All Weapons

In this mod game, you will find all the weapons unlocked. You have a variety of weapons to choose from to perform outstandingly in the battles. All these guns are displayed in the shape of a card on your screen that describes abilities too. Choose between them according to the situation.

2. Unlimited Money

The unliked mod apk comes with the feature of unlimited money. Due to this, you can easily shop for everything regarding the game by using the in-app purchase option. Best of luck!

3. Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ammo is probably the best feature of any fighting game. By downloading the game from the link given on this page, you can easily activate this feature.

4. Free Shopping

You have a chance to do free shopping in the mod version of The Unlike. You can easily get new things including guns to perform well. Moreover, you can read the modded features of Extra Lives MOD APK.


Unkilled has many unique features making the game stand out among most first-person shooters. Here are some of its most prominent characteristics:

1. High-Quality Graphics

Unkilled holds overwhelming graphics delivering high-end graphics in every aspect of the game. It portrays a realistic effect giving a gross and monstrous vibe throughout.

2. Auto-Fire

Another feature includes autofire which adds uniqueness and ease to the game. The autofire is an automatic functionality that fires immediately when a zombie crosses your path. This feature is used to transform the gaming mode into a 2D version, however, most addictive gamers turn this feature off. It takes over the control from the players even if the difficulty is increased.

3. Solo Combat Mission

Throughout the game, there are more than 150 missions. With each mission, the player gets closer to their goal of taking on all the zombies in the town. The progress increases with the increase in achievements and winning challenges in the game.

4. Customize Characters

This diverse game offers an opportunity to personalize characters, giving them the desired avatar. Each character must be given a different appearance, name, and abilities, according to the player’s choice. In this game, every character has its unique skill, so it’ll be wise to sharpen those that are specific to it.

Unkilled MOD

5. Unique Online PvP Gameplay

Unkilled has robust multiplayer options letting the players cooperate both offline and online. With the online option, gamers from around the world get to play and interact together. Moreover, it gives every player an option to improve zombie armies to increase their power to take on their rivals.

6. Easy FPS Controls

Most first-person shooters have complex controls that make the gameplay hectic. However, the Unkilled crack apk has simple controls, supporting every gaming pad. It also offers a flexible approach to simplify the opportunity to win.

7. Multiple Weapons

The inventory is considered to be the ultimate depository in the game. It holds many different ammunition types that range from machine guns to shotguns, and from rifles to AK47s. With the gift cards earned or the bonus cash, ammunition can be upgraded. The upgrade will increase the damage intensity against your opponents. Furthermore, you can play Dead Target MOD APK as well.


Is an unkilled hack apk available for Android devices?

Yes, the unkilled zombie mod apk is available in Android without the need to root or jailbreak the operating system.

Is Unkilled multiplayer?

There are several modes in unkilled and one of them is the cooperative multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can add your friends offline and play with others online.

Is the unkilled mod version safe to play?

Yes, the mod version is completely safe to play and it is tested by different experts to check the protection.

Do I have to pay for the Unkilled mod apk to download?

No, unkilled is absolutely free of cost. You can enjoy unlimited features while playing and can update your game after a certain period without paying a penny.


Unkilled mod apk is among those few games that have an appealing display with attractive gameplay. These aspects are ideal for a zombie-featured first-person shooter game. This game follows systematic controls that are supported by different modes much like Silent Castle MOD APK. As we know, in the zombie world, people who are dead can’t die again, that’s exactly what happens in the world of Unkilled. It enables upgrading weapons and ammunition frequently. Moreover, different skins and character advancements can be achieved throughout the game. For most people, it is a go-to game that they’re never tired of playing!

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