UNO MOD APK 1.9.9178 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Publisher Mattel163 Limited
Genre Cards
Size 240 MB
Latest Version 1.9.9178
Mod Features Unlimited Tokens & Coins
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If you have played the classic UNO card game in your childhood we would say you had a happy time as a kid! This classic game is not available with added features on your android phone and you can enjoy it by downloading UNO MOD APK.

This card game has four players and one of them has to be the winner. However, with this special version of UNO, you can play for all four places and become the UNO winner on your phone set. You may have played other card games that involve playing cards, but UNO is not like that! Check out why you need to download this game today.

What Is Special About UNO MOD APK

The game begins with a draw of cards same as IDN Poker APK and you have to take turns to see what you were served. The classic Skip, Reverse, and multiplying rewards options will make it possible to win more cards and the one that has the richest reserves wins the game! It can also be the most refreshing game that will take you back to your childhood days.


The colors of the game are the same not because it is not innovative, but because the players can relate to these colors from when they played UNO with real cards in their hands. The phone game has many other features that make it a special download! UNO APK is not just any card game, it is a memory you would love to cherish!

The Gameplay Of UNO MOD APK

The gameplay of this card game is so easy much like Higgs Domino MOD APK and quick to understand that even young kids can begin playing without any prior introduction. Moreover, this game is going to give you a good feeling as it is simple, pure fun! The only controls you need in the game are a click of a finger! When you want to enjoy the solo game, it can be fun to root for all four player positions, however, if you want to play with friends, there can be no better feeling!

The Features Of UNO APK

There are so many added features of this game that many of you might feel were impossible! Card games can be limiting, but this game is unique and so is its modded version. Check out these features that you can enjoy:

1. UNO And Friends Unlimited Tokens

You and your friends will get unlimited tokens that will help you throughout the game! These tokens will make the rules of the game more flexible, and these tokens will also get you more points! These tokens also get players to cast two cards from their serve of nine cards. If you have played this game up till now, you would know what this feature can mean.


2. Inviting Friends

All players can invite friends to play UNO Mod APK and they can explore new cards together! When your friend joins the game, you will earn more points so don’t wait another day and start getting your friends onboard.

3. Wild Punch And Other Cards

There are extra cards in this version and players can enjoy more with the help of these! There is Wild Punch, +4, Wild, and many other small rule changes that will give you bigger rewards and you would want to play another round to win more!

4. Connect With Friends

This game allows players t connect with friends and play together, but did you know that you can chat with them too? Now you can enjoy this card game on your phone as if you were sitting with friends and you all were playing together! The most exciting thing for anyone is to be able to be friends and converse as they play. Imagine all of your friends connected through the headset and yelling out in excitement! Now that is a fun game!


5. Uno APK Wwo-Deck Game

Players do not have to follow each rule from the old version. You can play with two decks and drive your friends crazy with the extra excitement and a bigger win. However, all players must remember, that a big win can turn into a sour loss as well so sharpen your skills and get ready for the big fun!

6. Excellent Effects

UNO Mod APK has excellent effects and clarity of graphics. The best way to enjoy the graphics is to use a higher android, however, whichever phone you have, will support the excellent picture quality and sound effects.

7. Free!

This game is free for all players. The mod version of UNO is not going to charge you any money and you can reminisce the memories with more features and some extra benefits. One of the biggest benefits is to have this game on phone and play with friends. However, this version will not ask for any in-game purchases and you will get unlimited tokens too!

Download MOD APK

How To Download UNO MOD APK?

Downloading this game is easy as players will have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Click on Download Now,
  • Allow the game to use phone speaker and sound,
  • Save the game in the phone’s drive,
  • Accept the permission to make an icon,
  • Click on the icon and begin to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UNO use regular playing cards?

No, UNO cards are not regular playing cards. There is no Ace, king, or queen. In fact, these cards have some numbers, and the wild cards, skip, and the reverse is amazing rules that make this card set more fun!

Can kids play this card game? Is it like a casino?

UNO is not like a casino and all age groups players can enjoy this game. If you are young, there is no restriction because all this game has to offer is excitement and simple innocent fun!


UNO Mod APK is a popular game because players want to relive the memories of this card game from their childhood. This version has many more features and it will make your free time more exciting. Download this game in easy steps and you will love each part of it. You can even play this game with players while you chat with them!

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