War Dragons MOD APK 7.30+gn – (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

War Dragons MOD APK is a strategy game by Pocket Gems. It is a 2015 release and has risen in popularity ever since. The 3D real-time adventurous game serves as an amazing gaming experience for action lovers.

Just like Dragon City MOD APK, step into the world of war dragons and dwell with them. Control the most powerful creatures of nature! Form unique strategies to progress and conquer the game! Players breed and train young dragons of various classes and abilities. Fortunately, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Full Name War Dragons MOD APK
Publisher Pocket Gems
Genre Strategy
Size 170 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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War Dragons Hacked Storyline

Live in the world of majestic dragons and learn to control them much like Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK. Yes! You live in a world where dragons are tamed, trained, loved, and cared for. Protect your village from the oppressors who want to take over and control your dragons. It is your job to train the best dragons and teach them to use their special abilities. Each dragon belongs to a distinct class and possesses different attacking abilities. Explore them and construct efficient strategies to defeat the rivals.

War Dragons Cheat Gameplay

The gameplay of the awesome dragon game is simple yet awe-inspiring. Ash, the dragon trainer will walk you through the process of breeding and taming dragons and help you in your quest. Complete her assigned tasks and gain experience to level up. Complete Dragon Guard missions to earn egg tokens. The egg tokens are used to breed newborn dragons. Complete the given assignments before the clock ticks! Train a variety of different dragons and deploy them.

Lastly, build fortresses, towers, and farms to form a powerful dragon army.

War Dragons MOD

Features Of War Dragons MOD APK

1. Diverse Breeds Of Dragons

The world of War Dragons has a variety of different dragons. Each dragon possesses its own powers and attacking abilities. For example, the Warrior Dragons, are extremely muscular and have powerful health abilities like shielding and curing poisons. Another breed of dragons is the Sorcerer Dragons, these can destroy three towers at a time with their massive fireballs. Likewise, there is a list of many powerful breeds for you to train and deploy.

2. Awesome 3D Graphics

Amongst all the other dragon games, War Dragons are the most popular due to their breathtaking 3D graphics. Gamers love the vibrant background, interactive characters, eye-catchy environment, and ethereal dragons. The game’s trailer had a massive fanbase due to the interactive 3D graphics. The special effects like flames, shields and magical powers are depicted so realistically in the game. It engulfs the player and hooks them permanently.

3. Unlimited Money And Coins

Every strategy game has its own currency to make the game more engaging for players. And so, your favorite game War Dragons also rewards its players with coins to progress further in the game. The gold coins are the main currency of the game and allow the players to make important purchases. Level up your dragons to become powerful dragon lords.

Subsequently, you will form a stronger army when you purchase unique dragon eggs and build archer towers with your coins. Use coins to comfort your dragons too. Hence, more coins will lead you to a higher score on the leaderboard.

The War Dragons Mod apk unlimited coins feature works wonderfully for gamers. It supplies limitless coins to players. Play as much as you want and never be out of money. You can buy resources, form guilds, and upgrade bases. This mod hack will ensure a limitless amount of money for you.

War Dragons APK

4. Unlimited Gems And Rubies

The precious stones are the premium currency of the game. They are rare and earned with good progress. The game starts rewarding gems later in the gameplay, completing higher levels to collect them. However, these rare stones are used to make dragons more powerful. You can grow your dragons using ice, fire, and acid too! Nonetheless, you can use our unlimited gems and rubies to purchase all the necessary items for your dragons.

This hack offers unlimited precious stones for you too. No need to wait for higher levels, just start spending your gems whenever you wish.

5. Unlocked Levels

You will be surprised to know! The mod version has over 100 levels unlocked for you! Play as much as you want, choose any level, train any dragon, and maximize your gaming experience, The unlocked level feature is the most popular feature of our mod version. Gamers love the upper hand in the game. You can get your hands on the most ferocious behemoth Khrysos. Try to learn as much as you can in the complex levels and apply new base strategies to upgrade your skills. The new levels will teach you advanced skills, tricks, and tactics.

6. Online Multiplayer Mode

Yes! The online mode allows you to play with other competent dragon lords around the globe! Connect your account with Facebook and find team up with other war dragons’ fans. Make your own powerful dragon team and enjoy the multiplayer mode. You can also chat with your friends in actual time within the game and discuss strategies, defending methods, war plans, etc.

In addition, the mod version has amazing cheats for the multiplayer mode too. Activate helpful hacks and use them to your advantage in the gameplay. Flex your high score on the leaderboard while playing with other dragon lords.


In a nutshell, this strategy dragon game is a blast! It has so many amazing features from building bases and training dragons to attacking rivals and conquering bases. Download the mod version to thrill yourself even more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game safe?

Yes, our mod version is 100% safe to download and play. It has been improved and therefore has no tech issues or bugs.

Is the apk file for iOS?

No, you cannot download this mod apk version for iOS, this link is only for Android devices.

What is the last level of the game?

The action-packed game consists of more than 100 levels for players. The highest or last level is level 105. The player becomes the ultimate Dragon Lord after completing this level and possesses every dragon in the gameplay.

How to get Glory in War Dragons?

You can get glory in the war dragons after playing PvP battle in the atlas. Use your Prim arch and defeat the opponent’s Prim arch. Kill the rival troops and try to win!

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