War Robots MOD APK 8.5.1 – (Speed Multiplier, Unlimited Bullets & Rockets) 2023

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Full Name War Robots MOD APK
Publisher PIXONIC
Genre Action
Size 77 MB
Latest Version 8.5.1
Features Unlimited Money & Bullets
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Well, are you getting bored with your life? Then prepare yourself to play the role of a robot in the War Robots MOD APK to entertain yourself. It’s an action game that will engage you in a short period of time. This is an action-based game that was introduced to the world in 2014 by Pixonic. It gets fame after 6 years of its production. Now, it becomes one of the most played games.

While playing this game, you have to become a robot and fight and destroy your rivals. It seems pretty interesting. So go and download this game. There are some fantastic yet different features described below which help you understand the game easily.


The Pixonic perfectly designs the gameplay of War Robots APK. The gameplay is very tricky and full of breathtaking movements. At the start of the game, you have to enter the battlefield with your teammates same as Bed Wars MOD APK. Or the game starts according to the demands of your chosen game mode. But the goal is the same for everyone to fire continuously until the opponent team destroys completely.

Competing in a war as a robot will bring a very thoughtful lesson to you. The main one is how the battlefield is cruel to robots, and there is no mercy for anyone.

War Robots MOD


The mod version of this game is loved by all because it gives you more features and they are all so attractive that you will want to play this version only. Check out all of them here:

1. Unlimited Cash

This game allows players to enjoy an unlimited money stash same as Mech Arena MOD APK which can help buy different missiles, equipment, robots, and all kinds of weapons and troops that will help you win every battle. Once you become the chief commander of all the armies you will be able to get more rewards from each round. As the game is a modified version, it has made several improvements from the original even, and unlimited money is one of them!

2. Endless Missiles

The unlimited money helps you upgrade and the game also allows you to use an endless supply of missiles! Now we are talking! This feature makes players not only get entertained but ensures victory every time.

3. Unlocked Robots

Here is another bonus feature that is only in this version! You get to use various kinds of robots, and then there are going to be advanced machines as well. Players can enjoy War Robots Mod APK for all the new kinds of robots.


When you are willing to play a game, you first have a brief look at its features. Its thrilling and exceptional features motivate the player to become a part of it.

1. Different Yet Unique Modes

This game contains many modes that lie in two categories, default and custom. This choice makes the game easier for the player.

In Custom Mode, you can play in a team or compete with friends. With this Mode, you have a chance to select a map and players. But you have no rewards at the end of the battle if you chose custom mode. While in the Default Mode, you have to play against AI. the map is randomly chosen in the game; you have to follow it. And the game strategy is 6 players Vs. 6 players. Choose wisely among the modes because it directly affects your game strategy.

2. Robotic-Theme

As the name describe that the game theme revolves around robots as you experience in Battlelands Royale MOD APK. In this game, you have to play the robot’s role and fight with the others to get fame and surprises.

In this game, two types of robots are for your help in achieving the goal. The first one is known as a common robot, and the other is an epic robot. The epic robot is the first choice of every player due to its exceptional qualities and updated powers. These types of robots are proving beneficial in the game. Every robot comes with its quality. Some can move faster, some can destroy the opponents in seconds, and some of the robots have the power to vanish themselves to attack secretly.

3. Maps Used In the Game

Maps are of grave concern in this type of game. At the start, you are unaware of the places given on the map, but you’ll become familiar with them with time. Every map has a different layout from others. There are 12 types of maps provided to you to play for the game. These maps contain valleys, castles, and Rome. The maps include a concise description; even sometimes, you can’t understand them. You move on with your thoughts to win the battle.

4. Fully Furnished Weapons

War Robots hack Apk is thoroughly admired by the players when they can meet up with modern weapons. This game introduces more than 40 types of weapons to its players. If your robot is fully furnished with modern weapons like Plasma Guns, Ballistic Missiles, and many more, then you will win the war surely.

5. Create Your Robot

If you want to make your robot skillful with your choice, you can quickly make it. Thanks to the War Robots APK made this feature. With this feature, you can create a robot by fitting the machinery or weapons you want. That sounds fantastic.

6. Rewards

By winning different fights, you will get many rewards. The more you win, the more you get the bonuses. So, focus on winning the war to earn the title of best pilot.

7. Create Your Clan

In the walking war robots APK, you can create your clan or play with other ones. It’s totally up to you. If you made your own clan, you have to work hard to achieve the rewards. With the best progress of your clan, you become popular among the others. Also, check out NOVA Legacy MOD APK.


What’s so special we found in this game concerning other war games?

The special part of this game is its robot. You can control a robot, use robots for your purpose and defeat your enemy with multiple weapons.

Can we play this game with the children?

Yes, you can play this game with your children because of the robotic base concept of the game.

Can we play the War Robot android APK on PC?

Yes, you can play this game easily wherever you want to play it with the demands of the device.


We’ll safely introduce Walking War Robots’ unlimited money to you as a tremendous action-based game by summing up our thoughts. If you want to be a robot and fight to destroy others, you must go for it.

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