WCC3 MOD APK 1.4.6 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name WCC3 MOD APK
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Genre Sports
Size 59 MB
Latest Version 1.4.6
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Skins
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WCC3 MOD APK ranks as the topmost commonly played game due to its relatability towards the immensely popular sport i.e cricket and simple to play mechanics that are suitable for people of all ages. Cricket is one of those sports that holds a special place in the heart of most countries around the world from Asia to Australia. This game is ideal for cricket fans letting you play the game with a unique experience.

According to the latest survey, cricket as a sport has around 2.5 billion followers. Those who want to play cricket but are too tired to go outside can easily play it through a smartphone with more realistic mechanics and unique graphics than most games online. In this blog, we’ll be reviewing WCC3 by looking at its major characteristic.


World Cricket Championship 3 Storyline

World Cricket Championship 3 apk falls under the category of the sports android game that is dedicated to cricket. You can easily roam around the arena making friends and setting tournaments. It’ll let you play the realistic version without giving any extra advantage to the players while hitting or scoring so that it could be easy for them.

The storyline of the game completely revolves around cricket and its dynamics. You have to select an existing team you have to play for or create one yourself. After that, you must pick agents, coaches, and other team members to start playing. There are two definite modes of the game including players vs computer and player vs player, letting you play solo as well as with online people.

World Cricket Championship 3 Apk Gameplay

Cricket is all about choosing the right team and scoring without getting bowled out. It requires implementing different strategies and putting in different techniques to hit the right spot every time to score big. You must set a massive target so difficult to achieve or just have enough capabilities within your teammates to accomplish any given target.

In WCC3, the control is quite simple and easy to follow just like the controls of FIFA Mobile MOD APK. So, once you get comfortable with different shots, you can create your special one without any major problems. As the name suggests, the game involves many extra challenges on a weekly and daily basis and by fulfilling them you can enjoy different features and outfits to keep everyone engaged and addicted.


Features Of World Cricket Championship 3 MOD APK

If you’re a fan of realistic sports gameplay with mesmerizing graphics, and engaging mechanics then you should give the game a try. It has all the elements making it a profound simulation with an immense fan following:

1. Unlimited Coins

Although this game is originally free to play but later in the game, you have to ensure some in-app purchases before proceeding any further. We give you the premium modded version with every feature and avatar unlocked so that you don’t have to spend even a buck on the game. Instead, you get to earn unlimited coins to get through every tournament with the best teammates and outfits.

2. Premium Skins

As there are many different skins offered within the game. Some of them are as a gift for different occasions including Christmas boxes, Easter surprises, Thanksgiving baskets, Halloween Treat, and much more. Other than that you can also have different other skins in varying colors, tattooed, and with extraordinary variations. These types of features are specially added to increase the interest of most gamers and they can be motivated to get them.


3. Hit & Score

This game is all about hitting and scoring while making the best out of all the resources. You have to choose wisely before every game and implement different strategies to fulfill every target given or every hurdle set before you. If you’re interested in a more real-life approach to the game then wwc3 is worth the experience. And if you enjoy watching games live streaming then you should download Rooter MOD APK.

4. Events And Tournaments

How is that possible that the game called the world cricket championship does hold any championship tournaments? You’ll get a chance to participate in different events and tournaments happening on regional as well as global levels. The most interesting part is whichever rank your team has, you have to compete with players having the same level so that you have a fair chance of winning. This way you get to be with the community and can have more experience within the game.

5. No Ad Policy

Another jaw-dropping element of this game is although it works completely online yet not even a single advertisement with interrupts your gameplay. As a huge number of people leave online games due to this reason. You’ll be given the to hit every shot without any disturbance so that you can focus on leveling up.


WCC3 mod apk is the advanced version of the original online cricket championship developed by NextWave Multimedia. You can play this game individually or with friends online giving you a profound 3D experience with motivating commentary and buzzing the crowd by implementing a realistic approach same to Soccer Stars MOD APK.

With the modded version, you’ll get a complete experience of the game as all the features would be unlocked including the latest avatar skins, unlimited coins, different cricket gears, and much more. The game aims to revive the tradition of playing cricket without even having to go outside.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’re about to end the blog, here are some of the common questions you might have about the World Cricket Championship 3 mod apk.

Is wwc3 apk playable with friends?

Yes, the game is completely safe to play amongst friends all over the world as you can connect the game with your social media profile to get all of your friends on board.

Is wwc3 2D or 3D game?

The best thing about wwc3 is that it delivers the 3D experience of the actual sports by adding every tiny detail to engage more gamers.

Can we play wwc3 modded on any device?

Yes, the game is easy to install and play on any device having Android OS, helping you get extravagant performance.

How can we earn unlimited wwc3 coins?

Once you download the game from the link mentioned on our website then you’ll automatically have all the premium features that include unlimited money.

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