Weaphones MOD APK 2.4.0 – (Unlimited Weapons) 2022

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Full Name Weaphones MOD APK
Publisher OranginalPlan
Genre Simulation
Size 32 MB
Latest Version 2.4.0
Mod Features All Weapons Unlocked
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When you know you cannot use guns and ammunition in real life, you might want to play a game that allows you to use guns as if in the real world! Weaphones MOD APK is a simulation game that involves players loading, unloading, aiming, and shooting guns the way that they are in real life. This game has a lot to offer and the excitement is going to be an add-on.

There are many simulation games for trains, airplanes, and even cars. However, the gun simulator is cool because you get to practice your aim and it seems as if you have a real gun on the phone! Get to know all about this game and you will be able to get the most out of your free time as you play with the various kinds of guns.

How Does It Shoot?

Weaphones hack APK offers premium features and adds more fun to the game just like Lost Life APK. However, the original simulator game begins with you getting some aims to shoot and you get to select the gun as well. You can alter the distance of the target, and you can even decide which range you will be using. Once you aim, and if you hit the target, some prizes are going to be waiting for you! These rewards or prizes start rolling up the minute you aim and shoot, and if it hits a bull’s eye, you are going to get the highest prize.

Weaphones MOD

Players get to experience real-life shooting events such as weapon jamming and even heating up. Moreover, you will be able to load and replace the magazine by yourself. There are so many exciting things that you can do with the money you collect in the game. The regular features of this game are quite exciting so you can imagine how adventurous and thrilling this version can be.

When players move from one level to the other, the targets get tougher. This means that the more you play, the higher your chance of building your shooting skills. We all can benefit from better aiming and this game serves the purpose well!

The Gameplay Of The Shooting Simulator

The controls of Weaphones mod apk are easy as everything is within the range of your thumb and fingers on the screen. The phone works like your grip and as you maneuver between the various tabs, you can shoot right at the target. The graphics are excellent and the sound effects support the realistic picture. Whether there is a slide, a fire, or even a miss, the sound will be real. You can resize, flip and zoom in on the target just like you see through the scope.

Another excellent gameplay involves the customizable grip that allows you to have control over your gun and keep it comfortable at all times. One of the most unique features is that you get a tutorial of the whole game before you start! This tutorial helps players learn a lot about handling a real gun and of course, it will make you more confident in the game.

Weaphones APK

Weaphones MOD Features Add More Fun!

The Mod features or the premium features of this game make it easier for players to get more out of their simulation experience. The game becomes more interesting and your chances of becoming a better shooter increase. Check these features out here:

1. Free Shopping

You can shop for any gun without having to pay for it with real money. Just like the Treasure Of Nadia MOD APK, You get an unlimited money bonus at the beginning and that will suffice for all your purchases. You do not need to buy any ammunition with real money. In other games, you either pay with phone credit or use your bank cards to make an online purchase, which can be dangerous.

2. Unlocked Weapons

All the weapons are unlocked from the first level and you do not need to win any level to get access. You can choose any rifle, gun, pistol, or one of the big ones to make the most of your shooting experience.

3. Ads Free

This game version does not have any ads, and since you get a lot of money, there is no need for pop-ups that players watch to earn money or pass a level. When you log on to the game, you purely get into it!

Weaphones Game

What You Get With Every Game Version!

Apart from the premium features, Weaphones Mod APK has some features that are present in all other games as well. Here they are:

1. Classic Graphics

We discussed this earlier, but the graphics are one of the most prominent features of the game. You get to enjoy the most amazing picture quality and the sound effects add to the real touch.

2. Variety Of Guns

Players have a choice of guns that they would like to try in real life. All these guns are ranked according to the level you reach. However, in the mod version, they are unlocked.

3. Loading, Changing Magazines, And More

Players get to enjoy the whole experience of locking, unlocking, firing, dealing with overheating, and much more. This game gives everyone a true flavor of shooting at the range.

Download Weaphones -Modified Version

You can have this game on your android device by following these easy steps:

  • Click on Download Here,
  • Install the APK file with the game file,
  • Allow the phone to accept downloads from unknown sources,
  • Enjoy the game.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game for children as well?

No, shooting simulators are not fit for children and you must ensure that only adults play them. While every game is the players’ responsibility, and youngsters learn how to shoot, if you are not comfortable with your kids playing it, you must not allow them.

Will this game make me better at shooting?

Yes, simulation games are a good way to learn a skill and this game serves the purpose well.


Just like Summertime Saga MOD APK, Weaphones Mod APK is a simulation game that offers premium features coupled with the regular features of this game. You get a real-life experience of shooting and you get to select so many options! Enjoy this game version after downloading it in minutes.

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