Webnovel MOD APK 5.18.3 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Webnovel MOD APK
Publisher Cloudary
Genre Comics
Size 36 MB
Latest Version 5.18.3
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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Have you ever left a book in the middle of an interesting event because you had to close the light? Or have you ever forgotten to carry a large book when you had to travel? Download Webnovel MOD APK to enjoy reading interesting stories wherever and whenever! This app does not only give the option of reading but also has a range of comics and magazines that are famous from all over the world much like Toomics MOD APK. Millions of people are using this app and now it’s time for you to also get savvier.


Webnovel Premium free is a great app to read books and contribute to your writing too. You can download this app on Android, but it needs a 5.0 and higher android version. This app has been downloaded thousands of times and has reached a million users now. You too can benefit from this app!

Webnovel MOD


  • We all have problems finishing a book only because we do not have it with us all the time. You may be on the move when you realize you could indulge in a book, and that is when this app comes in handy. Moreover, if you write yourself and you cannot get your work published, Webnovel gives you a good opportunity to share your story with millions of people by sharing it on the app.
  • Another advantage of the Webnovel mod apk is that it will help you revert to any book you read previously as you can store it in your history and use it for references and quotes. If you are a literature person, you will love books from other cultures and from all kinds of genres. The best part of enjoying a book is to be able to open it from where you left it and see what other books are similar to that one. You can not only review but read about the author and gather information by searching on the app.
  • Another big attraction is that it has something for every age group. You will be engrossed in the wide range of novels, comics and so many other literary pieces that will refresh your habit and add value to whatever you do.
  • Readers can find the works of their favorite novelists and when they begin contributing to the app, their achievements of getting published become valuable as you can see your name in searches. So we can say that in a way this app adds value to your daily life by making you feel more knowledgeable and worthy.


Just like Webtoon MOD APK, the modded version of Webnovel has numerous features that make it a great addition to your android device and deserves some daily slot! Check out the best features of this game here:


1. Webnovel Free Coins

The free coins in the app will get you more books to read, and you will be able to get to the parts that are time-restricted for other app version users. There are many genres that do not open for readers until they get a particular amount of coins, but that is not a problem for you. When readers begin reading and spending time on the app, they will understand how much they can go ahead with these coins.

2. Unlock Chapters

Many users of the app ask about how to unlock Webnovel chapters for free, but you will not have to worry because you get everything unlocked and available. When looking for an exciting book to read, you will not have to see the number of chapters always available. The mod version of Webnovel gives you all the books to read without any interruptions or waiting.

3. Contributing To The App

You can share your stories with other readers with this app. It gives you the option to upload any kind of written work, and you can make it public so that all other users can read it too.

4. Comics, And Magazines

Many readers enjoy comics and they can access famous comic works from all over the world. These include comics of exotic, faraway places, European countries, and much more! The magazines are available on a popularity factor and can be updated on the app. You can find older and new editions of each publication.

Webnovel APK

5. Make A Community Of Fans

You can create a fan following by publishing your work and then you can interact with them. This app gives you the liberty to reach out, and make friends from different places.

6. Ads-Free

One thing that never happens in books is that you get interrupted by an ad! While other versions of this game are with advertisements, there are no ads in this game. You do not get to waste your time or break your concentration to watch an advertisement.


You can download the game by following some easy steps:

  • Remove the PlayStore version of the app from your phone.
  • Click on Download.
  • In a new window, click the download menu options.
  • Hold for a few seconds for the download to complete.
  • Install the app and make the icon.
  • Enjoy reading!


Is Webnovel free?

Yes, the mod version of Webnovel is free and you will not have to make any in-game purchases either.

Can I download books from the app?

When you begin reading a book, it becomes available online to read, so you do not need to use additional phone space to download any book.


Webnovel Mod APK is an excellent way to stay in touch with a hobby like reading. It feels wrong when you begin a book and have to discontinue it because you cannot carry a book with you. With this app, you can read your favorite books wherever you want. Download the game within minutes and then enjoy the fantastic collection of literature.

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