What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK 3.0.20 – (Free Premium Choices) 2022

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Full Name What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK
Publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 62 MB
Latest Version 3.0.20
Mod Features Everything Is Free
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Download What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK and get into gear to play for action and fun. This simulation game prepares you for the worst, and you will get to see how every sense and nerve is put to use while making you a stronger and more sensible individual. Many simulation games aim to make players sharper by developing thinking skills.

However, this game goes a step further and makes you think of different strategies and plans that will make you win, and also give you confidence. Players feel confident when they finish a round of this game because they get to see how well they could perform in a difficult situation.

How Hidden Powers Work?

When a player logs on to the game, this game introduces him or her to a situation where they are alone and have to rely on their capabilities to get out and survive. You will play the role of the character that needs to change fate and combat poor circumstances. This game is like a visual novel and players get to enjoy each round with a problem. The sooner you get around the issue, the more rewards you win just like Teaching Feeling APK. Moreover, each round builds your path to victory!

The storyline revolves around shadows from the past that haunt the character and keep it from making the most of the present day. Players will have to make this character change the way they think, deal with new challenges, complete daily missions, and become more confident about their abilities. Each time you make the right move, the story takes another turn. Like all simulation games, this one has numerous possibilities for each player, and as you advance, the results will be different based on your selections and choices.

What's Your Hidden Power APK

The appearance of the player changes everything for the main character of What’s Your Story Mod APK. The sooner you realize the way this story unfolds, you will be able to maximize the rewards, make changes and use these prizes to create the game in a way that you would love.

The various characters in this game are Lina, Kira, and Rikku. Lina is the leader who is cheerful, Rikku shares fate with the player, and Kira is a true friend! You will need to use these characters to make the most of a situation. Choose Lina when you need a leader, or Rikku and Kira when you need the powers they offer!

The Unique Gameplay

The gameplay is simple, and all you need is a simple control panel to move forward in the game. The challenges and daily missions revolve around difficult puzzle situations and when you find the way through you win rewards. These rewards will help you make a few changes in the game according to your liking. The more you decide to spend on customization, or even making the missions easier, the more this game will become addictive.

The simple yet enticing menu options are fun and every player can indulge in them quite easily. Moreover, the cute animation is so amazing that every player feels engrossed much like Lost Life APK. The game is quite interesting because of this unique gameplay, and here it is pertinent to mention graphics too. Apart from the cute animation, the excellent picture quality is also a reason we all love this game!

What’s Your Hidden Power MOD Features Add More Fun

The Mod features of What’s Your Hidden Power Mod APK make this game much more fun. You can enjoy these features at any time in the game. Check them out here:

1. Free Choices

The free choices in this game will make it a perfect pastime. You can select any character as each of them is unlocked from the beginning. Moreover, you can choose any path you want, and the outcome will be in accordance.

2. No Ads

There are no interruptions when you are playing. Some games offer players to see ads and get boosters or more time or even more points to move ahead. This game does not have any such feature and you can enjoy the gameplay non-stop.

3. Super Anime Game Unlocked

Every anime character in the game is unlocked. There are many events and turns that appear in other game versions after you pass a particular level, but in this version, you get everything from the moment you log on.

What's Your Hidden Power MOD

What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK Regular Features

There are numerous fun features that you get with every game version of What’s Your Hidden Power. These are:

1. Anime Characters

The characters will always be interesting because they are cute and lively. Players enjoy this game because of the character’s appearance.

2. Missions And Challenges

Just like Treasure Of Nadia MOD APK, the challenges in this game require you to be led by leadership, strength, and even friendship. You will learn how to pass every challenge successfully and this game will keep presenting more missions.

3. Decision Power

Players harness their decision power along with the strength to deal with stressful situations by playing this game. So, one can say that this game will make you more sure of yourself.

Download What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK!

You can download the game here quite easily:

  • Click on Download,
  • Allow phone settings to open downloads from obscure sources,
  • Install the APK file,
  • Add the icon to the home screen so you can play the game whenever you want!

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a fighting game?

No, this simulation game is all about playing various characters and getting through puzzling and enigmatic situations.

Will I need to pay for the premium features?

No, this game is absolutely free! You will not have to pay for a download, and then later also, you will not have to make any in-game purchases.


What’s Your Hidden Power Mod APK is a unique game that gives players some qualities to make real life easier. Moreover, you get to enjoy so many fun features and characters. This anime simulation game has a lot of benefits and is so entertaining that you will want to play it all the time!

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