Wonder Zoo MOD APK 2.1.1a – (Animal Rescue Game All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Wonder Zoo MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Simulation
Size 37 MB
Latest Version 2.1.1a
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Another refreshing game that will light up on your screen every time and you would want to play it again. We all have been to the zoo as kids, and now it is time to rescue the animals with Wonder Zoo MOD APK. This game is a three-dimensional world of animal fun where you get to be goofy and save wildlife. The number of people playing this game tells us how exciting it is.

You may have heard stories about animals suffering, and this game gives you the elated feeling of doing something good for them. Whenever you begin playing, it will melt your heart to see so many animals on the verge of extinction. Find out what this game has to offer, and you will be downloading it soon! The story, gameplay, and lots of new and improved features are a work of art. Also, play Goat Simulator MOD APK.


The story of Wonder Zoo is that there are poachers and hunters who are attacking wild animals, and you are their savior. You will have to protect the animals from these malicious people and create a Wonder Zoo for them where they can live happily. The zoo can be designed and made to mimic the wild forests and jungles from where these animals are brought in.

Wonder Zoo MOD

Moreover, the fight between the poachers and hunters will be an exciting way to proceed in the game. The fun part is not just setting up the zoo, you get rewarded for saving the animals, and the more you fight and save, the more you can do for these animals. Just like Gas Station Simulator MOD APK, this game is a refreshing change and takes you away from your daily stress of working or engaging in social meetings that you don’t even enjoy! This game has all the fantastic menu options that add more zest to the various levels of the game.

Not only will you be able to save the wild animals of today, but there are dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that are at your mercy! Enjoy the story as it unfolds according to the kind of fights, and quality of features. Not to mention, the mod version of this game will give you a lot of extra features too, so read on and download this game soon!


The controls of this game are too simple and anyone can follow them without any difficulty. You can use shield, attack, protect, and other commands that will efficiently change the game in your favor. Moreover, the menu options for setting up the zoo are also quite simple and even kids can do it! The game gives you choices of trees, rocks, and even the layout of the zoo. Now is the time to use your memory and create something big! Wonder Zoo Mod APK will take you to a wonderful place in your imagination.


The numerous features of Wonder Zoo were hacked to make it an excellent game for people of all ages same as Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK. Whether you are an adult, or you are an adolescent, this game will become a part of your daily life because of the fantastic story and the good cause behind it. Another reason to love this game is the following features:

Wonder Zoo APK

1. Three-Dimensional Graphics

The three-dimensional picture and the amazing colors that put life in the game have to be mentioned before everything else. The animals seem life-like and so do the trees and the rest of the wild. Even poachers are detailed characters that add to the game’s charm. Players get engrossed in the game because of the excellent graphics and the realistic sound effects. When you log on to the game, the first colorful banner will make you realize that you downloaded a great game.

2. No Ads

Another bonus feature of the mod version is that players do not have to sit through the ads that pop up on their screens regardless of where they are in the game. We all hate ads, and that is why the mod version is a new favorite for all Wonder Zoo fans. Not a single moment where your game will get interrupted by ads that do not go away until a few seconds are already lost!

3. Wonder Zoo Hacks

The hacks of the game make it easier for players to overcome the hunters and poachers and save the animals. As you save each species, you need a different game plan, and these hacks will help you through them. You can follow the hacks and find shortcuts to becoming the Wonder Zoo hero who could save everyone and create a haven for them.

Wonder Zoo

4. Wild Safaris

There are seven different maps in the game that you can explore. These are the savannah, jungle, paddock, polar, and mountains along with other settings. You can enter any of them without waiting to pass any level. Most versions of the game have locked maps and you can only access them after passing a certain number of animals. However, with this game, you get to explore the safari fully!

5. Exotic And Extinct Animals

You can rescue dinosaurs, phoenixes, unicorns, and many more! This feature is especially fun for kids! Moreover, you can breed these animals, and ensure that they grow in number. The zoo becomes a populated place and all animals live happily, which is the aim of the game. All these animals can be made according to your creativity. Furthermore, you can also download Hempire MOD APK.


You can download this game for free, and in simple steps:

  • Click on the Download Here tab
  • Install the game and allow memory and sound usage.
  • Create an icon on the home screen.
  • Enjoy the game!


Is the download free?

Wonder Zoo’s free download is another good news for all of you. This game is free and you do not need to become a member, pay a subscription or even pay for the game. Every step is free and of course, the download too!

Is this game for kids?

No, this game is for adults as well as children. You will love to play this game that has a light theme and a refreshing story.


Wonder Zoo Mod APK is an exciting game that takes you through the wild jungles, savannahs, and mountains to rescue animals and create a safe place for them that looks like their habitat. You will be fighting poachers and hunters, and moreover, you will be gaining the trust of all creatures that consider you their savior. This game will be a slight change in your daily life, and we know it will become your go-to game for stress relief.

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