WorldBox MOD APK 0.14.5 – (Pro/Premium Version Unlocked) 2023


Full Name WorldBox MOD APK
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Genre Simulation
Size 75 MB
Latest Version 0.14.5
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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WorldBox MOD APK is a simulation game that has millions of downloads and the players enjoy it enough to keep looking for newer versions. You have come to the right page because here, you can download this fantastic game with exclusive features and excellent gameplay. This game has a lot of exciting turns and we are here to discuss all of them.

There are numerous games for android phones but simulation games are a step further because they teach some skills while they play and these skills can be used in real life too. The players enjoy the game and you will too. Here are some details about the game that you will like to know. Also, check out Weaphones MOD APK.

WorldBox MOD


WorldBox free premium apk is all about creating a new world for yourself that you have to make successful. This free god simulation game is all about harnessing your powers and using all of them to come to life as you make the most of a new place. You will start with rearing sheep, wolves, and many magical characters like dwarves and elves. As you take these living standards to the next level, there will be civilizations fighting against each other. You can use different powers to create a new space and when you are done, a lot of things would be changed for the better.

Each improvement will win you rewards and the more you make out of a situation is going to get you bigger the rewards. When wars erupt, you will have to protect the people. Simulating your way through the wars and the building of a civilization can teach you a lot about life skills and how to work on your strengths while keeping your weaknesses in check and working on them too. You may also like Idle Mafia MOD APK.

WorldBox APK


The gameplay is what adds to this game’s grandeur because you get to use some of the most amazing powers by using simple control tabs on the touchscreen of your android phone sets. The controls are simple enough for kids to follow and you do not need any training tutorials beforehand. Moreover, the graphics are exciting as the high-definition scenes will be enticing for all players. These graphics and sound effects make a lot of difference because players tend to lose interest if the picture is not clear.

All games with stories and simulations rely on high-quality graphics and real sounds, but another exciting aspect of the gameplay is that you get to enjoy so many rewards. These rewards help players improve their gameplay by adding more powers, getting more time against enemies, and making a new place for civilizations to prosper. World Box Unlocked APK has some extra things to offer and we will discuss them right here. Furthermore, have a look at the Getting Over It MOD APK.

WorldBox Free


World Box is a popular game and the World Box hacked APK has some premium features that make it all the more interesting. Here they are:

1. Unlocked Powers

The godly powers that players get from this game are going to be more than what other game versions offer. You can move boulders, make acid rain, dissolve the ground, and drop bombs here and there to beat the enemy and win amazing rewards.

2. Simulate Bigger Disasters

The kind of destruction that you can cause in this game is going to be much bigger. There are tornados, thunderclaps and so much more that make this game a big success in entertainment during free hours.

3. Ad Free

This game has no ads, which makes it a perfect way to spend your free hours. When you log onto the game there will be only playing and no breaks due to forced advertisements. This feature is one of the first ones that players look for in any game.

4. World Box Unblocked Games

The unblocked games and new avenues to explore in this game will make you want to keep playing. There are new locations, new kinds of battles, and a whole lot more fun that this version has to offer.

5. Free Shopping

WorldBox Mod APK’s free shopping unlocked feature is yet another exciting attraction. You can buy new weapons, change how characters look and even buy more lives. This game is a true simulation pleasure for all those who want to learn something while they play.

WorldBox Pro


All love the regular features of this game. Here is a quick look at some of them:

1. Great Battlegrounds

The fights in this game are not with punches or kicks. These battles are between god powers and enemies that are strong enough to compete. You will be learning to keep an eye on everything in view and focus on different strategies while executing another one.

2. Graphics

The graphics and sound effects in the game are quite amazing and they make this game even more exciting. You will feel like you are a part of the scene, and this game covers up for that. The sound effects are also quite cool, especially when you are using a unique weapon.

3. Interesting Characters

There are magical characters in this game and all of these add to the gameplay. You can use their special qualities to improve the civilization work, and even in fights, these characters are useful.

4. Free Download

The World Box is a free download from Play Store and no strings are attached. You do not have to give feedback or even reviews while you are trying to sign in. There are no reasons for you to share your financial details when downloading this game.

5. Godly Powers

The character you play will have godly powers and they can move big things and make a lot of natural disasters, and destructions happen. This game is all about becoming more focused and this makes it so much fun.

WorldBox MODded APK


You can download this game by enabling your phone to install it from unknown sources. Once you allow this, click on the Download tab and begin the process. Within minutes you will have the game on your phone. Now you will have to install the APK file to enjoy the additional features.


We loved this game for our collection because it teaches you many things about focusing on different strategies and forecasting the enemy’s move. This game has amazing graphics and features that make the simulation even more special. Simulators are always fun, however, this one has some extra things and the graphics support all the godly powers that characters have. The story is engaging and the battles are unique. This game is going to be a great download for you.

The exciting things that characters can do include big things such as dissolving land, rain, thunder, and tornados that you will be able to create. World Box is a game that will keep you engrossed for hours and when you stop playing, you would have learned something new. Also, read out the review of Block Craft 3D MOD APK.


Is this game safe?

Yes, we ensure that the game is tested and there are no bugs that will hamper the other apps on your phone set.

Will this game require in-game purchases?

No there are no in-game purchases and the money that you get in the game will allow you to cover up for everything you want to add to your character.

Can kids play this game?

Yes, this game is suitable for all players who feel that they can keep up with the exciting challenges. Kids will love this game.


WorldBox Mod APK is not only an exciting simulation game but it also has some amazing features to offer. There are magical characters and their magical powers from them will be helpful in different situations. When you are ready to download, it will only take a few minutes. The game has a great story, and the gameplay supports all the interesting things happening in it.

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