Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK 1.71 – (Full Game Unlocked) 2023

Wrestling Revolution

Full Name Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK
Publisher MDickie
Genre Sports
Size 35 MB
Latest Version 1.71
Mod Features All Unlocked
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Get ready for some fun with big guys who will be playing against each other for the highest title. Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK is an excellent fix for your free hours and entertainment. Another exciting thing about this game is that it is available with more features and richer gameplay on this page. We offer a free download, and there’s so much more to it that you must know.

Who doesn’t like wrestling? It can teach you a thing or two about planning, finding the opponents’ weaknesses, and even harnessing your strengths. If you are ready to play with some tough wrestlers, begin the game with a lot of features in hand so that you can thoroughly enjoy it. Also, check out WWE Mayhem MOD APK.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD


If you are a wrestler or if you are a wrestling enthusiast, this game has a lot of exciting turns for you. You get to enjoy the life of a wrestler and this covers all spheres such as personal life, practice routines, and more. Players have to choose the character and select various qualities for them to make them better fighters. The more qualities and fighting power they have, the more rewards they can win and become the ultimate wrestler.

The missions will be to beat the opponent and fight against the wrestling heroes. You will have to keep an eye on the opponent while learning a few new tricks, and strengthening your character. Once you reach a certain point, there are going to be higher tournaments, more powerful opponents, and more rewards when you win against them. Use these rewards wisely to make your character more impactful, and more powerful. Also, play WWE Supercard MOD APK.

Wrestling Revolution 3D APK


WWE Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod has some easy controls although all the moves are diverse and there are several maneuvers to learn. However, the navigation tabs are all that you would need. The graphics of this game are also on point, and you can enjoy the sound effects too. The cheers and the sound of the punches and wrestlers struggling in a round will make the fight seem real.

WR3D Mod is going to be a great gameplay because the rewards you win add to the abilities. You can try new opponents and even increase the strength of the selected character. All these changes will get you even bigger rewards. On top of all this, you have the liberty of making customized changes, which adds to the adventures in the game. You will enjoy the Wrestling Revolution Pro upgrade free of cost and every upgrade will make way for even more changes that will make you the ultimate winner. You may also love playing MMA Manager 2 MOD APK.

Wrestling Revolution 3D


There are numerous features that you find in this game only. Check them out so that you know what you can do to add more spice to the game:

1. Unlimited Money

The rewards that other players fight for in different versions will all be available to you for free, and they are unlimited. You can use this game money to upgrade and uplift the fun factor. All kinds of strength, stamina, and strategy changes will be very easy with this unlimited money feature.

2. Wrestling Revolution Full Unlocked

The characters in the regular version are not unlocked from the beginning. You have to win rewards and then unlock the wrestlers. However, in this version, you get to choose from all the wrestlers and these characters can be changed to perform better with all the money you have. So keep playing and become a better wrestler.

3. Unique Customizations

There are so many customization options in Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK that you will love to change the characters, the ring, and even the opponents between rounds. All the changes add to the gameplay and you can simulate the wrestlers better.

4. Training Modes

There are not one but many training modes in the game and you will love to be a part of each of them. In some rounds, you can just practice wrestling and in other ones, you can learn the maneuvers. The point of all these fighting sessions is to make you quicker at decision-making, and even coordination.

5. No Ads

The biggest perk of any game is to be able to play it without interruptions. This game version comes without any ads and you can enjoy the wrestling without any stops or forceful advertisements that go on for many seconds and even then there is something else that opens up. This game version doesn’t have anything like that.



There are numerous features that made the original Wrestling Revolution so popular. If you have played the original, you would know about these:

1. Wrestling Simulation With A Difference

The wrestling games in the app are all different from one another and every character has some qualities that can help you through the round. You can choose the characters available and build a reward bank to enjoy the game’s upcoming rounds.

2. Excellent Sound And Graphics

The quality of sound and graphics is mesmerizing and makes players feel as if they are in the game. The picture quality will add to the experience of wrestling against competent opponents.

3. Varied Rings

There are going to be many different types of rings in the game. The different arenas are going to be an exciting part of the game, which helps players get away from their daily thoughts.

4. Android Simulation With A Difference

The game is a different kind of simulator and focuses on your abilities. As you play it more and more, you will feel that your reflexes and planning will improve.

5. Free Download

This game is available for free on Play Store. However, there are in-game purchases and many other things that will require you to spend some money. However, the download does not require any money.


We love this game because it helps players learn a few things. Moreover, it is entertaining and there are all the wrestlers unlocked for your pleasure. When you decide to take up a round, you can leave behind all your thoughts and concentrate on the wrestling.

Another feature we admire is that there are no ads in this game, and the players can enjoy playing without any pop-ups. You will not have to see any ads to earn rewards, because you already have many of them. This game is a true entertainer and all players will love it.


You can complete the download by simply clicking on Download Here, after opening the phone privacy to accept installation from unknown sources. After downloading the game you can also install the APK file to enjoy more features than other versions. WWE Revolution game is an excellent game and you get an easier download here than from other sources like an1, apkdone, modcombo, androidp1, apkpure, kingmodapk, APKmody, APKmonk, APKpure, techbigs, and APKmirror, download the latest and safest version of the app from our website.

Once you have this game on your android device, there is going to be no dull moment, and imagine that only one click will get you there. So instead of waiting any longer. Get this game now. We ensure you that it will add more to your daily routine than you thought possible. Also, read our review of MMA Manager MOD APK.


Is the game safe?

Yes, this game has been tested for bugs and there are no viruses or hang-ups that can affect your phone adversely.

Will I have to make in-game purchases?

No, not in this version. The WWE Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod game is not a paid game and since you have a lot of rewards at the beginning, you will not need to make any in-game purchases.

Will this game be suitable for kids?

Yes, this game is suitable for all ages. However, kids might find some rounds to be more difficult. If they can keep up with these wrestling rounds, they can keep playing.


Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK is an entertaining simulation game that will keep you ahead of the other wrestlers because of the unlimited features and menu options. You can customize, play harder and become the ultimate wrestler easily. However, the rounds are challenging and different from each other so you will never feel bored.

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