WWE Mayhem MOD APK 1.62.147 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name WWE Mayhem MOD APK
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Genre Sports
Size 235 MB
Latest Version 1.62.147
Mod Features All Characters are Unlocked & Unlimited Everything
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If you’re interested in real-life wrestler genres and fighting scenarios then the WWE Mayhem MOD APK can be the best option to try out all your wrestling moves. Who doesn’t know about World Wrestling Entertainment and its multiple events and championship? In this ultimate battleship, different wrestlers worldwide compete with each other by not following even a single role.

The game is developed by Reliance Big Entertainment, which is the latest fighting title of the wrestling series, also known to develop games like Real Steel, Ultimate Robot Fighting and Super Pixel Heroes, etc. In this blog, we’ll be discussing WWE Mayhem and all of its unlocked wrestlers.

WWE Mayhem Storyline

Just like WWE Supercard MOD APK, the WWE Mayhem hack is the ultimate journey of an emerging wrestler facing evolution with their trainers, assistants, fighters, and managers. The basic story revolves around the fast-emerging career pace of different WWE wrestlers with worldwide recognition and a fruitful personality approach.

WWE Mayhem APK

The game involves the classic WWE wrestlers striving to become the world heavyweight champion, WWE universal championship, Money in the Bank, and whatnot until deadly conditions earning money and winning hearts. If you’re a wrestling fan then you’ll be well aware of the violence persisting within the game just like every other fighting and action title.

You have complete freedom to choose your favorite WWE superstars ranging from John Cena to Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton. Moreover, you can also select the wrestler of your choice and make your own squad. WWE Mayhem also lets you create your own wrestler and transform their journey according to your desire.

WWE Mayhem Cheats Gameplay

WWE Mayhem’s gameplay is quite similar to UFC MOD APK as it involves managing fights and applying every move until your opponent is defeated. You can either play player vs player games as well as different tag team matches with your squad.

WWE Mayhem MOD

The control and mechanics of every wrestler are designed in the Touch and Sweep style which means you only need to touch the screen and swipe your character to either attack, defend, or execute ultimate skills. If you want to attack click on the right side and for a stronger attack swipe it. If you also have to perform a skill, you just have to swipe right and hold it. For defending it, click on the left.

In the player vs player, you have to join your team and battle along with your friends online. This is quite a fun engagement for you and your friends, having ultimate excitement.

Features Of WWE Mayhem MOD APK

WWE Mayhem is all about the wrestling genre with different techniques and tactics with many different features making it stand out among similar games within the genre. Some of these games are listed below:

1. Six Diverse Classes

There are six different and diverse categories and classes involving several characters. You can easily manage and join these characters to form your undefeated team combining all of their unique elements. These elements include high flyers, technicians, brawlers, powerhouses, showmen, and wildcards.

WWE Mayhem

2. Tag Team Matches

After getting several characters into your one fruitful team, you can easily pick any member of your squad to team up with you in a tag team fight. Furthermore, there are a variety of tag team matches and different championship belts designated for them.

3. Customization Like Reality

WWE Mayhem has the element very close to the real-life wrestling ring same as MMA Manager MOD APK and the developers have tried to submerge all the moves and features. They’ll portray different wrestling rings for different tournaments and interactive audiences also like you must have visualized on WWE matches too.

There are many customization options to make your own avatar be prominent in its features as well as appearance. These options include masks, hairstyles, facial features, paintings, tattoos, entrance music, clothes, background music, and signature moves.

WWE Mayhem Game

4. Upgrading Wrestlers

Just like in every wrestling game, there are several options for upgrading the wrestlers with many new features introduced from time to time. In the modded version, you can even get many wrestlers which were unlocked in the original title. The best thing about these wrestlers is that they won’t only be related to the WWE universe but from the UFC fighter lineup also. Every wrestler has his specialized move that needs certain controls to represent.

5. Events & Challenges

You can also encounter a different range of challenges on a weekly and occasion basis in which you are required to polish and test your skills as an established wrestler. These events also consist of SmackDown, RAW, and other timed events!


WWE Mayhem Mod Apk is a well-versed and highly expansive wrestling game that introduces all the characters from the WWE universe into the game with their signature style of tackling the opponents and talking to their managers and gathering other group members.

You’ll be given full assurance that the progress would be consistent if you’ve learned the tactics. The best thing about this game is that its modded features let you interact with the game more diversely. With this you can get the most out of every WWE match with different characters unlocked giving you the experience of every move to the fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of this game review, we’ll be answering some of the major questions that most gamers have frequently asked. Some of these are mentioned below:

Can this game be playable without WiFi?

No, this game can not be played without WiFi as in order to play with friends online, it is mandatory to connect it with a stable internet connection for consistent gameplay.

How can we earn WWE Mayhem mod apk unlimited money and gold?

WWE Mayhem unlimited money can easily be earned using the link mentioned below, with this modded version you can also get many additional features that can help you get the most out of every match.

Is WWE Mayhem safe to download?

Yes, WWE Mayhem is completely safe to download for all sorts of Android devices as it has been tested via many antiviruses giving you the safe apk file without any bugs.

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