WWE Supercard MOD APK – (Unlimited Cards & Credits) 2023

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Full Name WWE Supercard MOD APK
Publisher 2K, Inc.
Genre Sports
Size 100 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Credits
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As the game is showing that it is all about the cards. The players from different counties can play with each other to win the battle. WWE Supercard MOD APK has ranked and PVP modes. The game can be said as a treasure because of its features of having unlimited money for the players to play the game. By continuing to get cards, the players must manage their cards and build a greater deck.

The game is a sports game developed by 2K Games, Inc. By collecting the cards at the best level, you can win the game. By joining and winning the weekly and daily events like Last Man Standing, Money in the Bank, War Games, and SummerSlam, you can get rewards too. WWE Supercard Modded APK download is available now so what are waiting for? Download and enjoy the game.

WWE Supercard Download


The game is all about combating other players by collecting cards of the stars of WWE much like WWE Mayhem MOD APK. When you collect the best, your level is upgraded. Also, you have to make a plan to form a deck. You also have the option to fight with other players too in different modes of the game.

The superstars of wrestling are so famous that this game is made for their fans to enjoy by selecting their favorite superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, and many more. You can also unlock many characters through unlimited in-game money and also by winning the event. Additionally, upgrading your cards provide more strength to them resulting in them being undefeatable.

If you have ever wanted to see Roman Reigns in real life, or you wanted to attend a fight between the masters, here is your chance to sharpen your imagination and feel as if it was almost real. The best part about this game is that all WWE fans get to discuss their favorite wrestlers, and play for their favorite ones. So if you like WWE wrestling, then this is the best game for you.

WWE Supercard


Just like Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK, this game is based on the superstars of the WWE arena as they have gained so much popularity among people in which Undertaker, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Hitman, John Cena, and Hulk Hogan are highly focused. To provide the fans with real fun having the impression of being the favorite superstar by himself, the game is filled with excitement.

The game is having characteristics and qualities of superheroes on the cards to provide the players with real excitement. Furthermore, you can earn daily bonuses by signing in daily and can play an Open Challenge. Similarly, upgrading the level of your fighter is important as they get boosted when you are offline in the performance center.

The story begins when you sign in and reach the arena. The match between two of your favorite wrestlers can be an adventure of a lifetime for fans. The outcome of this match will determine how many cards you win, and then the next level can be planned according to the power you have in terms of the winning reward. Now, this is what a real WWE match can do for you, make you a planner and get two of your favorite players to fight each other. The team that is yours, will get you closer to the big win.


The game has two different modes to play, which are either playing online or offline. By playing offline, you can also get boosters by getting coins of gold attained by winning the battle against your rivals. On the other hand, the online mode is based on playing with other players in the real world with a team of superheroes gathered by playing offline. You can also purchase them through gems by using money but if you can wait to get them playing offline, you do not have to pay for them.

WWE Supercard MOD

The game has a variety of cards that you can collect of which some are very uncommon and the others can be acquired by purchasing through the in-game money. Firstly, you have to start the game by getting a first random card as a rookie player which you can purchase either from in-store or can open up. And then the battle begins.

With every match, you mature as a prime planner, and the rewards multiply too. The more you apply your skill, the more you will make out of the WWE Supercard hack android. The biggest game hack will be to win more and get the fight to go on for longer. The number of cards in your collection will put you in the winning position, so don’t wait further and download this fantastic action game.


1. Upgrade Card Level

To defeat your senior players, it is necessary to upgrade your cards by giving them power. When you are offline, it helps your cards to boost up. Both modes of this game are important. Many players think that the offline mode only makes them get ready for an online tournament but that is not so. This mode will make you a real hero as you collect coins, win big and take these bounties to real tournaments and put them to good use. As your card level gets higher, the players begin to enjoy it more.

2. Unlimited Credits

With WWE Supercard Mod APK unlimited credits, you can buy gems to unlock characters of your choice as you do in MMA Manager 2 MOD APK. Now the game gets even more exciting. You can unlock legends from the past and change their qualities to combat the champions of today. As you progress, the quality of gameplay improves and you get more gems to discover more hidden treasures within the game.

Before WWE Supercard begins to sound like a treasure hunt, it is essential to explain what gems, coins, and rewards can do for you. As we mentioned earlier, you can unlock characters. However, you can also add power, aggression, and more skill to each of them. These rewards get you closer to living your dream to see WWE legends fight each other the way you wanted.

3. Unlimited Bouts

The game is having limitless bouts which help to defeat the other players. These bouts and brawls come with the same adrenaline rush that a real match of WWE supershow does on television. The fight begins with threats, crowds cheering, and a whole lot of drama that you see on TV. Each character has a specific move that the audience love, and now in this game, you will decide when the wrestler makes that move. The more you want, the more they threaten. The more you want, the more they fight.

4. Unblocked Quests

The game is having a variety of unlocked missions that the players can enjoy without spending any money. WWE Supercard’s modified version is not just any wrestling game. It involves superstars from the arena. The unblocked quests and missions are exciting and help players proceed with more vigor and energy when they know that the end goal is unlocked. Do you enjoy games that do not reveal what the next step will be? If you answered no to this question, this modified version is for you.

5. Zero-Ad Feature

Unlike many other games, this game is not having any interruption of advertisement during the play which is the best thing about it. No player likes advertisements and the more we stress this feature, the less it will be. Ads come as intruders to disrupt the game and if you accidentally click on them, it takes you to another place and makes you lose valuable minutes of your game.

Even when you get back to the game, either the level starts again, or you have already lost a round. WWE Supercard modded version download here does not let you lose, and this makes every level more enjoyable.

6. Absolutely Free

Here’s yet another feature that most mod game players admire. The WWE Supercard is a free game, which means that from the download onwards, every step of the game is going to be pure wrestling pleasure without any strings attached. There are many games that have different kinds of levels, sales, or even seasonal boosters and upgrades available for a small price.

The game lures players to pay a small amount like $3, and win big boosters. Since the offer is enticing, many players take it and pay with their phone credit or bank cards. WWE Supercard’s modified version does not ask for any kind of payment and will not even cost you a cent.


1. Cards And Theme

The game is having a variety of cards of the superheroes of WWE with their most famous qualities. The characters are taken from NXT Superstars, WWE Superstars, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees, and WWE Legends. If you have more cards, there is a greater chance of winning.

If you grew up collecting action figures, and if you showed them to friends proudly-this game is going to be your adult show-off time. The more you win, the more cards you get, and the more there is to boast. If you get lucky and win unique cards, then all your friends are going to be envious of your collection.

2. Rewards

The game is also offering rewards after winning. You can participate in the rotating events and offer a rare card. Having more rare cards means your chance to win is higher. Moreover, as you win cards your power of selecting wrestlers also improves. From the rookie level, you go up to the level of world-famous wrestlers all waiting for you to select them so they can fight their opponents. Amidst all these wrestling bouts, you are the main players and all rewards you win will get your rank closer to the ultimate fighter league.

3. Tournament

The game is having The King of Ring Tournament which offers you to compete with other online players sitting anywhere in the world. Winning the tournament makes you feel you are the best wrestler in the world. To get many rewards, you can either spend money or you can have it by winning this tournament.

This mode will allow you to choose from any of the WWE legends of today and the past. Once you have fought head to head, or even if you prefer to make a team, the match will be a real tournament, with emotional fighting and heightened pleasure as you see your favorite wrestlers come face to face in the game.

WWE Supercard APK

4. Leaderboard

The feature of the leaderboard is also present in the game in which the top 100 best players are mentioned from all over the world. Also, they get rewards by maintaining or climbing up the board.

Now Hulk Hogan and The Rock can have a match in the game, whereas in real life that can never happen. All your dreams of seeing your favorite stars collide in the ring can come true in this game. The best part is, that you win big every time. The rewards are fantastic, and even if you do not get to those, the idea of seeing two legendary WWE stars come together is a treat for all fans. Also, check out MMA Manager MOD APK.


WWE Supercard is a fighting game with real-life characters. All the fighters are the ones that we see and admire in real life. Moreover, the controls are so easy that they did not take away our attention from the fight. Some fighting games have cheats and hacks, but they are so complicated when you are operating the controls that you miss out on the thrill of the round.

WWE is everyone’s favorite fighting championship and we liked this game because it has all the ingredients that will keep you engaged. Moreover, the skills that you take away from it are patience, strategy, planning, and learning to control the game. All these skills can be real-life lessons for everyone.


Is the game free of bugs?

The game had a few bugs but now you can enjoy the game without any errors.

Is it difficult to download?

WWE Supercard Cheats APK is so easy to download having a few steps only.

What is a token in the game?

WWE Supercard Mod APK is having an actual token that you can collect and use to have rare cards.

Is this game safe to install?

The game is not having any kind of virus or does not have any privacy leakage issues. You can download it without worrying about any risk.


WWE Supercard Mod APK is based on cards of superheroes of the WWE arena and is having a variety of it. You can upgrade the abilities and strengths of your characters and can defeat your senior players. You can make a deck fight with players all over the world. There are many modes of the game like money in the bank which do not let the players go off the game.

You can also get rewards by winning tournaments and staying on the leadership board. You can also enjoy PVP multiplayer mode to fight like a real superhero of wrestling. People who like wrestling and want to be a wrestler can get a level of entertainment through this game.

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