X VPN MOD APK v184 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Publisher Free Connected Limited.
Genre Tools
Size 40 MB
Latest Version v184
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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X VPN MOD APK helps users protect their data and keep their android devices safe from unprotected sites. All of us love to surf the internet and this means that there can be many unprotected and virus-infested sites that make this app an essential guard. While you are streaming, or even when you have a lot of fun gaming sites on your list to explore today, these sites can be harmful to your android phone as well.

How about getting a simple app that will protect your phone and enhance its ability to surf the internet with a fearless mindset?

Just like NordVPN MOD APK, X VPN Premium will ensure that your reach and ability to check out new websites related to entertainment, sports, gaming, and all other kinds of fun activities is a great experience for you. We all need security because where there are thousands of helpful sites, some are not close to being safe and can harm the device that they are being explored on.

There are more than 50 locations where the servers for this app are located and as soon as you start the app, it connects to the nearest server to give you unlimited options for exploring and browsing. Without any delays and sound lags, the websites that you open on the app will be supported for virus checks and so much more! Let’s get to know what the features of the game are, and whether using this app will help you or not.


There are all kinds of uses for this app as it makes all the locked and restricted websites available without compromising the quality of the picture. X VPN Premium APK is a good way to connect to the world with an automatic security check. If you are looking for Internet access without breaks, and you need to explore the web for any kind of information, or entertainment this app will come in handy.


When you are not at home, and you need to use public connections, you are vulnerable to data sharing and possible hack-ins that will make your data available to everyone else who is using or has used the same Internet service. XVPN Mod APK restricts this chance and keeps your device safe from intrusion.

This app also provides support to get online and gain access to a world of websites that are free to use same as Turbo VPN MOD APK. The app also allows connection through an intermediary server. While many users feel that this can subdue or reduce the security check, the reality is that the app ensures that nobody feels out of place or even keeps your phone free from leaks.


1. Ad Free

There are no interruptions through advertisements, surveys, or even any kind of pop-ups. You can enjoy the connection to any website without any kind of delays or stops. Moreover, this app does not ask for any kind of subscription or ad removal options.

2. Free Download

The download for this app is free and neither will there be any payments required to access any websites. You can enjoy exploring the web, and there is no cost.


There are so many features that this mod app has, which make it a priority download for users. If you think that you need to check out each of the features before downloading, we know that you will make up your mind after a short look at all that this app has!

1. VPN Free Premium Has A Kill Switch

This app not only keeps your phone device safe, but it will also ensure that every new website you explore is unable to cause any damage. To avoid exposing your IP address, the app disconnects the device from the server immediately, if it sees any danger. If the signal goes wrong, use this feature to keep your session safe.

2. DNS Leak Test

Apart from the IP address, DNS can be a risky matter too. This app has the DNS test feature which ensures that your information is safe. This feature keeps the phone safe and your browsing session undetectable.


3. Integrated Web Browser For Privacy

Pro X VPN is a class apart as it provides security upon more security! The minute users feel that their data is unsafe or if they want their browsing to remain private on their phone, they can decide to go incognito with this app feature.


You can download this fantastic app with all its amazing features by following the steps given below:

  • Click on Download Here
  • Allow the app to make changes in the settings
  • Allow the app to use mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection
  • The app will ask for access to various features of the phone and allow them
  • After installation is complete, a shortcut will be created.


Is X VPN a hacking app?

No! X VPN is a connectivity app that helps connect to faster networks to access websites that are either restricted or locked in certain locations. Moreover, the secure link ensures that your data and information are protected from getting leaked to other users.

Is this app free?

Yes, this app is free for all those who download it from here. You can install the app by following the steps given above.


X VPN Mod APK is an integrated app that protects your android device while giving you full liberty to explore the web and decide what kind of experience you desire. There are numerous servers of the app and a fast connection is guaranteed through a quick connection with the server. Your activity on the app remains private and there are so many exciting things that you can explore without fear of data leakage.

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