YouTube Blue APK 17.40.35 – (Premium Unlocked) 2022

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Full Name YouTube Blue APK
Publisher YouTube
Genre Entertainment
Size 59 MB
Latest Version 17.40.35
Mod Features Pro Unlocked With Blue Theme
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All android phones now come with a YouTube app downloaded by default and this shows how much all of us are tuned in to this app! When you are running in the park, or while cooking, or even when you have to prepare for an upcoming quiz-YouTube has something to help everyone. YouTube Blue APK is an excellent version to download and use wherever you are!

Every day, there are new entrants, and as viewers, our choice of videos is increasing! When you feel there is some space for listening to an interesting vlog, song, or even review. The Blue YouTube app will offer all the basic features and a lot more for users.

YouTube Blue App

This app is different as it has a blue background and offers additional features, which we have discussed below. The videos play in high-definition when you download this app and give you a more exciting experience. Moreover, the videos will not play with any pauses or interruptions. The primary YouTube app is fun, but doesn’t it sometimes make you wait for the video to begin late? Moreover, if the quality of the video is low, it appears better when you play it in the modded app!

YouTube Blue

Uses Of The Blue YouTube App

  • There are numerous uses of a video library that you can search for at any time of the day! The YouTube Blue Mod APK is an excellent app as it allows you to watch high-definition videos. Many of you might be working in a field where these videos can be an important resource. The best way to watch any video is to see it in high-definition. Art students and marketing campaigns often require video-watching for reference. Moreover, YouTube has a lot of knowledgeable content to help with new ideas, which are an integral part of marketing or art.
  • Secondly, the people who work in journalism can find so many helpful videos from the past that can reduce their effort in searching for any news item. YouTube Blue is an archive for all those who are digging for information.
  • Another use of YouTube Blue APK is that you can play any video for children while your hands are busy just like you do in YouTube Vanced MOD APK. There will be no ads to divert the children’s attention and will not require you to leave work only to come and press ‘Skip Ad,’ this app has no advertisements, which is a blessing for those who want to watch entertaining videos!

Features That Make YouTube Blue Special

There are all the basic features of YouTube in this version, and then there are the added features that make this app more exciting and appealing. The YouTube Mod APK download provides the following special features:

1. No Ads

We told you there will be no interruptions! When you launch the app, it gives you all the options on the homepage according to your preference. When you search for any specific genre, the app gives you suggestions beginning with the ones that have the best picture quality. As the video starts, there will be no more five-second lapses of ads! Neither will there be an ad in the center of the video to break your concentration and shift your focus to skip the ad!

2. Background Activity

While watching a video on YouTube, you can multitask without having to stop the video. As the video plays in the background, you can open other apps and work the way you want. This feature is the highlight feature as it gives viewers the flexibility of working on various things without exiting YouTube Blue. So many times it happens that you get an email while you are watching a video or get an important message notification.

With the red YouTube, you have to pause the video, exit the app, and check the notification. However, with YouTube Blue APK, it is easy as all you do is open the other app, check what’s new and return to the video without any break.

YouTube Blue APK MOD

3. Zoom In And Out

Ever wondered how you can experience a closer look at the video? YouTube Blue Mod APK has this exclusive feature! Now, if you want to see a full screen of the video while it is zoomed in, you can! Many of us were satisfied with the full-screen option in the regular YouTube, but this feature will make you want to never return to the old ways.

4. Windows Style

While a video is playing, you can browse the search bar and look for what you would like to watch next. We all know this drill well! The regular app requires you to exit the video, search for another one and watch it. While keeping the current video playing, you could not search, but YouTube Blue allows you to do something new!

5. Blue Tube Downloader

The downloader of this app can help you store videos for watching later. The offline library can hold as many videos as you like, and the quick download makes it possible for you to get the video of your choice within minutes.


Just Like Youtube Pink APK, YouTube Blue APK is an excellent app that allows users to watch videos in the background or zoom in while enjoying an ad-free video. The accessible download version here is an excellent way to get your free pass to the world of entertainment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube Blue video bank the same as basic YouTube?

The original YouTube version and YouTube Blue are the same, except that the latter gives you more features to enjoy. Apart from the features, and background screen color, the modified version offers the same video library as is available through the basic app.

Can I download movies and videos from YouTube Blue?

Yes, viewers and users can play the downloads from this app without an active Internet connection. If you are looking for some fun-filled offline time, just download a video within seconds, and it will be available in the library in your YouTube app.

Can I use my YouTube login in the YouTube Blue app?

Yes, you can use the YouTube login to enter this app. However, this version of the app will give you more options and features.

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