YouTube Vanced MOD APK 18.03.32 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name YouTube Vanced MOD APK
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Entertainment
Size 50 MB
Latest Version 18.03.32
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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YouTube Vanced MOD APK is the newer and more modified version of the basic app that anybody can run on Android. This application is designed to give you a full video without any breaks and advertisements. Isn’t it irritating when you are in the middle of a video, and a Korean girl pops up to teach you how to make your eyebrows broader? We know the feeling, my friend. Let’s get down to business and look for the right app that can ensure smooth sailing through the videos, and makes life a little better.


YouTube Modded is an entertainment application developed by Team Vanced and upgraded in 2021 to suit all devices just like YouTube Premium MOD APK. We all may accept the basic YouTube videos, but the advertisements, stops, and even the unrelated suggestions below the video make everyone wonder if they can somehow watch a video without the drama in the middle!

YouTube Vanced MOD

YouTube Vanced gives you the chance to see your favorite video without interruptions. This app will work on Magisk, No-Root, and rooted devices. However, for Non-rooted, you will need to install MicroG for a smoother experience. This one is a must-try for all those looking for an alternative to basic YouTube! When it comes to downloading any new app, you should only trust the originals, as there are no strings attached. This 33MB app requires an Android device of 4.2 or above.

YouTube modded has some big teams behind the inception and download options, and they only ensure users that this app is nothing but pure bliss when it comes to video-related works or intent watching that requires a smooth and complete run of what you chose to watch!


Just like YouTube Blue APK, this app is for entertainment purposes generally, and people rely on it when they are out bicycling, sightseeing, or even when they are driving! A hands-free and liberated experience involve that there are no auto-plays and advertisements that disturb the continuity of whatever you are watching or listening to on YouTube.

The basic version available on Google Play is not enough as we all want an advertisement-free version that makes entertainment what it is supposed to be. Moreover, there are many features that make your video-watching more convenient and easy!

The background themes make it easier for you to watch movies in a light or dark place. The screen light and the background make it all softer for your eyes, and then again, you have an ad-free video that makes it more fun than ever! YouTube Vanced Mod APK is the new way to watch videos, and we know you are already typing searches to download YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced APK


Every day new developments take place, and each version becomes more advanced, or shall we say, vanced! Here are a few features of YouTube Vanced APKdone that make it the ultimate way to watch videos!

1. Amoled Black Theme

With all kinds of screens, it becomes a challenge to focus on the graphics as your eyes can get strained by the bright background and the light contrasts. The AMOLED black theme of this app makes it easier for viewers to focus on the picture and take in all the colors without straining the eyes. You can choose the black theme variant or the dark theme variant according to your choice. Pink and blue theme variants are also available.

2. Blocks Ads

With the YouTube bg play APK app, you can block all the advertisements! This feature adds value to this app for all those who want to watch videos or listen to music without any pauses. If you are at the gym and need to follow a video, any pop-up ad can be irritating as you cannot free your hands each time to skip ads! This feature is more precious than many might believe!

3. Background Play

The viewers who like to multitask, and cannot do without the music in the background can listen to their favorite songs while working on another app. Moreover, many times, you are engrossed in a video, and a notification pops up, which you need to check right away. Flipping screens to read the message will not stop the video. Here is some serious time-saving with YouTube Vanced!

4. Pinch To Zoom

All Android devices will become more advanced with the YouTube Modded app. You can pinch the screen to make the picture zoom in and out! Up till now, you were used to only full screen, a landscape view, or the simple video size in the basic app. But, YouTube Vanced APK gives you a video window with more styles! Many other features make this app special.

5. Swipe Controls For Volume And Brightness

YouTube Vanced Mod APK gives you a liberating experience, isn’t it? The easy adjustment of volume and brightness by swiping is an added feature that adds to the value of your time spent watching videos.

6. Video Window Style

You can decide whether you want the old version to touch or are ready to move to another type of screen with a creative layout that is pleasant to the eye.

7. Repeat The Video

The feature that many of us have missed and wished for is to be able to repeat the video from the start without any wait or new search! The YouTube modded feature to repeat videos makes it easier for those who have to work along with the video for a physical fitness routine, maybe meditation, or simply for a work project at the office. Whatever your needs, download YouTube Vanced to fulfill them all. Also, check out Youtube Pink APK.


Will YouTube Vanced Cost Me Anything?

You can download YouTube Vanced Mod APK from authentic sites, which will be free. However, if you choose YouTube Premium, it will be added to your monthly plan.

How Can I Get Zoom and Swipe Features On My Android?

If you own an Android 4.2 or above, the app will operate the way we mentioned above. All the zoom and swipe features will work on your phone or tablet, and you will enjoy each of them thoroughly!

Is YouTube Vanced Mod APK heavy for my device?

Just like the basic YouTube you get on Google Play, this modded app only takes up 33MB of space, making it an ‘affordable’ app for your phone or tablet.


YouTube Vanced is an excellent new version of the app that allows many new features and makes your video-watching experience fuller, and happier. The most celebrated quality of the YouTube modded app is that it does not show advertisements, but there are many more convenient angles to it. Download YouTube Vanced Mod APK and enjoy your screen time a little more.

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