Zenonia 4 MOD APK 1.2.5 – (Free Shopping) 2022

Zenonia 4 MOD APK is very popular among adventurous game lovers. In this new version, the users get the chance to enjoy more addictive and advanced features that makes their gaming experience even more immersive. The game is followed by a battle between a hero and the evil forces existing as monsters much like Summoners War MOD APK. You can win by using the powers of different heroes and succeeding on more levels.

Full Name Zenonia 4 MOD APK
Publisher Com2uS Holdings Corporation
Genre Arcade
Size 42 MB
Latest Version 1.2.5
Mod Features Unlimited Zen & Free Shopping
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Zenonia 4 Hacked APK Gameplay

The game starts with a dream where monsters attack the beautiful world of fantasy with evil forces. It seems that humanity is hopeless, but a brave hero stands out to save it with his powerful skills and strategies. You can pre-select any heroic character out of four as a player. Each hero has different qualities and skills to help the players fight the battle more interestingly and excitingly.

Zenonia 4 MOD

Zenonia 4 Unlimited Zen Storyline

The game follows the story of both the previous game character Chael and the new addition of Regret. As the game starts, Regret gets caught by the evil forces and he fights against them as a hero in his dream. Many monsters surround the player, and they keep coming again no matter how many of them are being slain. This obstacle challenges the players, and they cannot reach the next level.

To help you, Chael comes to fight as your partner; Regret leaves the fight to him and moves to the next level to fight greater challenges. When the player wakes up the next time, they wonder about the meaning of the dream and how Zenonia can be saved by investigating the evil planters of the land.

Features Of Zenonia 4 MOD APK

The game has a lot of exciting features to offer its players. They are as follows.

1. Simple and Intuitive Controls

Intuitive controls make the gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable for the players. It makes it easy for new users to use the in-game features without any obstacles.

2. Variety of Heroes

The users pre-select the heroes with different qualities among the following four.

  • Slayer
    It slays down the enemies in a single blow with its special attacks.
  • Blader
    If you enjoy battles, you should choose Blader as it defends decent attacks and strategies to save you from powerful monsters.
  • Ranger
    Players who like to defend and attack from a distance have it as their favorite one. You can smoothly keep enjoying the battle without being stressed out among several monsters.
  • Druid
    If you are a magic lover, you should try Druid’s spells to fight against dangerous enemies.

3. Fairies Collection

The players collect fairies to gain more powers to battle against the enemies to make the game more exciting and interesting. The more fairies you have, the easier it becomes to jump to new levels.

Zenonia 4 APK

4. Customization

The players can customize the characters by upgrading and unlocking different weapons. It helps to make your experience more addictive. The users keep playing to get more powers to fight better and more efficiently.

5. Gameplay With No Internet

You can also enjoy the whole gameplay without any internet access. Once you get the connection again, your progress is updated in the game.

6. High-Quality Graphics And Sounds

The graphics make it more fascinating as you get to see the enemies more precisely and clearly. It makes you get involved in its epic world. The audio is very relevant with quality and clarity in its sounds. You get more addicted and involved in the gameplay as you hear them.

7. Unlock All Features

You can unlock all the features in this version and it makes the game more interesting. When the players look at the locked features, they feel more motivated to play actively to enjoy more features in the game.

8. Free of Cost Installation

It is free to install, making it even more convincing to play.


Zenonia 4 MOD APK is an adventurous battle game with a quest for heroes against the army of evil forces just like Idle Heroes MOD APK. The best features make the gaming experience more immersive, exciting, addictive, and interesting.

All its features make it addictive for game lovers around the globe. The new version has a lot to offer to its players that including customization, quality sounds, graphics, and stimulating gameplay. The users get to enjoy the immersive gaming experience of the whole gameplay, even when they don’t have access to an internet connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock different powers in Zenonia 4 APK?

You can unlock the weapons and powers through different ways that include missions, watching videos, or completing new levels.

What makes this new version of Zenonia 4 more convincing to play?

The new version of Zenonia has very smooth and immersive gameplay with more customization options. This makes it more exciting for the players.

Is Zenonia 4 easy to play?

Yes, the game is very easy to play because the players are given powers and gems through which they get the skill to kill the evil forces more efficiently without much hindrance.

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